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Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by kvorak, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. kvorak

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    Hey Everybody,

    First, I just signed up on this forum after having browsed it for a while, and once I join a community, I like to say hi. So hi [​IMG].

    I joined here because I have a peculiar problem. I work from home already. Perhaps there are a lot of people here that are doing that, but I just kinda stumbled into it.... Now my wife sees how much I love this job, and she wants in on the fun, but she doesn't have the technical skills to do what I am doing (I am a software developer, btw). So I was out trolling the internet tonight to see if there were any good opportunites out there that she could capitalize on so she could come home too. Unfortunately, I'm not having much success....

    Would anybody mind confirming a few things for me? I've been all over the internet and I think I have discovered the following:

    1) 95% of the offers out there for 'work at home' are scams. I know I've fallen for quite a few in my time. I am not sure if I'm really getting any better at recognizing them, or just becoming more paranoid, but either way, there seem to be more of them than there were a few years ago.

    2) The offers out there that are valid either require a set of skills that most people may not readily have, or take a lot of time. By which I mean that the only way you are likely to replace your $40k/yr. "real" job salary online is to have a Master's degree, or uncommon skill set; surveys and data entry just don't pay like that. And the other alternatives, like E-book sales, blogs, or affiliate marketing, while mathematically feasable can take years to develop significant profit.

    So my wife took some time off work for medical reasons recently and decided she didn't want to go back. While I support that idea, I'm not sure if it's reasonable.... What are the real-life odds of finding an at-home job that can even compete, of not actually replace, a normal income for somebody just starting?

    Haha, sorry to rant... really just wanted to say hi, lol

  2. mountainmom5

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    Welcome kvorak - you have some very valid questions and concerns.

    You are right, it is not likley that your wife will be able to replace her income quickly.

    Something like SBI will give her a lot of training on the whole internet marketing thing and will give her the tools to have a whole passle of fun but she needs to look at it as an EDUCATION for a few months as it will take that long for any money to start coming in.

    So if she could have the mindset of building something online WHILE she worked her regular job for a year or so yet, (until she has something solid going online) and then quit her job..

    That's really the only wise way to do it.[​IMG]
  3. weebitty

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    Yes you are right there are scams out there. I have been in some myself and also some legit ones but they weren't my cup of tea so to speak. But they weren't scams. I won't yell foul when it is my fault. I have finally found something that works for me. She needs to realize that it will take time to put into it and she has to want it. The business I am in is super simple to do but the recruiting is a challenge because of the scams and stuff out there. I have worked all my life but wanted something that would make extra money and I could build up so SS wasn't a concern. I don't think it will be here much longer. I also look at the product or service is something I can believe in and promote. She needs to be able to do that as well and not get discouraged. When you are promoting something and they don't know who you are and have no way of meeting you I think adds a challenge as well. I don't have all the answers (yet LOL) but I think I have a good concept of what it takes, as do others here on the board. I like helping people and that is one reason I join forums. It is just my opinion however for what it is worth to you. [​IMG]
  4. mountainmom5

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    weebitty: She needs to realize that it will take time to put into it and she has to want it.
    AMEN! And I totally know what you are saying - for us it is reversed... my husband is the one that would like to do something online but he also realizes by now that I did not learn it all overnight and he likes his stuff to happen overnight so he is quite content to let me make the money ...

    ... and I like it as I get to control the spending of it - hehe[​IMG]

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