How to promote a blog effectively for making income ??

Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by trade786, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. trade786

    trade786 New Member

    Blog created recently. Can anyone provide tips for effective promotion of my blog ?? Is it possible to make money from blog?? If so, how?? .

    Genuine and sincere advisces are solicited..

  2. Hey traDE786,

    Have you tried listing with Technorati, FeedBurner, Postami or any other of the Blog Directories?

    I would start there.

    Don't forget to list your URL with the Search Engines.

    Good Luck,

  3. ebay_addict

    ebay_addict New Member

    Hi, yes you can make money easily from blogs. you can go to and basically it will improve your chances of the search engines picking your blog up and indexing it. You can also put google adsense into your blog so that when people click on those ads you will make money. If you are writing a blog make sure you add your website url so that you will get more traffic [​IMG]
  4. ginginca

    ginginca New Member

  5. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    Always put unique content in your blog and ping your blog.
  6. Marktech

    Marktech Member

    Posting on other blogs in your niche with a link back to your blog is a good traffic generator. Don't place a link to your blog in the body of the post unless you have some very good content in the post.
  7. jschuman

    jschuman New Member

    Write in it consistently. Bookmark to various social directories including using to speed up things. Read "The Authority Black Book" by Jack Humphrey. Monetize your blog and blog articles with affiliate programs.

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