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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Drew, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Drew

    Drew New Member


    I feel so so lost in a driven financial world with much to offer an indivudual like me, but making a decision is the hardest part.

    Here is what I have researched so far;

    Network Marketing Agent / Multi-Level Marketer
    ??? Also known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and Matrix Marketing
    ??? Mistakenly considered the same as a pyramid scheme
    ??? A business in which a distributor network is needed to build the business
    ??? To sell products through your own network of friends, neighbours, co-workers, etc. In some instanced you may gain additional commissions by recruiting other agents

    Independent Contractor
    ??? A self-employed person who can decide how and when work can be done
    ??? A person who agrees to furnish materials or perform services at a specific rate
    ??? Someone hired to do work for another company but who is not an employee or agent of that company
    ??? A person who is not employed by a company but does work for it

    ??? A person or firm engaged in the general distribution or marketing of some article or class of goods
    ??? A wholesaler who has exclusive rights to market, within a given territory, the goods of a manufacturer or company

    ??? A person who sells services to employers without a long-term commitment to any of them
    ??? A person who contends in a cause of in a succession of various cause, as he or she chooses, without personal attachment or allegiance.
    ??? A person who works as a writer, designer, performer, or the like, selling work or services by the hour, day, job, etc, rather than working on a regular basis for one employer

    ??? Someone who buys large amounts of goods and resells to merchants rather than to the ultimate customer
    ??? One who sells in large bulk or quantity to a retailer

    ??? A person or company that grants a franchise (aka "business in a box")
    ??? One who buys into an established company and gains financially

    Virtual Assistant
    ??? An independent contractor and business owner in their own right
    ??? A person who works from home with various clients and does the work of an administrator, designer, organiser, desktop publisher, researcher, editor, typist, secretary, co-ordinator ??“ all rolled into one

    Ebay Seller
    ??? Someone who sells an item online through auction or at a fixed price
    ??? An online shopping centre which millions of people worldwide tap into looking to buy practically anything in the world new and used from rare and collectable to cheap and disposable

    Online Affiliate Marketeer
    ??? Someone who promotes a product or service for another online and is then rewarded for every visitor, subscriber, customer, and/or sale provided through their efforts to the actual company selling the product or service

    Now how on earth do I even consider getting into something like the above businesses with absolutely no revenue, and bearing in mind I am based in the UK too.

    Your suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Thanks alot.
  2. decker2006

    decker2006 New Member

    You have come up with a very diverse list here. One simple question: Which appeals to you the most?

  3. WealthyWAHM

    WealthyWAHM Member

    Noreen hit the nail on the head with her question, Drew. You can't just pick a career from a list of possibilties and delve into it. It has to be something that you have a passion for. [​IMG]

    Since you already have the list of possibilties, now you should make a list of what your passions and goals are and then compare the two lists to find the perfect fit. [​IMG]
  4. Dave B

    Dave B New Member

    I'd go for Online Affiliate Marketeer but I'm biased. It's what I do. And I'm in the UK (Kent). Not sure why you think that would be a problem.

    And you can start AM for free...

    Dave B
  5. Drew

    Drew New Member

    Well, I guess I have a basic understanding of these business concepts, I just don't know what my next step is.

    I have already compiled my own personal goals, and financially speaking, I want to be able to earn about ??1000 a month in replacement of a full-time job.

    Dave, I noticed you are from Kent, perhaps you've heard of Kleeneze? Well if you have, thats the company I have just finished with due to lack of custom in my locality.

    Tell me more about what you do.
  6. mistyrose

    mistyrose New Member

    Since the administrator stated in another thread that she did not mind other forums being posted here. I thought I would mention

    It lists all sorts of affiliate programs and money making ideas. It might help in giving you an idea of what you want to do.
  7. Dave B

    Dave B New Member

    Quoting: DrewDave, I noticed you are from Kent, perhaps you've heard of Kleeneze? Well if you have, thats the company I have just finished with due to lack of custom in my locality.

    Tell me more about what you do.

    Hi Drew, yes I've heard of Kleeneze. Not my bag!

    The key to affiliate marketing is finding a niche (a group of hungry people with a passion) Find out what that is and then satisfy it.

    Now, that either sounds too simple or double dutch...

    There's loads more on my blog...check it out.

    Dave B
  8. dougster77

    dougster77 New Member

    Have you checked out writing for income. Associatedcontent will pay you up front for some articles and Ehow will pay you monthly income based on your article clicks, its a passive income.
  9. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Hello Drew,

    One way to do it is begin with affiliate marketing using Squidoo which is a free platform.

    I would think you could find an abundance of free information to get you going.

    The Thirty Day Challenge is also free, (the tutorials will walk you through everything including how to use Squidoo) as well as many website builders where one needs no HTML skills to get started.

    You should learn about market/keyword research before you start building, and this is the area where you really need to focus and get it right.

    If you have any doubts, just ask here in this diverse and friendly forum![​IMG]


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