how to register on 12Dailypro ?

Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by rhkhan, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. rhkhan

    rhkhan New Member

    can any one tell me how i get register on 12dailypro , i have submited thier signup form but not receive any mail from them.

  2. Danny33

    Danny33 New Member

    I read this on the 12dailyforum.

    " Some email hosting block and bounce back emails from 12Dailypro. My suggestion would be to use a host such as"
    (If you want a gmail account, just ask and i'll send an invite)

    "was helping my 1st referral sign up last night and he didn't receive the confirmation e-mail. I just went back to the site and went to resend validation e-mail and he got it right away."

    I would suggest trying to resend the validation link first.
  3. taityl

    taityl New Member

    12dailypro is currently under some serious maintainance. Hopefully it will back soon...

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