How to Use Traffic Exchanges to Earn $20 an Hour

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    The best way in my opinion to target market online WAS Google Adwords but now since Adwords has slapped everyone building a Home Business many people are struggling to know what to do to consistently drive targeted traffic to their business.

    It seemed like Facebook PPC or Yahoo or MSN PPC was the answer but there are some drawbacks to these methods which I will not go into here but if you tried them you know what the drawbacks are.

    And you can also advertise in print media such as the home based business magazines but most people cannot afford this.

    On a side note, ever since the slapping began I have seen many many famous marketers who built their entire businesses with Adwords now advertising in these home business magazines extensively. However the problem is these marketers know their customers cannot afford to advertise in print media or with postcards etc. And thus, the product is usually a high-ticket product without any residual income built in. Because these marketers know their customers will most likely fail in their business due to lack of affordable advertising methods. And a high-ticket product ensures that the experienced marketer makes money regardless if their customer succeeds or not.

    An Affordable and Effective Solution: Traffic Exchanges and Credit-Based Safelists.

    1. Cost:

    Traffic Exchanges and Credit-Based Safelists are CHEAP and also FREE.

    2. Time:

    However, they can be time-consuming and tedious unless you know how to earn residual traffic and credits. (For the sake of time and space, I won't discuss exactly how this is done in this post) Once you do this you can just sit back and relax as you automatically get paid to advertise over and over and over.

    3. Traffic Exchange and Safelist Market:

    The Traffic Exchange market is constantly moving. It goes up and down. At any particular time, the membership levels in this market can be increasing or decreasing. This is because of a very high turnover rate.

    History has demonstrated an overall growth pattern despite short term losses and fluctuations. With a high turnover rate, this market always maintains fresh prospects. I estimate about 20% to be active, experienced marketers while the other 80% are new and confused at any specific time.

    This phenomenon protects against market saturation. It is just not possible to have an offer in a Traffic Exchange or Credit-based Safelist that everyone has already seen. You will always have fresh eyes seeing your offer for the first time as they join this market.

    4. The Right Offer:

    The catch is only certain offers work in this market and the offers that do work, work extremely well. There is truly a fortune to be made if you present the correct offer in the correct way to this market.

    I don't want this post to go on forever so let me say that traditional home business opportunities do not work consistently.

    What does work are offers which present cheap $5 - $20 priced solutions that provide real (not hype or fluff) education to people's problems with their business and then to build a RELATIONSHIP through these $5 - $20 priced educational products.

    Once a RELATIONSHIP of TRUST is established, then your prospect will then join your residual income business on the back-end because it will increase their income.

    When you structure the offer correctly you can very easily build up a $1,000 a week residual income within 12 months or less on the back-end while averaging $20 an hour profit on the front-end during the 12-month build-up to the residual income. Thus, you can be earning $40,000 a year on the front-end and $52,000 a year residual on the back-end after 12 months of executing this formula correctly.

    I hope this post on Traffic Exchanges and Safelists will generate some ideas for you on how to succeed in your business with this alternative and extremely affordable traffic-generating method.

    Income Disclaimer: Income examples are given to illustrate what is conservatively possible based on the results of experienced traffic exchange and safelist marketers. Nothing is guaranteed because nothing can guarantee you will do the work or follow instructions.[​IMG]

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