How to wake up my sleeping downline?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by ouzo12, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. ouzo12

    ouzo12 New Member

    First of all I would like tp presenr myself. My name is Savvas Thomas I am frm Cyprus and I am new to network marketing. I have seen though the great potential in it an I am taking it seriously for the last 3 month I am in the business and it looks that there will be a bright feature.

    I have though a basic question .... and perhaps somebody who is more experienced can help me.

    Fo the time being I have in my downline 65 people but only a fraction of them are really working.

    I am trying to find a way to wake up the rest at least to buy the products of the company for their own use. By doing this then I would definately explode ath he next level [​IMG]

    So my question: Is there a strategy or a way to do it? Have you faced the same problem and how did you overcome it?

    Thanx again for your kind advice

  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    You can not give someone something they don't want! However, many people don't pursue their dreams because they don't know how.

    If you have a simple way to keep in touch with your team, here is what I have done... send out a simple email to everyone, showing your support, reminding them of any conferece calls or company news, and also throw in some simple things you are doing to promote your business.... you never know, it may spark an idea for someone in your downline to pick up the paddle again, get back in the boat and start rowing. [​IMG]
  3. westfam11

    westfam11 Member

    I agree with mountainmom, people have to want it for themselves. You can offer your help, keep them informed and offer to help when they have questions but it is ultimately up to each individual to make their own business a success.

    That is why it is so hard for people to keep going with MLM's where you have to sponsor others. You can never stop sponsoring because you are always trying to find the ones that want to work and the one's that don't want to do the work will eventually drop out anyway. It does take work and a lot of it and most people aren't motivated to keep at it for any length of time.

  4. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    Maybe they are not the ones who are interested in the business. You can forget about them.

    Alternatively, provide them with the content or info they want, to get their attention.
  5. 7FigureHelper

    7FigureHelper New Member

    To help reduce the amount of people that are not on "autoship" I would suggest check you motives when sponsoring. Are they really a prospect that is showing genuine interest and will work the business?

    Set the standard in your organization as well. Let people know upfront if they can't commit to a certain level for autoship then you don't want them in your organization.

    Don't be afraid to turn away from prospects. The ones that see the big picture and will commit to the certain level of autoship will most likely work the business and you won't have to motivate them.
  6. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    ouzo12: For the time being I have in my downline 65 people but only a fraction of them are really working.
    Hi Savvas,

    Welcome to the reality of marketing!

    There are some types of offline businesses that have a naturally high turnover of employees. Not everyone works out so there's always a fluctuating percentage of people who quit or are let go.

    As a result, it's not uncommon to see a permanent "Help Wanted" sign on display at the place of business. The business must keep hiring a certain number of applicants to offset the falloff and keep supplying the core of employees needed to get the job done.

    Network marketing is not unlike the business I just described. In many respects it's a numbers game, and you need to develop a similar mentality if you expect to do well.

    Here's a mantra to remember that will help you to stay objective: "Some will. Some wont. So what!"

    Along with that realization, you need to develop a core of producers in your downline. Focus on quality not quantity. Try some of MountainMom's suggestions and work with those who show interest and seem motivated.

    You just need a few good (wo)men to start building. [​IMG]

  7. ScottCofer

    ScottCofer Member

    Great suggestions above - that's why I like this forum!

    Good job on putting in 65 new members so quickly - well done.

    As a rule of thumb, I've historically found that about 10% of the people in your group will actually take the business seriously. Therefore, if you have 6-7 leaders or potential leaders in your group you would be right on track.

    Just keep doing what you're doing and the leaders will raise their hand - you won't need to 'wake them up'.

    Once you personally enroll 5-10 leaders, they will eventually get their 5-10 and so on and so on. Think of the '5 get 5 get 5' diagram and realize that the '5' are LEADERS.

    You need to work through lots of folks until you identify who is serious...

    Best to you,
  8. samda

    samda Member

    These are the few things I do

    1) Interact with them
    2) Set up a conference call and invite every one to it.
    3) Give some free gifts like ebook or some thing that they admire.
    4) Always get in touch with them personally (This is very effective)

  9. ouzo12

    ouzo12 New Member

    This forum is really amazing. Thank you all guys for the help, and I will definately try to do the ideas you said.

    Good job on putting in 65 new members so quickly - well done.
    I think it is not difficult to subscribe new members when you have a good product, which is easy to consume and which is for all the people.

    I just want to give you an example. I was in Herbalife (like everybody) for about 2 years (I managed to become World Team) but due to the fact that their products were only for a limited target group (loose weight mostly) most of them were quiting using them after 3 months and it was really difficult to make them start again. Now for the last 3 months I am in FM WORLD GROUP (a company selling brand perfumes & cosmetic and very low prices) and it is much easier, because once they are happy with the product, they will use it their whole life!

    If you have a simple way to keep in touch with your team, here is what I have done... send out a simple email to everyone, showing your support, reminding them of any conferece calls or company news, and also throw in some simple things you are doing to promote your business.... you never know, it may spark an idea for someone in your downline to pick up the paddle again, get back in the boat and start rowing.
    I also thought of printing some "membership cards" and on them write the Member??s Name and number, but also all the necesseray details (fax, tel, email, address) they require in order to order the products without having to go through all the official catalogues and documents of the company. On it I can write also my details as their Sponsor and perhaps a couple of motivations words.

    I will then have an excuse to visit them and hand over these cards to them and make sure they put it in their wallet, so they have it handy for the next order. [​IMG]
  10. kesharn2

    kesharn2 New Member

    Great pp's but I truly agree with 7FigureHelper

    Qualifying your prospects from the very beginning is so important. There are alway tire kickers and just interested people, but what you want is that person who's done network marketing before, or people who are already familiar with building a buisness.

    Those are the peple that already know what it takes to build a business. You wont be chasing them down to get on autoship or buy something because they already "get it". They already know that they want to succeed, and keeping a certain amount of volume every month is important.

    Also, some great reads:

    The Greatest Salesman In The World by Og Mandino
    How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie

    Great job for getting 65 in downline!

  11. ouzo12

    ouzo12 New Member

    he he ... its 69 now!!!!
  12. ronniebranch

    ronniebranch Member

    Stay focused on learning skills that will further advance your marketing knowledge so you can get more reps and help the ones who are serious. Your building a million dollar business and folks need to know that your serious about their success but they gotta show they are willing to do the do. When they hear about your next paid vacation from the company they will want to hear about you [​IMG]

    It happened to me, I had 4,000 reps and watched 80% of my team leave me so I moved to a company I know will never collapse made sure of that. The ones that did not follow me can watch some videos of my next vacation all paid for by the company in mexico. When you show folks your serious and get results it gets easier to build your business.

    Your friend in Truth & Light,
    Ronnie Branch
  13. PavelBecker

    PavelBecker New Member

    I'm in the travel-related business and when I was just starting out, I met a guy, who moved to Iowa from Florida, where he was working timeshare presentations.

    We talked for a while about the timeshares and that business and he was telling me how many people are actually buying them for all kinds of outrageous prices, but at the end he said, that after he moved to Iowa and stopped being exposed to the product he stopped believing in it.

    Your down-line might feel the same - are they getting enough exposure to you and your product?

    It's the same with most on-line businesses - keeping in touch with your team constantly, updating them and demonstrating that the business is still up and running is what will keep them motivated and what will allow you to achieve impressive results.
  14. profitweaver

    profitweaver New Member

    I would set up some personal training material, to share with your downline. You get 65 signups, so explain how you did it. Some people need hand holding, especially when they are new to the business, so take some time to educate your down line.

    It will pay off in the end.
  15. deannkc

    deannkc New Member

    It's a fact of life in any business there will be about 10-20% that will produce and the others won't do much if anything at all. Focus your efforts on those succeeding and help them explode even more. Your business will then explode as well. Ignore those that are not doing anything they either will produce or they won't. Don't waste your time on things that don't help you build your business.

    Also look for other go getters and get them into the business. Keep filling the pipeline at all times. Make sure you train them well. Then see who takes off and spend time on those people, and keep doing the same thing over and over.

    Make sure you have great training in place, and there are easy duplicated systems in place for your downline. These are always essential in building a solid business.

    Use all of the above and you should be fine.
  16. ouzo12

    ouzo12 New Member

    I would like to thank everybody for their great advice. In the meantime my downlide has reached today the 200 people and it is time to have a small party

    I do have one more question though. Can anybody statistically tell me what is the percentage to find some leaders in your downline, who can take over their group without having to chace them? This would give me the space to concentrate on other "lines" ..... once your downline starts to expand, then it is more difficult to keep track of it.

    For the time in 200 people I have one leader and 2 or three who are trying to become leaders. Is this the normal statistic?
  17. 2urprofit

    2urprofit New Member

    Hi Ouzo12,

    I would like to know the answer to that question myself. lol I think that there is so much skeptism out there because of so many scams that are on the internet. Prospects don't know if they can trust us.

    In network marketing, it's about relationships so we need to build relationships with our prospects. Friendly emails without mention the program. Just information and helpful emails, suggestions, a phone call sometimes, only I am not very big on cold calling. I like to wait for a request to call.

    Hope this helps. Cheers! 2urprofit
  18. barbiefigueroa

    barbiefigueroa New Member

    Keep looking for New People!! Always continue to fill the pipeline and find more people.
  19. dawnmo

    dawnmo New Member

    You can't motivate your downline...they need to find the motivation themselves. Continue to keep them plugged in to what's going on with your company/products and leave them on your email list. Work with the ones who want it NOW. If the others become interested again, they will let you know.

    Good luck and congrats on your success!
  20. joanpeterson

    joanpeterson New Member

    It is the luck of the one might say. You might find a leader in 100 people or you might find one in your first 20 people.

    You will never really know until it happens but normally the leaders will step up without you asking them to do so.

    And though you must support your downline, don't waste time chasing them to do more. Give them what they need and then allow them to step up to the plate.

    Support them by ensuring that you always respond to them when they ask for help and setting up an autoresponder with training and some rah rah encouragement is good. Never go more than a few days without sending out an email to them.

    But you can't hold their hand and if you have a large downline, you can't go phoning them all either. Save that for those that show leadership.

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