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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by debacled, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. debacled

    debacled New Member

    I have recently completed an application to join Human Rewriter and I've done a little bit of research on it but I'm finding mixed reviews. It doesn't cost anything to join or participate but there are apparently tests that one is required to take and some people have said that their employment was terminated abruptly and without explanation. I would really like to know more about how it actually works, what these tests are like and if it's true that termination is swift and given without explanation. I'm looking to escape a tyrannical work situation, not enter into a new one. I'm also interested in supplementing my regular income by about $400 per month. Is this unrealistic for a part-time work-at-home endeavor? I would only spend about 15 hours per week working at home.

    Thank you in advance for your feedback!
  2. Margo Tuul

    Margo Tuul New Member

    Human Rewriter? You mean like writing/rewriting articles etc.

    If so, then most important thing what you need understand is LSI keywords.

    Forget about keyword density etc. Well, you can still add your keyword in every 100 words or so. But don't focus on it. It doesn't matter anymore and Google can take it as keyword spam.

    Best way to understand what is most relevant keyword to your main keyword is to do a simple search in Google, lets say dog training. Once you have results, from left take Wonder Wheel and you should have new keywords. Like puppy training.

    And usually LSI focus when writing articles is 1 thing, what they may look. It is very important, when you want to rank.

    Employment was terminated? Em...i can see only 1 reason. He/she did just basic research and started writing to make money faster. Customer later made a complaint and asked for refund, as articles were bad quality. Happens always with article writing services. Always make sure you research well and keep article quality top priority.

    Im not sure what Human Rewriter site is all about, but if you get a job there, and you can select which topic you want to write, stay away from topics you don't know anything about. You can write once you are more experienced.

    There is lots of wrong advice and information out there, so do your research very carefully. This can mess everything up for you.

    Let us know if you get in etc. And how much they are going to pay. I know good few sites, where you can earn good income from articles.

    Hope this helps.
  3. JoeRollin

    JoeRollin New Member

    Hello you got one good thing going for you you are not expecting
    thousands a month 400 a month is more than realistic no matter what you do or what program you get into you need to learn proper internet marketing what a lot of people don"t realize it takes time and patience to start earning an online income, You have to start off making $10 a month then $50 a month then into the hundreds and then thousands of dollars a month

    Thr best advice I can give you is not to Focus on Making Money
    focus on helping people "You have to give before you get "
  4. debacled

    debacled New Member

    Thank you for the input. Yes, it is an article rewriting service. I completed an application for it on Thursday and received an automatic email response telling me that they would contact me in the next seven days.

    I'm glad that $400 per month doesn't sound too unrealistic, at least not after I've been at it for a month or two. I'm not interested in a get rich quick scheme. I just want to figure out a way to earn some money from home by working a couple of hours per day. I have never worked from home and I have only recently begun to look into work at home opportunities. It certainly does seem as though most offers are a scam. I have, of course, totally ruled out anything that involves a fee.
  5. Margo Tuul

    Margo Tuul New Member

    Keep in mind, that affiliate marketing is free and also article marketing. Doing article marketing and promoting affiliate offers, can earn you way more than $400 per month. Its bit more complicated than just article writing, but its free and easy.

    Also please take a look at . I know few who work there and offer their services. Usually you can get more money there than usual sites. And there are all kind of services. Maybe you are good in Photoshop and can create awesome banners. Huge market there and up to $15 per banner. You can make 20-30 per day no problem.

    If you decide to go with article writing service, then also start learning article marketing and affiliate marketing. Its a great bonus if you like writing and its FREE.
  6. JoeRollin

    JoeRollin New Member

    I have to disagree with your comment about most offers are scams I honestly think that there are a lot of good programs out there than bad ones You have to get rid of mentality that most offers are scams this thinking will hurt you

    People get scammed because there looking for what I call "push button mentality"
    where the they want money rolling into thier bank acount without having to do hardly anything I see lots of websites send me money and Ill make you rich BS. Most people on the internet trying to make money fail because they do not treat it as a Buisness more like a hobby Don:t want to spend any Money and hardly any time, well it does not work this way this may sound harsh in places but its the TRUTH

    With that said I agree with Morgo24 affiliate marketing is one of the easiest to make money at
    A really good place to check on any program that interest you is
    there programs are rated A-B-C-D depending how good they are and are voted by people like you and me

    Hopefully some of this imformation will help you
  7. debacled

    debacled New Member

    I refuse to spend any money to do a job. After you weed out all such offers, you are left with very little from which to choose. I'm not launching a business or giving up my day job. I am merely interested in doing a couple of hours of writing each day to make a small amount of extra money. I did have a look at craigslist last night and was pleasantly surprised to see some ads seeking article writers the old fashioned way with no middleman recruiting company. The ads were also nicely detailed in terms of what the articles should be about, how many words and the rate of pay per article. I will apply for some of these jobs and report back.
  8. emi228

    emi228 New Member

    Hi there-

    I have been working for them for a few months and things were fine. I have a 99% approval rate on my articles. However, this week they have begun rejecting my work with no explanation. So, I have put in about 6 hours of work and will not be paid for it. I have trouble contacting a supervisor type at the company itself. But did get an email today indicating that if my articles are not being paid out it is because they are so bad that they are being dumped back into the queue to be written by someone else. And that if my work is that bad, they will have to let me go. There has been no communication about what exactly is wrong with my work. I have trouble believing that my articles - after months of being approved without problems - are suddenly so bad as to be unacceptable. I found another article indicating that Human Rewriter tends to over hire staff to deal with a back log and then fires without warning or explanation. I don't know if you are writing for them at this point, but I wish you luck either way.
  9. bookhobbit

    bookhobbit New Member

    I started with Human Rewriter just a few weeks ago and was pleased, until today. All of the money for the work I did yesterday is now gone, with no explanation, and the articles have disappeared from my approval queue. I've emailed the company but haven't heard back yet. I have a 100% acceptance rating, so I'm hoping this is just a quirk, but after reading in different forums, I am expecting the worst. The work is really backed up too, so I don't understand at all. Like others have said, I don't know how I could go from a 100% rating to massive rejections in the space of 24 hours.
  10. bookhobbit

    bookhobbit New Member

    Well, with no explanation and no answer to my queries, Human Rewriter did pay me for the work I did this past week. Thank goodness! I will probably continue to write for them. I wish they had explained to me what happened, but at least I got paid and retained my 100% approval rating! Yeah!
  11. nahNiku

    nahNiku New Member

    I tried to do that only with freelance sites. And they don`t ask you for test as an obligation. But you need your resume to be good and noticable.
  12. StaticGE

    StaticGE New Member

    I have worked for the company off an on for a while. I experienced the same thing as bookhobbit, around the same time. They offer bonuses for every $100 earned, which I have not received at times. My approval rating is 99.9 percent. I've only had one sentence rejected-- for being too short.
    Things started out very well when I first started rewriting articles. If you expect to earn $400 with fifteen hours of work per week, you may be pushing it, but it really depends on the types of articles in the queue, how fast you are, etc. I can make around $8-10 an hour with complete article rewrites, but around $4-5 with sentence level rewrites.
    Some of the customers can be rather meticulous and a bit demanding, if you ask me. Those are fairly few and far between though. They are getting an article rewritten for $2.00 or less, but they issue a variety of requests or state, "make sure you do a good job, writer". I find it annoying and a bit demeaning, personally.
    I have IMed them multiple times in the past with absolutely no response. Their workload seems to have dropped off immensely the past few weeks, so I wonder about what is going on 'behind the scenes'.
    I'm not steady with my work with them. Some weeks, I may do one article, another 100 articles. One time, I wrote over $200 in a week with them, but my articles were not approved for over two weeks, so I didn't get the $20 bonus that I should have. (This was either in August or September). Frustrating that I devoted so much time to getting articles written for them, only to get a virtual slap in the face.
    I can use the extra funds at times, so I will keep writing until I get fired or they do not pay for actual work (vs the bonus). They are fairly prompt in paying every Friday night (except for that one time when my earnings disappeared for a week).
    Good luck with whatever you decide!
  13. f5mtadas

    f5mtadas Guest

    I do not think it is good working all life for someone else, not for yourself
  14. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    f5mtadas: I do not think it is good working all life for someone else, not for yourself

    This doesn't sound like much of a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY - working at home and expecting to get paid by someone else, ESPECIALLY looking at it as an 'hourly wage'.
    AND with them evaluating your work, and deciding on whether or not you'll get paid for it!
    That's a J-O-B in my book, not a biz opp.

    If it were your own biz, with you offering your work directly to clients for their approval and payment, that would be one thing.
    But you are doing this for someone else's biz, and THEY then decide whether or not to compensate you.

    Sounds like this thread belongs in the WORK AT HOME JOBS section of WAHF!
  15. Gemi9

    Gemi9 New Member

    bookhobbit: I started with Human Rewriter just a few weeks ago and was pleased, until today. All of the money for the work I did yesterday is now gone, with no explanation, and the articles have disappeared from my approval queue. I've emailed the company but haven't heard back yet. I have a 100% acceptance rating, so I'm hoping this is just a quirk, but after reading in different forums, I am expecting the worst. The work is really backed up too, so I don't understand at all. Like others have said, I don't know how I could go from a 100% rating to massive rejections in the space of 24 hours.
    I have had the same problem this week.
    Admittedly, their support for writers was always spotty, but since last May it has become truly problematic.
    My account also went from $500 to $9 overnight with no explanation and no response to my communications.
    My approval is 99.5

    The rumor is (from other forums that I have checked out looking for info on this problem) is that the company is changing hands. I cannot prove this, and nobody has responded to my emails.
    Also, their writer support through AIM has been down for weeks.

    Take my advice,
    just don't do it. They may have been legit once, but there are too many problems and even one week's correct processing is NO guarantee that you will get paid the next week. If you depend on this income, as I did, you can't take that chance.
    If they do not respond to my this week, and if my back pay is not restored I will take it outside the company to the BBB.

    Good luck.
  16. pwalker281

    pwalker281 New Member

    I have been working for HumanRewriter off and on since the spring of 2010. It was a good gig until around September 2010 when I was no longer able to receive any support from them via their support mechanism, AOL Instant Messenger. Before that, I'd had very informative chats with the President of the company, Donald Eddy. I was also always paid on time and paid what I earned for rewriting and word spinning.

    However, that support disappeared around September and within the last month or so payments started to get "hinky." One of the support people that I was able to talk to, Angel Hill, said that Eddy quit the company, probably back in the late summer early fall which was when my communication with him ceased. She was very helpful with a couple of problems I had.

    But about a month ago, I was working on a 14,000 word scientific article rewrite and the neighborhood lost power during an electrical storm. I had worked on that rewrite for a week, was close to finishing it when the power outage occurred. And when I was able to sign back on, my article was gone. Usually when I log off and log back on during the middle of the rewrite, the article remains until you complete it. But not this time. And Ms. Hill was silent when I emailed her several times wanting to know where the article was.

    Last week, I wasn't paid properly for word spinning I had done, and again Ms. Hill was silent when I explained how Eddy had told me how word spinning payments were calculated. I even sent her a copy of the AIM chat I had during which he explained it to me.

    Now when I go to log onto the writers interface, I get a "Not Found" error message, so I think we may have seen the last of Human Rewriter. Quite frankly, I think they were having serious cash flow problems which may explain why many people who have posted here weren't paid what they were owed.

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