Hundreds of Ops ... which ones?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by treevee, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. treevee

    treevee Member

    I found this site last night and have since spent hours reading threads and clicking on signature links to find out the biz of choice in which members are involved. Overwhelming, to say the least (which of course, is not a bad thing for entrepreneurs)! I'm totally ecstatic to find this site because of my many not-so-good choices I've made in the WAH! Weeding through the ops on search engines is time-consuming, to say the least, and coming here cuts out much of the BS. However, I'm still trying to find my niche --- which ops are for me?

    Maybe someone out there in WAHF, can direct me in finding what I need. About me: I'm a 50 yr. young single female starting literally from scratch. I lost my massage biz of 11 years, lost my apartment, all of my furniture, my car, etc..... Had to move back home from Florida to live with my mom in cold PA (yikes!) I'm not here to tell my sob story, actually I'm excited to start a new venture in life ..... hoping it can be through an on-line/home-based biz, for starters!!! I've tried 3 MLM's (still in the hole on those.) I've been scammed $1400 in a Secret Shopper crusade. I recently, almost got caught up in another scam consisting of paying out a pretty large sum of money (for me, anyway). I just want a good ol' bona fide biz (or 2 or 3) to help me get back on my feet --- not looking for get-rich-quickies nor do I want to involve myself in anything in which I have to dish out any money. One good thing is I have much time on my hands to work a new biz! I'm not good at web-designing, selling nor writing. I'm interested in perhaps affiliate marketing, on-line reselling stores or open to other suggestions. Anyone???
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I would suggest checking out the 30 Day Challenge. It is a great free way to start affiliate marketing, and you don't have to worry about getting scammed. Whatever you do, stay away from "quick and easy" sales pitches - also, please do not invest large sums of money up front as you are likely to get burned.
  3. treevee

    treevee Member

    Wow! getagrip, I appreciate the advice but that site looks really complicated! What exactly do they do for 30 days? I'm sorry, but all this is new to me and overwhelming. Something easy and basic is what I'm looking for right now --- a company that is going to train me for free and set me up with my tools.
  4. joanpeterson

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    treevee - regardless of what you market online - you are selling something. I mention this as you mention that you are no good at selling. Making money online is all about moving product - something has to be sold for you to earn online income.

    And trying to build a biz online with no funds to build it, is - in my opinion - unrealistic. Certainly, there are a multitude of free marketing methods but these can take time to build up.

    Even as an affiliate marketer, most will spend some money - domain names, autoresponders.......

    You say you have a lot of time. I suggest you look over this forum carefully and also go to other forums like This will give you a good idea of marketing online and give you some idea of what it is that you want to do.

    And please, stay away from scams like HYIP's. Don't get involved with ponzi's online.

    And if you want to look at cash gifting - I suggest you look at this BBB site first - Cash Gifting Pyramid Schemes Flourishing Online
  5. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Joan pretty much laid things out plain.

    Desperation in looking for a home business will not get you more money, 9.9 times out 10. Success can be had but don't look for instant gratification of the big dollar kind, especially when you will have learning curve with your online marketing.
  6. treevee

    treevee Member

    Thanks for all of your input, advice. Desperation = I! (LOL) I think it is safe to say that when one makes no money at all, they feel a bad need to generate some income somewhere, somehow! I DO understand that it takes time to build a profitable business and with much patience and determination. I plan on doing that ---- the 30DC that getagrip suggested is something that I can take time to do to set myself up for the long haul, but I am also wanting something to work on for a more "instant gratification" of, let's say, a few bucks a week, not much, just enough to put gas in the family car and perhaps invest into a much more profitable biz.

    I was advised on this forum to stay away from the companies that ask for money upfront to start. The one company I was looking into is Merchants Referral Solutions (MRS) that asks for $100 to market their credit card processing and equipment ---- money that goes towards a website (they help you build), support and training. The advice fellow-forumers suggest sounds about right --- why should I have to pay to bring business to them! But on the other hand, I feel that everyone's gotta make a buck here --- why not pay for the help?? Speaking of which, I kinda think paying someone $100 to help me through the process of setting up my biz, doesn't sound so bad! Anyone know where I can make a $100 to go towards setting up my biz?? LOL! It's a vicious circle! You need money to make money, something I don't have, which is why I am in search of a more "instant" cash flow-type biz in the meantime.
  7. Esteban

    Esteban New Member

    A duplicated business website will not get traffic, the search engines just ignore them. Though a $100 isn't much, you're probably not going to get much in the way of training in return either. I would look for something else for your 'instant money'. Good old buying and selling has dug me out of a hole more than once.
  8. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Welcome treevee! ( I like you already [​IMG])

    And you have gotten some very good advice here... I think going with affiliate marketing is a great ida and here's why...

    No matter WHAT you do online, MARKETING is going to be your main hurdle - learning the ins and outs of it, etc... and when you start with programs like the 30DC or some of the other free programs on here, it will help get your brain wrapped around the concept.

    I will tell you how to make a quick hundred bucks though...[​IMG]



    Plain and simple.

    I have done it many times over - I love to go yard saling and I am always finding stuff to sell on Ebay which makes it even more fun...

    Like for instance, last week I found a box of old vintage hankies at a yard sale for $5. There were about 50 hankies in there so I split them up in 5 batches and made about $40 on Ebay (after the fees etc) - [​IMG]

    Several weeks before that I had found some outdated Avon - the lady had like 40 tubes of Cellu Sculpt so I quick went home first and checked on Ebay to see if I could sell them... and yup they were selling good so I went back and offered her $30 for the lot - got em and sold them in sets of 4 on Ebay (one set a week) for $20 - $40 a set. [​IMG]

    The other thing you can do is cleaning houses... for quick money...

    Nope - you will not make quick money with most online stuff...!

  9. 321gofish

    321gofish New Member

    WAH opportunities are a dime a dozen everywhere on the net today.

    The problem is unless you have a great deal of capital to invest in marketing your product, success comes slowly.

    If you know much about SEO, then you can make your business grow quickly.

    The majority of newbies have no clue of where to begin. I have spent countless hard earned dollars to try and figure this out.

    Keep asking questions and you will learn the better pratices of WAH business.
  10. treevee: I was advised on this forum to stay away from the companies that ask for money upfront to start.
    This is against the golden rule of every starting home worker.
    "Never pay to get hired" - follow it and remember it every time you are thinking of paying someone for joining his/her program.

    I suggest to start with paid surveys. You don't need any skills for that, no registration fee and no mastering your own site. There are plenty of online survey companies that looking for your opinion, they get paid for every opinion they collect.
    I successfully squeeze them for about $500 every month.

    Try it!
  11. treevee

    treevee Member

    Thanks, Offer .... You know I tried doing surveys one time but couldn't find ones that paid very much. Any suggestions of keywords to google to find hot ones? I'll keep searching.
  12. I sent you a private masseage, check it out in the header of this page.

    We are not allowed to promote sites in this section of WAHF.

    Good Luck!
  13. BobFirestone

    BobFirestone New Member

    I think everyone else has pretty well covered the basics. But there were two things you wrote that stood out to me.
    treevee: I've tried 3 MLM's (still in the hole on those.)
    Are you still active in any of the three? If you are active pick the best one and run with it. Thee are 2 ways to get a check in Network Marketing 1) sell products or 2) sponsor new distributors. Do one of those two things every week and you will get a check every week.
    I don't know what businesses you are in but my recommendation for which one is the best is the one that is the most retail-able.

    treevee: I just want a good ol' bona fide biz (or 2 or 3) to help me get back on my feet -
    How do you defeat a larger army? Divide and conquer. Pick 1 business and go for it. When you start splitting your focus to multiple businesses your overall results suffer. An old mentor of mine liked to say "if you are trying to build two businesses simultaneously it will take you 4 times as long to get the desired result."
  14. AnnieCaine

    AnnieCaine New Member

    Hi Treevee

    Ive just set up a blog that gives ideas on starting proper Online businesses.

    You say, you dont have the money to start up a business online, then to be honest you will proberbly struggle. Doing surveys for free is okay, but it does take you quite a while to build up a decent income.

    I know i've done them. If i was you i would try to find a bit of money to start a proper online business. Just do your research first before jumping in with both feet.

    Good Luck.

    Annie x
  15. treevee

    treevee Member

    Well, here it is .... exactly one week since I started this thread. My decision was to go for the 30DC and so far, I finished the 24 pre-season lessons and up to day 3 of the challenge. These guys are wonderful in their presentations! (Although sometimes they started talking Greek, but I forgave them coz they seem so nice.) Yesterday and today, I came back to this forum and read more .... mainly about Wealthy Affiliate and My Own Income System. From reading my original post, one can see that I am working with a minimal amount of money to invest, hence, I'm wanting to get started developing a biz with the least amount of investment. Which one of these programs (30DC, WA or MOIS), do you all think, is the quickest way to get up a website to start making money the fastest for the least amount of money? Looks like I want the world on a silver platter rimmed in gold, but not .... I know it will still take some time to learn the fundamentals of AM, and I really plan on doing all 3, but I need to concentrate on the one that's going to help quicker to produce any income, the least expensive way. If I knew that I could make $100/ week starting in a month or 2, I'd certainly be a happy camper (that's twice as much as I am bringing in now!) One week from today, I will have $100 in my hand, so I need to make a decision by then. Can anyone please advise?
  16. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    well - for starters - I think the MOIS is a one time fee whereas WA is monthly if I am not mistaken.... so you want to take that into consideration.

    I have heard a lot of good about all three of the programs so I guess follow your gut.[​IMG]

    I personally think it's not so much what program you go with as what niche you decide to focus on... no matter what you promote it all takes the same kind of skills so you may want to do some research on that unless you have it all figured out already.... if you go to Clickbank and browse the marketplace there - it will get your creative juices rolling and then just for the heck of it - go build a Squidoo lens or blog on it, while you wait for the money to buy a program... practice makes perfect.[​IMG]
  17. treevee

    treevee Member

    Thanks, mm5. Since all of this is new to me, I think I will just concentrate on learning what the heck AM is all about --- my head started spinning like the Exorcist while thinking about the other options you suggested --- Clickbank, Squidoo,.... yikes! [​IMG]

    I guess I'll just have to hang and study and wait on making mula for now. treevee = slow learner! But that's ok, since I've got a ton of time on my hands. I probably can finish the 30DC in about 2 weeks and then perhaps start on MOIS. I think that a free website is included in the fee for MOIS. That might be my ticket.
  18. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

  19. BestBoss4meisme

    BestBoss4meisme New Member

    BobFirestone: trying to build two businesses simultaneously it will take you 4 times as long to get the desired result
    You're mentor knew what he was saying in that for SURE! I have two companies I have deep interest in, the first is a travel company that I signed up with and have already seen people I personally know make money, this one is now my main focus (I just quit my life insurance job where I helped the owner make a TON of profit all to no appreciation) and said, hey Living check to check isn't fun, and I started a company young at 18 teaching guitar lessons and it worked great and realized that the next step was just to run with it so I am totally pulling myself back to entreprenuial mind as much as I possibly can, I must say though in the same as working at multiple will be totally more difficult.... an also equally important note is multiple income streams secure eachother and most importantly YOU... I began using my computer skills with web/graphix design and now hourly rating myself out to help other people build their business within my team... As soon as I turn my board in the system I plan on starting with another company that's had great success Efusjkon which is a blue chip company. I see the travel company (Tvi express) being an amazing door that I can go out and now start all the businesses I want and combine my strengths by building the seperate businesses that can unite in working together where I am helping myself both ways.

    I would def also reccomend too once finding whatever it is you want to go with, and totally take advantage of internet socializing it is just simply so much easier than the old fashioned ask and harrass method, makes no sense to struggle like that when you can make it easier... I'm doing webinar trainings with my team now weekly to help the team members that cannot get themselves branded online and socialize and further in offering the per rate services to help them with what I'm already showing, it creates positivity for both of us, they have new tools, and I can supplement my income.
  20. gowriter

    gowriter Member

    Trevee, in your situation, ta few options might be possible for you. You said you were looking for simple. I hear you on that one.

    You've got to remedy needing immediate money, plus you want to do something long term to give a steady passive income.

    If you don't mind writing, I recommend that in the short term you write articles for content sites. these are sites that will pay you $10 - $25 per article. I write for Personal Money Store which is a payday loan store, but you can write about topics that have a money theme. They pay every week via PayPal. go to their site and click on the FREELANCE WRITING tab at the bottom.

    You can also check out a blog called by Willow Sidhe. She's got a whole list of content sites you can apply for. Some are taking writers. Some are not. But Personal Money Store is taking writers. No deadline for this site. Write as many or as few articles as you wish. they have different pay ranges. But the editor is a little strict. Don't let that discourage you.

    As for long term, I noticed you said you owned a massage business for 11 years. I see some great potential for you to do some blogging here and/or creating an ebook. Based on your experience, you could create and sell an ebook about managing and owning a massage business, courses, etc. The blog can talk about common techniques. What massage is not. 10 etiquette rules you should follow in a massage room. I'm just throwing ideas for blog posts you could write.

    You've got 11 years of experience so this could be a great venue to talk massage from your point of view and how it can help other people. You have excellent content material in your head. That's what's touted throughout the internet. Content. Content. Content. SEO and keywords are important, but your content is the most important thing of all. Even Google says that on their Webmaster pages.

    Blogging, however, takes a long time to build up. But it would be totally worth it. So before you engage in any Blogging program, I recommend you read Darren Rowse's blog called Problogger. He's practically the king of blogging on the internet. He also specializes in digital photography. Problogger has got tons of free information on how to make your blog appeal to readers. Why a certain blog format over another, etc.

    I honestly think your massage experience can be made into a blog and you can market yourself as a massage blogger. You can monetize your blog with ads. Maybe your blog is both a blog and advertises your local massage business. Maybe you can use your blog to sell your own ebook on owning a massage business.

    Or if you don't want to create your own ebook, you can go on the internet and see what other massage therapists are selling ebooks. They might have an affiliate program. I know there's a t least one. You would be able to tell if it's worth promoting or not because you have the experience.

    I see the potential for you in blogging because of your experience with massage. But it will take some time and work to get into it. A little strategizing but it's not as complex as affiliate marketing.

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