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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by snowmama, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. snowmama

    snowmama New Member

    Just had my first call and it was AWFUL!! We had waited 3 wks for our logins so by the time I got it I had forgotten all my training. I was basically winging it and was doing horribly. Call after call was coming and I had no idea what I was doing. I had seen people post messages like this before but for some reason thought I would be able to pick this up and run with it because I have NEVER had problems with computer programs in my life or with customer service issues. Well thats not the case now it was soooo confusing and I am the patient and relaxed one in my family and I was literally trembling. Luckily I have the BEST Pals in the world. They have been super great and after that shift I called and they helped calm me back down. Has anyone else had problems on their first day, week ect and does it get better? Working from home will be good but right now I am wishing that I had someone over my shoulder telling me what I was doing wrong. [​IMG]
  2. HarrisonL

    HarrisonL New Member

    Hi Kimberly, Cheer Up!

    I'm not working from home but making money by running business. I have my mentor and whenever I have problem, I will refer to him.

    Maybe you can call your company and consult their advice on your methods. You can also make a few friends who are doing the same thing like you. Then you can make a group and share all your problems together.

    Anyway, Good Luck To YOU!
  3. mountainmom5

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    Hey snowmama - we have all been there, no matter what we are doing online! [​IMG]

    So hang in there, things will get better.

    Remember that you probably didn't learn everything about driving a car in one day either...it was a process [​IMG]
  4. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Hi Kimberly,
    mountainmom5 is right.
    We all have had set backs and frustrations.

    Maybe you are trying too hard.
    Remember, most likely the one on the other end of the phone is a real person too, who gets tense, makes mistakes and understands!

  5. snowmama

    snowmama New Member

    Thank all you guys so much... Very sweet. Good News It is getting better slow but better. [​IMG] I have to admit I am so use to just running with it that I didn't expect this to be any different. The training I did well on but realized now that I should have wrote more stuff down. So on free time I am browsing through the training taking notes. Which I have to say has helped so much. Thanks again for all the sweet things you have said. And if there is anyone out there who has been doing this for awhile that has some tips I would appreciate all the help I can get.
  6. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Hi Kimberly,

    I only work online, and would probably not do well on the phone these days.

    I did graduate from a private Travel School years ago in Solana Beach.
    Teacher had the small class of 12 practice aloud with a handset, just like a toy phone.

    It really was helpful practicing fake client calls.
    Or, you could have a friend or relative call you, or pick up another phone from your home and just practice.
    This will calm the nerves.
    Hang in there!

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