I am interested in joining Coastal Vacations.

Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by msrlg, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. msrlg

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    Hello everyone! I have been researching Coastal Vacations and I am very interested in joining. I have a question though that I can't seem to find the answers to.

    If I sign up as a Level 1 Director I understand that I would pass up my first two sales to my sponsor and then I become a qualified director. My question is what happens if my third sale (which would be the first sale I would actually earn a commission for) is for a Level 2 or 3 package - do I NOT get the FULL commission for this if I am only a Level 1 Director? How does this work? This seems a little unclear to me. [​IMG]
  2. luvtravel

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    Quoting: msrlgIf I sign up as a Level 1 Director I understand that I would pass up my first two sales to my sponsor and then I become a qualified director. My question is what happens if my third sale (which would be the first sale I would actually earn a commission for) is for a Level 2 or 3 package - do I NOT get the FULL commission for this if I am only a Level 1 Director?

    Yes, that is correct, you get paid at the level Director you are.

    We would love to talk with you and explain in detail, PM your phone number or I can give you our 800# to call to get all the details!

    With our team you will get experienced Directors and coaches who earn a 6 figure income and help you to achieve success in a short time.

    We can tell what we offer and all the options that you will have.
    Our team consists of Level one all the way to Platinum Directors.

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  4. dawnmo

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    Hi and welcome to the forum! Be sure to spend some time on this forum understanding the differences between the various teams. Make sure you select a team and Director that is right for you.

    Feel free to keep asking questions! There are lots of people here who are happy to help.

    Dawn [​IMG]
  5. PNL Travel

    PNL Travel New Member

    Hello! Welcome to the forum. [​IMG]

    It has been a bit confusing around here lately, there are a lot of older posts that answer a bunch of questions on Coastal. You can do a search at the bottom of the page. Or just feel free to post them as they come to you!

    Have a great day!

  6. jnapier

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Experience is the BEST educator in the Coastal Business. Should you require information on how to be a multiple six figure income, I'm here to help.

    Jay NaPier
    Level 3 Director/ Master Trainer
    Coastal Vacations
  7. hsimpsonjr

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    Welcome to the forum! You used that magical sentence that gets all of us excited. "I am interested in joining Coastal Vacations." Terri answered your main question. Yes, should get paid at least the amount of commission you are qualified to receive. Not all teams do this so make sure and check out all of the teams very carefully. The team that Terri, Dawn and several others on this forum use is the Coastal Call Center. We have professionals who take calls for us and present the business and close the sales for us while we worry about training our new members and marketing. There are other great teams as well so check out what each team has to offer. Let me know if I can answer questions for you.
  8. linkmetro

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    Hi msrlg!

    Welcome to the forum!

    Two things you have to watch out at beginning:

    1. How much is your monthly outlay?

    2. How you have to market your business?
    Are you getting your leads for FREE or you have to go out and buy it from your Director's picked company? Or they hit you for $100 - $300/month??

    3. Do you have a trust or bonding with your future Director to give you support - even AFTER you full filled your obligation, namely giving your 2 training sales to him/her??

    There are different teams so check out what each team has to offer. Yes, just keep asking questions!

  9. CoastalToday

    CoastalToday New Member

    Hello MSLRG,

    As someone answered above, yes, you are only paid at the level at which you join. This is one of the best reasons to come in at the highest level possible - you are instantly able to make more money in Coastal as many groups and Directors release you at Level 1 if you join with a higher package. While you are doing your research , be sure to ask about this option from the Directors who interest you.

    Another thing to consider is the advantage (if you are in the US, I'm not sure about Canada) of writing off up to $5,000 in start up costs your first year along with the continued tax advantages of owning your own business. This is yet another great reason to come on board!

    Like all the Directors here, I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Good luck and welcome to the forum!

    Tonya Kopp
    Platinum Director
    Coastal Vacations
  10. If we can be of any help to you msrlg
    Feel free to drop us a quick note .

    Sean Keely & Aviva Steele
    Level 3 Directors
    Expect Your Success Marketing
  11. Shelby

    Shelby New Member

    msrlg--you will find alot of information on this forum to help you make a decision. I'd be happy to help with any questions. You can PM me and I'll be in touch asap. Good luck!

  12. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    Hey msrlg,

    You defintitely hit the jackpot by asking for help in here. I would suggest sitting down with the person who first showed you Coastal and having a real heart to heart about the business. Many of us in here myself included are doing well in Coastal and have alot to offer you if you worked with us but I think its fair that the first person you talked to have a shot first.

    If they arent around then I put myself into the fold as for offering assistance. All of my contact info is on the website in my signature line. Im available for any questions.

    Coastal has allowed me and my wife to retire from full time employment and we run our Coastal business as well as our other ventures from our computer and whereever we chose to travel to. Id love to share some of our stories.

    In the meantime pick up all the info that is on this forum. It is a great source.

    Adam Frederick
    Coastal Level III Director
    Featured story May 2006 HBC magazine
  13. susaneng

    susaneng New Member

    Great advice Adam. Mslrg we are all here to help you. Hopefully the person, their ad or website who got you interested will be able to help you out.

    There are several different groups in Coastal with their own unique way of running the business. I would also suggest looking at the several groups and before joining make sure you are with the group that run their business the way you want to run yours.

    I have talked to people who joined a group that didn't have a Call Center and then wanted to join the Call Center, but doing it this way is very costly. I wouldn't want this happening to you.

    Good luck and keep us updated on your progress. I, or anyone else will be more than happy to help you in your research.

  14. linkmetro

    linkmetro New Member

    Hello Susan!

    Looks like people jumping from one group to another. I have 2 who joined us from other groups, 1 from Mexico.

    With Call Center first of all, in order to make a call for me I have get my prospects to the call center. Is that right?? Don't get me wrong, a newcomer then have to go out and buy leads, go after relatives and friends?? I think all the well established Directors with big bucks have a tremendous advantage over a new comer. Don't you think?? Or leads on an equal rotation??

    Mslrg, you have to weight your monthly expenses specially at the beginning. How much money you CAN afford on your business after you joined. Get the fact upfront, in writing.

    It has to be a better solution. Get educated on Internet Marketing. Be aware, that is different then buying some of the Directors ebooks and 'Master training" materials. It could be very expensive! If you need some affordable and good places to start learning IM so you don't have to be depend upon nobody, let me know.

    My site is ranked #1 and #2 on MSN and still not a guarantee to have more traffic and sign ups. But I'm not complaining. Leads are the backbone of our marketing.

  15. Bolade

    Bolade New Member

    [Post removed - Admin]
  16. Bolade you may want to do us all a favor and pay attention to the theme or topic in the room. This string has nothing to do with your opportunity which you are obviously pushing. May I suggest starting your own string with your own topic. If people are interested Im sure they will post there. Please respect what this forum is for. I wouldnt come here to bash whatever it is that you are offering. We would expect the same courtesy.

    Level 3 Director
    FTV Super Elite Distributor
    Expect Your Success Marketing
  17. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Quoting: BoladeThat is why I like Global Resorts Network...you better ask about it!!

    We can all learn from this. The difference between what Bolade is doing and what the rest of us who frequent this forum is that WE are having an intelligent conversation and Bolade is making a POOR attempt to market Global Resorts Network.

    I don't know who their director with GRN is, but I'd sure avoid them.

    Jay NaPier
  18. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    When marketing the membership pkg and a person wants to join
    but doesnt have a way to get their hands on the money, do you just go on your way and say.........next?

    I once read a article that said something like "30 ways to get money" or some such title and also what sort of financing do you all offer, as well as Coastal's payments plan?

  19. We dont offer a payment plan at all Terri. But we do have many ways to get started. Our Job (and I dont like to use that word) is to help find the way that fits the client. There are emails put together with every system to cover this topic. I suggest doing as much research as you can. With that knowlege you can guide people when rthis issue arises. I do have copies of a few of those Emails and an extensive list of ways I have found and would be happy to email them out to you. They are a great start. But remember the more you know, The more you can help.
    Learn all you can.
  20. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    Payment plans...ouch. I hate payment plans. Imagine if you just paid a director $11,000 to get started and they dont have time to work with you as they are working with others that havent paid in full yet. If that happened to me id be pissed. I think if someone wants to get started they should make the investment. My time and training is valuable so I should be compensated for it. Now the prospect can plug into the calls and get their marketing system up to prepare for when they are ready to get started but to be honest I wont accept a payment plan. What if you have $800 from someone and then they want it back? What then? Was I supposed to just hold their money for them? Why cant they just save it themselves? So for me no payment plans.


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