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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by lifemyway, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. lifemyway

    lifemyway New Member

    Hello all, I have posted a few times in this forum about options I have considered but, also with some helpful tips that I wanted to share.

    It is now my time to ask for advice and possible guidance.

    I am struggling to build my network marketing business. I am struggling to close, to get people enrolled, and to build my team. I am also struggling on finding prospects to approach, present, and close on how wonderful the world of network marketing is and can be.

    I am currently marketing for a company in the wellness industry and for the past 2 years of comsuming the products myself, feel better at age 40 than I did at age 20 or even 30.

    I LOVE the product line and the compensation plan but am seeking advice on where and how to find people online and offline, and how to strengthen my close, so to recruit and develop future leaders in my organization.

    I hope this post is not too vague and if any more information is needed, please do not hesitate to ask.

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Yes, that is important to know that a good system in place can do most of the footwork for you unless you have the skills/knowledge to do prospecting, presenting and closing and such. These systems are great for newbies or those who are struggling. It has to be simple and efficient. The key is to target those that are looking and finding them online is not difficult. This forum is the type of places you should look at. The system i use for building has several companies on their list to research and enroll in. Others i have started have programs that have costs associated with them. Self help books at the library are great resources! They also carry well known successful persons like Brian Tracy, Jeffrey Gitomer and Zig Ziglar to learn from.
  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Dani Johnson - hands down. Best training on the net for mlm. I can't send a link here but make sure to get her CDs on 'Prospecting and Closing' or better yet, get your body to one of her First Steps seminars - it was the best money I ever invested into my MLM training.
  4. Speedy2011

    Speedy2011 Member

    Todd, have you look into advertising on your car? This is a good way to advertise offline for free, after you buy the decal for your car.

    This car decal does not have to look real good. Just have your website address on it along with a slogan saying what you are offering.

    It work for me in the past to bring people to my website, but my product's price did not close it. So I left that mlm business.
  5. annalaurab

    annalaurab Member

    I could give you tons of ideas after 6 years in network marketing but the number one advice I have is to contact the people you know and invite them to sample your products. Also go networking at networking events and meet people.
  6. lifemyway

    lifemyway New Member

    All great ideas and THANK YOU!! I will begin to implement these asap. I have a new goal and challenge before myself for 2012.

    I also want to sidenote this question, where to look and find potential propects. My upline team always just say, EVERYONE is a prospect, which I totally agree, but where do you find them? I have had people tell me when stuck or at crossroads, to go shopping at malls and if a salesperson catches my attention, get their name and info (if possible) and contact them a day or so later about my opportunity, and what does anybody think about creating my own T shirts with my website or logo and wear them to the gym to create curiosity?

    Just some other ideas and questions.

  7. Yauchnd1

    Yauchnd1 New Member

    Hi Todd,
    In regards to your first question, I have a some information that I can share with you regarding marketing online and offline. Just shoot me a note and I can send it to you.

    Also regarding your second question about prospecting, I hate to say it but everyone is not your prospect. To have better results you need to focus your marketing efforts on your ideal target market. The better focus will lead to better results.
  8. BabyStepsMama

    BabyStepsMama New Member

    Speedy2011: Todd, have you look into advertising on your car? This is a good way to advertise offline for free, after you buy the decal for your car.

    Great way to go, you tons of impressions, we do this.

    My concern when people are struggling is that they are not really getting the support promised when they enrolled.

    That doesnt happen here, speak up or change teams.

    There should be a replicable system in place. You shouldnt be doing this all by yourself. Thats not ok to me in a people loving people,people helping people industry.

    Hope you got some help since you first posted this.

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    I have to second that statement by Yauchnd1 about prospecting. Not everyone is a prospect. Make your time efficient and benefit more by looking for those who are actually looking. You would'nt want to waste 30 minutes or an hour only to find out that the person is'nt really interested. T-shirts are a great idea but remember not only to put a website address. I suggest putting a phone number, it gets you closer to your prospect. I am actually working on mine and will have samples on hand plus a plan to be in places where i will get noticed and where my target market will likely be at.
  10. dl_stpierre

    dl_stpierre New Member

    You can try writing articles in several online publications. Like e-zine or Base Articles. Make sure that the key words you use in the title are in line with what prospective customer were to ask on a google search. It is important to note that when you write the articles that you are givng them unique information not a sales pitch. You told us that you feel better at 40 than you did at 20. There is a title in itself. Write about the changes that you made in your life to get that way. It won't get you insant leads but if you place your articles in multiple online publications you will get noticed.
  11. Blazing

    Blazing New Member

    lifemyway, well I hope haven't quit. I clicked on your signature link and it said the website was offline.

    Starting a business is hard. Network marketing is even harder.

    It is harder because there are so many people insisting that you Not treat it like a business.

    The 3 foot rule, everyone is a prospect is nonsense! Use your common sense. If you were starting any other business, you wouldn't waste your time and resources telling everyone in the sun about it.

    Who is likely to want to join your business? Don't let the hype influence you.

    Most people are not cut out for business. So target the people who seem to be. That is people who are already in business, have been in business. People who have done network marketing before are great people to talk to. They are already sold on the idea.

    There are lots of ways to access people like that. If you want some ideas, send me an email.

    Good luck. Remember most people quit just before they would have been successful.
  12. ricksalas

    ricksalas New Member

    Hi Lifemyway, I hear you on that. I love a good nutritional product. MLM products are always the best. Yea, what you can do is target only one type of person and create content that speaks only to them. It has to be a really defined niche.

    There are ways to do some research and find out the most profitable niche as well as find out who your competitors are and improve on what they have. Or have a unique spin. It's much easier that way, you'll work smarter and save money and make more money faster.

    Never market to everybody. You'll allow all the top marketers to take your business. You're unique and there a ton of people who would want to do business with you.

    You have to research though and find a target market that want your products and have the money to pay for it and as well as get your products seen on the internet. Organic traffic from your niche is what you need my friend.

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