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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by mellin, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. mellin

    mellin Member

    I know there are at least 2 other members on this board who have joined iBuzzPro. Has anyone else looked into this? It looks very promising.

  2. wapahm

    wapahm New Member

    HI Melissa,
    I too have been looking at ibuzzpro.
    It does seem promising.

    The thing that keeps coming to my mind is this....................................
    At home we receive recorded telemarketing calls and I usually hang up as soon as I realize the call is recorded.

    maybe that's why you can put 100's or 1,000's of leads into the system at once.

    I'm not really interested in marketing ibuzzpro, but would like the system if I knew the target audience would listen to the message. [​IMG] and if I found that it worked well, then I could market this from a users point of view.

    If there is anyone here using the system for their primary business and not marketing the system itself.
    I'd like to hear from you.

    Melissa keep me updated on what you find out. [​IMG]

  3. itsmikewhite

    itsmikewhite New Member

    Melissa I have to be the first to tell you that iBuzzpro is everyhthing it's cracked up to be. Since joining iBuzzpro, I have been generating 10-20 fresh prospects everyday. I love it because these prospects are calling me wanting more info about my opportunity. I was able to double my sales in my primary business, and I have been selling the iBuzzpro system like hot cakes. A sale a day is very realistic with this system.

    My tean has a training website with over 22 training tutorials so anyone can join this system and experience immediate success.

    If you're serious about your business and making money, you should definitely get your hands on this system!

    You can PM me for more info. I have a complete system in place.
  4. mellin

    mellin Member

    Cindy, I understand your concerns about people hanging up on you. I am still researching, but I can only find positives in this. I just know from my month or so (I know, that's not alot of time) of internet marketing, everyone is writing articles, writing blogs, posting on free classified sites, and yet everyone is still here asking for more advice on what else can be done to generate more leads or traffic. This seems like a no-brainer to me.

    Mike, clarify for me - you have created a double stream of income with IBuzz, correct? I'm assuming you mean that you are using this to market you business as well as selling IBuzz to others to use. With a sale a day, that's $500 a day. How fast was your turn-around time between investing in this and then making a profit from this?

    I hope I'm not out of line with these questions, but with the answers that I think you can give me, you're sure to get some sales from this thread. [​IMG]
  5. itsmikewhite

    itsmikewhite New Member

    Mellin, feel free to ask me whatever questions you want. I am simply here to inform and help the community. Not necessarily looking to make any sales here.

    First off, when I joined iBuzzpro, my intitial intent was to market my primary business. But when I made my first iBuzzpro sale 1 hour after joining I realized the value of the system and that it could be a second stream of income.

    Secondly, iBuzzpro is my only form of marketing. I dont post ads, do ppc, or chase people. I have 10-20 new prospects to talk to everyday about my businesses. Thats more than enough propsects for me.

    Purchasing this system is a BIG NO Brainer!!

    Call me with any questions at 502-593-8104

    Hope This Helps



    I have just got done with my first test and it blew me away with 57 who registered for my Low-Cost-Wifi offer. The key in my mind is short and to the point messages, VM or live answer, keep it short and to the point, and not only does an under 30 second message cost less, it is more effective.

    As example, I simply said, New Low Cost WiFi T-1 wireless for $19.95, please visit to register for free affiliate at Low-Cost-WiFi. I didn't leave a phone number, but caller ID was set and I got another 33 callbacks, so to say I am amazed would be an under statement.

    I used auto dialers when they first came out, but it was $5,700. for dialer, and the phone rates were .16 cents a minute back then. So when you check out this callcash ibuzzpro system, you will want it too.

    Happy Prospecting to all, Mike

    DMIGUY New Member


    First, this forum is very dissappointing. It's supposed to be about debunking or exposing the scams, or at least that's what I assumed. Instead, it's just another venue for infomercials. That's not to say that IBUZZ is a scam, because it actually seems to be legit. But legit as what?

    As an MLM, it has all of the right "cult" momentum and those that are jumping on it might actually make some money if they are aggressive enough. But don't make the mistake of thinking you are selling a "tool" that everyone should be jumping to have. That's just not the case. There are other programs and systems for Voice Broadcasting that are reputable, less expensive, and more accomodating since their primary business is to help B2B customer in their endeavors, rather than the incestuous self-promotion so prevalent in the MLM world.

    Again, people are making money with this system, but as with any system or business, do your homework and know what you want to get into as well as what you are actually getting into. If the system is shrouded in secrecy and/or seems to only thrive on self perpetuation, then product or no product, it's Amway redeaux.

    Good Luck!


    DMIGUY: First, this forum is very dissappointing. It's supposed to be about debunking or exposing the scams, or at least that's what I assumed


    This is the work at home forum, how in the world would you think this is just a scam disclosure forum? Sorry, but this is where we all learn about earning an income from our homes, which I have been doing for two decades, so how did you come to the conclusion this is a scam forum?

    Yes, we all want to insure others don't get scammed, or at least I would like to think so, but unless there are open forums where we can discuss everything, we won't reach as many people as needed. There are scam forums, but this is not what this forum is about in my opinion, but then again, maybe I am wrong. lol

    As to infomercial, sorry, but every forum is to some extent an informercial as we all share ideas, concepts, strategies and yes, our businesses we work. I think you are on the wrong forum if you think this is just for finding scams to avoid.

    Promoting effective marketing tools is hardly a scam, and with iBuzzPro being around longer than most scams, you sound like you hate any business which incvolves MLM, so again, you are on the wrong forum if you don't like MLM's. lol

    What you seem to be missing is that selling the system is only one aspect of the business, and although many will promote just the business of selling call dialers to others, many are selling to traditional real estate, insurance, auto dealers, travel agencies, plumbers, electricians and on and on. Simply put, every business need to generate new business, and from my own experience, this is what I see as most attractive about iBuzzPro, it is easily retailable to other business owners.

    Can you make money selling just iBuzzPro, of course, so what is wrong with this strategy? Simply put, you have not done your homework, there are other support systems to generate leads and sales, but name one which is less costly than iBuzzPro? I have been in my own businesses for years, and have used every medium out there, and most are not what they are promoted as. How many times have you purchased useless leads, or email bulk mail which did nothing?

    What I saw was a system which would pay for itself with only two referral sales, and that is all I cared about at first, which is what most home business owners should think about. It is all about keeping your expenses under control when you start a business, any business, so what is wrong with iBuzzPro where everyone can break even so easily, and yes, even make money while supporting their main focus like I am.

    I guess everyone is different, but you indeed seem to have it out for MLM, just mentioning Amway says it all. You are not an MLM fan, and that is fine with me, either am I of most, but I look for value, exclusiveness, unique, first to market, as well as good compensation plans. iBizzPro offers all of the above, so why not add it to my portfolio, it works as promoted, and given it can easily be sold to other than those who are just interested in iBuzzPro business. I don't market it through call dialer as many are, but I present it as a backend sale. It works great this way as I can always close on this statement, you responded to my call message, so you know iBussPro works. (g)

    Happy prospecting everyone, Mike

    DMIGUY New Member

    Thanks Mike, but the concept of any forum is "people helping people", not people helping themselves through other people's misfortune.

    No, I'm not anti-MLM, but the reality of MLM is that few make money and most give theirs up. The statictics prove that out time and time again.

    Most people enter these forums because they are looking for a means to earn extra or just plain earn. And they hope to get some insight into those companies that can help them, or hurt them. You seem to be here to recruit. Best of Luck.


    DMIGUY: Thanks Mike, but the concept of any forum is "people helping people", not people helping themselves through other people's misfortune.


    But you stated you thought this was a scam site, not me? I have been working online since before the internet went commercial, in fact, I was one of the first forum moderators with AOL in '88, so I know the value of helping others on forums better than anyone. I started by answering questions on my industry and was known as a consumer advocate, and the word spread, and my forum got thousands of visitors to site, and what did I get, hundreds of customers, in fact, one of my existing businesses expanded 100 times all because I donated a ton of time helping people. Was that recruiting? Turned out that way, and I have been doing the same thing ever since, why, because it works, not just for me, but for the thousands of people I have helped over the years on forums like this.

    You call is recruiting, so again, you are the one with a slanted view of helping others verses recruiting. It is all about education and helping people with their online home business questions. This is a wll proven strategy, why else are there millions of forums? You think people are going to give of their free time with no hope of something in return? Sorry, but helping someone while hoping they will want to join me in one of my businesses may be recruiting to you, but not to me. I invest my time in hope of a return on investment, and I make no bones about it, anyone with any online forum experience who will answer you honestly will say the same thing.

    You must be new to forums like this, do you think this forum exists merely to help other work at home hopefulls? I guess you didn't notice all the Google Adsense ads plastered all over site. When you can help people help themselves, and then happen to recruit a few you helped, is this wrong?

    Yes, MLM means Many Lose Money to most, in fact, most who start any business will fail, so does that mean you don't try and try again? Most who failed in MLM like to blame anyone but themselves, and I am sure from your posts, you fall into this huge catagory of former MLM failures, am I correct? You seem to want to focus on scams, wrong focus my friend, and one which will forever hold you back from ever seeing success in any home business. I have seen it a thousand times, so read on, visit all the forums you can, and I assure you, every poster will have a signature line at the bottom of their posts. They are hoping to help someone make their decision what home business is best suited for them, and if the join the posters business opportunity, what is wrong with that. I don't hide this fact, I help others help themselves which in turns helps mysefl, and yes, this is an accepted means of recruiting as long as you follow forum rules. I work the forums, and the forums work very well for me, as well as for the thousands of others on these forums.

    Good luck to you as well, Mike
  11. DMIGUY

    DMIGUY New Member

    Yes, I'm new to these affairs, and we are obviously wasting others time with our diatribes.

    Before entering this forum, I read the intro on the Home Page which says "Spam, self-promotional posts, are not tolerated in any way here." I assume I misread it. Thanks for clearing that up for me.


    That means you can not promote your business on another forum topic, this is the iBizzPro topic, so discussion is OK by others on subject, so there is no spamming here. If you were to post your specific url affiliate link within the body of your post, then yes, that is considered spamming. Having signature line is not spamming, so see, this was not a wasted diatribe after all, as long as someone learned something they didn't know.

    Good luck, Mike
  13. mellin

    mellin Member

    I have to share, because I have FINALLY found success! I joined IBuzzPro 2 weeks ago. While I could have worked faster to learn the system, I have 2 small children and a home daycare, so I worked in my spare time with my sponsor to learn the system. I have to also say, that I am not internet savvy at all, but the system was easy to learn because it is all spelled out for you.

    I sent out my 1st voice broadcast yesterday afternoon, and had my 1st sale last night!! I earned $250 from that sale. I have another $250 sale to go, then my sales will be $500 from then on out. I am so excited, because for over a year I've been dabbling in different online business ventures and had not made one penny.

    Now is the time to get in. IBuzzPro is revamping a little to make their system even easier to duplicate and even easier to sell. People who are doing internet marketing could benefit from the use of this system. People who are looking for an online opportunity can benefit because this is an easy sell and the profit margin is incredible!

    Call me if you are ready to have the success that I have finally found.



    Congrats Melissa,

    Nothing better than to hear success story from a newbie to internet marketing. Yes, it is a very powerful system given that most other mediums are dying. This is get back to basics with a high tech twist, so I am glad to hear of your immediate success.

    Good luck, Mike
  15. mellin

    mellin Member

    Thanks, Mike. This just goes to show that even the most inexperienced people (which would be me) can learn and have success.

  16. opendomain

    opendomain New Member

    First I've heard of it but will take a look at it.

    I really wouldn't consider this a self promotion post and the value of this forum cannot be measured. 1000's of people come here to look for answers to question and if you stick around long enough I think you'll find that, sure from time to time a group will come in and cause a little commotion, but in the end the value remains and the garbage gets pushed down into forum hell.

    I can personally attribute much of my knowledge and success to the countless threads I've read full of tips and advice. You'll be hard fetched to find another forum this clean and void of spam and self promotion. There's a reason this is forum has the google #1 spot in "work from home forum"

    I look forward to see more of you on the message boards.
  17. heistheanswer

    heistheanswer New Member

    Melissa, I'm glad to see that you've found something that worked for you. I know you must be extremely busy with the daycare, my wife was watching 3 kids at one time and it was a madhouse here with just 3 kids, plus our 1 year old. I heard Ibuzzpro was a fantastic way to get traffic to your other online businesses too, I may have to look into it. I wish you all the success, now is the best time to be promoting what you have because so many people are looking for a way to get out of the rat race or jsut make some extra money. Take care and God Bless
  18. mellin

    mellin Member

    Thanks, Jason!
  19. Grant Wilson

    Grant Wilson New Member

    I was introduced to IBuzzPro about a week ago, I listened to a Webinar which gave you a full tour inside IBuzzPro. I have seen other Voice Broadcasting companies but nothing like IbuzzPro could deliver.

    I feel having a system like IBuzzPro that deals in making the phone calls for you saves plenty of time by calling leads yourself. This will stop how some Marketers tend to say way to much and puts of their potential customer or team member. In other words something like IBuzzPro can pre qualify if you looking for team members in your primary Business Opportunity.

    I have always been told by great Marketers that should not go and be like a hunter instead become the hunted, just like how shops in the real world do. They do their advertising and wait until people come to their shops. I have not seen any one from a shop try to get you in the shop to get a sale. The same should be when it comes to Marketing online get people to chase you down instead of the other way.

    Have an Inspiring Day

    Grant Wilson


    Good points,

    I agree, this is one of the best forums, and I moderate for a couple, so I have been using forums for years to help others help themselves, and as long as there are others who contribute in the same way, this is hardly self promotion in the blatant sense, but as one pointed out, he feels it is self serving, so it goes to show you, everyone is different.

    When a topic is created to solicit opinions and answers to ones questions, this is an open door to discuss this company, and this is exactly what we have here, not self promotion, but good discussion on how others are doing with this company. Forums are great tools to use to learn about a company before joining or purchasing product or service of company. Yes, some posts will appear as self promotion, but as most know who are on forums, this is a fine line which most understand.

    One thing I learned long ago on forums, bad news travels faster than any good news, and this is especially true with home business opportunites. Forums are the first place I go when researching and doing my personal due diligence on a new company. Why, because this is where you will find the latest up to date low down on almost any company, so all opinions are welcome in my opinion. (g)

    Easy Prospecting to all, Mike

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