I can't deal with the lack of motivation

Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by Georgerocker, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. Georgerocker

    Georgerocker New Member

    I've started to write a research for several times. I've failed, to be honest. I can't find any ideas to write about and have no time for that. It is very hard to work and still have some time for studying. So are there any tips where can I find some motivation? Frankly speaking, I'm thinking right now about ordering it online at Supreme essay if they can deal with this task. I've ordered there some essays and the resume.
    Thank's in advance for your replies.
    All the best!
  2. OmaSeNg

    OmaSeNg New Member

    Wow, someone else wrote an identical post not too long ago. Her issue was time management though. I never understood people who order stuff. I wonder if this is spam. Seems like a nice plug!
  3. Muzzamil

    Muzzamil Member

    If you can manage your time properly, you will automatically be able to take out time for your work.Cut out the work that generate you no benefit personally and financially. Spend less time on Social Media. Have a separate place for work where nobody can distract you. Eat healthy food that give you a lot of energy to work. Surround yourself with people that are real hustlers. Also if it very hard to find motivation, the work that you are trying to do might not be for you because if you are passionate about something you don't really need that much motivation. Hope this helped you.
  4. Georgerocker

    Georgerocker New Member

    What do you mean by that?
    I guess, it's not the right place to judge me. I'm just asking your opinion. If you don't want to do that, it's your right.
  5. OmaSeNg

    OmaSeNg New Member

    Are you talking about the ordering of essays? Well, in her case she was ordering essay for a course. In college, you are constantly reminded that you will be expelled if they catch you plagiarizing or something like that. Seems too risky for me. And it wasn't so much judgement but disbelief that people do that. It isn't something someone with integrity would do. It's not a judgement, it's an observation. I could understand why someone would do it but doesn't mean I agree.
  6. Georgerocker

    Georgerocker New Member

    No, I need to write a research paper.
  7. OmaSeNg

    OmaSeNg New Member

    Oh okay. Because you wrote
    "Frankly speaking, I'm thinking right now about ordering it online at Supreme essay if they can deal with this task. I've ordered there some essays and the resume."

    Anywho, I don't know why motivation is so hard to come by sometimes. I have that same problem. You would think earning more money or obtaining a degree or starting your career would push you. But there are so many little steps. Since people always say to have little goals to get to your big goal, I guess the secret is to have little motivations to get to the big motivation. So like if a big motivation is to get a college degree, the little motivations would be to get an A in a class?
  8. Barbara

    Barbara New Member

    Of course, there are so many hazards in ordering an essay online rather than writing this kind of work on your own. But let's take into consideration the other fact, maybe it is better than not having a paper at all and getting no grade at all. Let's be also honest, many of us order it but everybody wants to be wiser than we are. I can tell you freely that it is ok if you order the work at Supreme essayand wait until the work is delivered back to you.
  9. AnneSamantha

    AnneSamantha Member

    I love writing, I write articles several times a week for Ezine Articles, I have now compiled a collection into a book and am in the middle of self-publishing it. I have several on EzineArticles on Motivation - type in Anne O'Dwyer and Motivation - there are hundreds written by others too might help with ideas or give you motivation, or take a look at my blog.

    The more you write the easier it becomes - hope you learn to love it, believe in your capabilities don't feel negative -
    best wishes

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