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Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by A8ch, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Lately I've been seeing a surge in promotions offering resale rights to e-books and reports, that come packaged with graphics and a ready-made marketing Web site.

    There is nothing unusual about this kind of offer at first glance, but here is what's different:

    1. You may edit or completely rewrite the product content however you wish.
    2. You may charge any price you want.
    3. You may place your name on the front cover and claim credit as the original author.

    This may seem attractive to the newbie marketer who lacks the skill, time, money or desire to create his or her own digital product. But quite frankly, I'm at a loss to recognize what real value this provides.

    While I understand the concept of private labeling, it seems to me that this particular model has a greater potential for harm and disservice, than it does for providing benefits.

    I'll explain:

    Let's suppose 10 people purchased the product, changed the content according to his or her ability and objective, and placed their name as the author.

    - You would now have 10 products that seem to be the same, but their content is different.
    - You would also have 10 writers claiming copyright privileges for each of the products.

    What if another 10 people purchased the product, made NO changes to the content, but only claimed authorship for the work.

    - You'd now have an additional 10 "writers" claiming ownership of the same publication.

    In my opinion, it wouldn't be long before the marketplace recognized these differences, became confused and started...

    - buzzing about the inconsistent product quality and content.
    - questioning the credibility of the authors.
    - feeling exploited over the variance in price.

    Why would anyone want to take these risks with their reputation?

    Am I missing the point here, or does this make sense to anyone else besides me?

  2. coreyjroman

    coreyjroman Silver Member


    Short and sweet this type of ebook product was never meant for informational services to begin with. It is a self perpetuating way of enticing those "Get rich quick dreamers" into buying and selling these to themselves. You see... Let's say I write an ebook about making money on the net(which happens to be one of those entrapment topics I am speaking about). Now... in this book is a detailed description of how to sell this very same book using the free support websites and banner images usually included in the "package". Hey... Let's not forget to include "500 bonus ebooks" you will never read that do exactly the same thing with another topic. eBay is riddled with these. Hell... I used to sell them myself!
    You buy one cd-rom with 5,000 ebooks on it, use templated mini sites to advertise, link them to your ebay ad and mass upload them using turbolister or whatever. My very own "hype site" example can be found at http://www.thousanddollarcashengine.netfirms.com
    Which I used to have a .com domain for but I let it expire for being bored to death with it! LOL I made about $2300 over a period of about 2 years off of the one disc I bought on ebay for around 4 dollars shipping and all. The point is I never read 99 percent of these things but I was caught up in the fun of circulating them and changing them around including re-authoring some of them... so... if I had to place a value on these it could simply be for the experience I gained of building miniature websites very quickly and of decent quality as well. If you want truthfully valuable information from ebooks don't buy them from "hype sites"(like mine LOL). Get them from trusted names like Books-a-Million, B Dalton, Barnes & Noble, etc.
    Have a great day!
  3. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    As Corey rightly mentioned, apart from the sole interest of siphoning money from newbies, these ebooks offer nothing but value. I doubt if there is any good content in these ebooks except some good graphics and a high pitch sales letter. I really don't see any difference between such offers and chain letters/pyramid schemes. The only ones who make real money are the creators of such offers.
  4. sdefiore

    sdefiore New Member

    As someone who is very familiar with product reprint rights, they only ones making money here are the ones selling this product. A true reprint rights agreement has limitations and original copyrights prevail.


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