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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by mathieu67, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. mathieu67

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    Hey everyone,
    My name is Mathieu and I've been kicked off this forum before for not respecting the rules and so I have learnt my lesson and understood that these rules existed for a reason! Make this forum a great experience for anyone who comes through here!

    I signed up to IGAM ( I give away money) 3 days ago and so farI had a wonderul experience with it! The people are great and every members give you an unconditional support! I feel like part of a family!

    If you had good and bad experiences with IGAM
    Let us know!

  2. pegasus

    pegasus New Member


    For the meny who are looking to start in the world of internet working at home this is a really go place to go you get all the help you could want without the hype give it a look

  3. jonnap

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    This is now changed into the stop being a victim, am I correct? Selling info for $5 how not to get scammed? I think that kind of things are the scam... Just my 2 cents...

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