I just started an at home job, sounds great??!!

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Jessica26, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. Jessica26

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    Hey there, I am new to this site. I am really needing to make extra money. I stay at home with my 3 yr old son, plus I have another one in 1st grade, so my hands stay full here, lol.

    Anyway, I send this add the other day, I replied, it cost a little for the information...but I did it, and wow, I am impressed and wish I would have thought of the job sooner. Lol.

    Seems like a chain type thing for the net. But I really think I will be making money soon with it.

    I need some website where I can place an ad for a job, for free. Any Ideas? I went to the big sites and they all cost. I want a site where people will see it.

    Well, if anyone knows, just reply or email me.

    If anyone wants to know about the job, just email me.
    I just started so I can't say how much someone will me make, but I think if you advertise right, then man...I really think money could be made out of it. I have church tomorrow and have been busy today, but I can't wait to get started on Monday, cause I think it will be fun and I can't wait to make money from it.

    I am looking forward to checking this site out more, seems great. There are soooo many scams out there, who knows what to believe, you know?

    Well, I better go. Any ideas on where I can advertise, just let me know!
  2. ebay_addict

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    Quoting: Jessica26Seems like a chain type thing for the net. But I really think I will be making money soon with it.

    Can you explain more about this?
  3. pcwork

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    Craigslist is free, but if it seems to be a scam, it will get flagged soon
  4. aplina

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  5. Homeboy

    Homeboy New Member

    Oh dear, I hope you didn't pay too much for that info. Anything with the word 'chain' sounds a bit scammy to me. Well, I could be wrong. Let us know if this works for you! [​IMG]
  6. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    You can place free classified ads on a number of different sites, like USFreeads, etc. Just google "free classified ads."

    You really didn't give much detail, but if it sounds like a get rich quick thing, you are going to be wasting your time.

    Now that you've already spent your money, I suppose you may as well try. (Unless you can get a refund?)

    Anyway, do let us know how you go with it.
  7. opendomain

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    I would be very interested to hear about this as well. I personally like Craig's list for free adds but do be careful on what oyu post exactly because if it's not really a job then, well you're not going to be posting for long because they will ban you.

    At any rate please drop some more information on what it is you've signed up with, even a copmany name would be great[​IMG]
  8. Homeboy

    Homeboy New Member

    Jess, you may or may not have heard of bum marketing. It really is one of the easiest ways for a newbie to start making money, and you don't have to spend a cent if you don't want to. Here's the general idea, which I've already mentioned elsewhere, but I'll repeat it again:

    Go to clickbank (sign up, it's free).

    Browse their marketplace for an ebook you like.

    Get an affiliate link for it.

    Write a short article / review about the ebook (you may need to buy the book for this, or you could just write something about the general subject matter and then say that more info can be found in the following excellent book..... )

    Include your affiliate link in the article.

    Submit the article to lots of free article directories (google it, there are hundreds).

    Rinse and repeat.

    It may take you a while in the beginning, but once you get a rhythm going you could write an article a day. Once they've been submitted, just forget about them and they will remain on the internet forever, earning you residual, passive income for years to come.

    Hope this helps! [​IMG]
  9. Steve

    Steve New Member

    Here are two great free classified ad sites.
    adsnet classifieds:
    They also have a huge directory of other free classified ad sites.

    Two more I use:

    some tips on free classified advertising:
    1. Make sure you post in the correct category. If a relevant category does not exist, move on to another site.

    2. Posting a picture with your ad sometimes moves you higher in the list.

    3. Make sure your ad headline stands out, but never use all caps or excessive punctuation.

    4. Make sure your ad follows the rules of the site or you will get banned. Craigslist does not accept MLM or marketing ads.

    5. Never SPAM or post the same ad multiple times, or in multiple categories.

    6. Many classified sites have forums. browse through these and contribute. If you have valuable information that gets attention you can get more traffic from links in your signature at the bottom of your post.

    Good luck!

  10. karls1973

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    Homeboy: Oh dear, I hope you didn't pay too much for that info. Anything with the word 'chain' sounds a bit scammy to me. Well, I could be wrong. Let us know if this works for you!

    I guess Jessica26 realized soon after that it was a scam.
    She never replied to any of the messages.

    Too many folks out there get overexcited as soon as they receive this 'great moneymaking opportunity' in their inbox.

    That's why it is so important to take the time and research the opportunity first.
  11. lukester19

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    I agree with homeboy and the affiliate marketing options out there. You dont even have to pay a dime. Just advertise by making blogs and such. I bought the my online income system program and it tells you many ways to get affiliates successful. But this way you do not need to be scammed because you work at your own pace and getting your articles out there.
  12. ajonarii

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    There are many ways to advertise and promote on the internet for absolutely no cost to you. Creating blogs (such as squidoo), writing articles on sites such as goarticles.com and many many more. Also, google really likes searchwarp and ezinearticles. Good luck and much success to you!
  13. gpxbiker

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    Does any body know if there is anywhere tat does accept MLM job advertisements? Even if I have to pay.

    I think there is a big market out theree that would be interested.
  14. healthguy

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    Thanx to all, i think some of this info will help me out a lot for promoting my site [​IMG]

    Where's the best place to post Blogs?
  15. johnjimat

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    GANIMAL New Member

    Yeah that brief info given sounded like a scam to me, gotta research because there are legit opportunities out there.
  17. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    Somthing else I noticed about some of these ideas that flooded my inbox was that once i started opening them, I started getting a lot of viruses and spy stuff on my computer. I crashed 2. I have sense not opened any emails about this stuff unless I know the source. Hate to say this, but I think it was the Mike Filasaime ones that did me in. Can't prove this though. Has anyone else had this happen?

    GARYFOREVER New Member

    so how is this going for you ?
  19. Jean LA

    Jean LA New Member

    You can start with adsense, clickbank, linkshare, cj.com

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