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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by MikeSpike, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. MikeSpike

    MikeSpike New Member

    Sorry I am a novice. I wish I'd learned more. My site used to show up in Google's organic results when someone searched "soda maker". I wasn't the top of the list. But at least I was ON the list.

    Then about a month ago, I decided to do something to improve my position on the list. I edited my index.htm file on the fizzgiz dot com site. I had no idea what was about to happen. I didn't check my position right away because I thought it took a few days for search engines to pick up on it. My site hasn't shown up in the organic results for about a month now. I no longer have the previous code. I threw it away - overwriting it with my new "great idea"!

    If anyone could offer some assistance. I would be eternally grateful. Here's a blurb from the top of my index.htm file...
  2. Norma

    Norma New Member

    Hi Mike,

    I can not help you much from technnical perspective. But as a SEO practioner I could say, move your title tag to the top before meta keyword. Reduce meta keyowrds, that's a husge list, might stink spammy. Keep meta keyword characters within 300.

    The website looks simple but the coding is quite complicated why don't you go for plain CSS.

    Use headers, h1 h2... h6 instead of

    Wish u good luck
  3. samda

    samda Member

    Oh Man, read this dude -> www.mattcutts.com/blog/keywords-meta-tag-in-web-search

    No longer your long keyword tag will help remove. Remove all damn keywords and add only 5 or 6 good ones.

    You have been slapped for doing keyword spamming (We call it technically)

    Got it? PM me if you need assistance.
  4. MikeSpike

    MikeSpike New Member

    Thanks 4 the 'heads up' on that issue.
  5. MikeSpike

    MikeSpike New Member

    What does "PM me" mean? Does it mean "contact me in the PM rather than the AM"?
  6. MikeSpike

    MikeSpike New Member

    Thanks, Norma. I wonder why I didn't get an eMail notice when you responded to my Q??? Maybe I did. That's another story... anyway...

    Move your title tag to the top before meta keyword ==> done
    Reduce meta keyowrds, ==> done

    I would-a-thought 5+3 would produce the same result as 3+5. But I know nothing of Keyword+Title versus Title+Keyword so I followed your suggestion.
  7. carterstory

    carterstory New Member

    Mike, PM = Private Message

    now for a little play:
    *ding Dong*
    Mike: "Who is it"
    Google: "Google.. open the door please"
    Mike: *opens door*
    Google *smacks mike on the forehead* "you've been slapped have a good day"
    *close curtain*

    And YES reduce your meta keywords.. Samuel is right and that's the FIRST thing I thought when I saw the code.. you've got WAY TOO MANY.

    Focus on the KEY keywords, not every product you sell
    Homemade Soda
    Homemade pop
    Make your own soda
    Make your own pop

    things like bubbles and PET bottles aren't going to get you anywhere.. your primary function is to sell the fizz giz, not the PET's
  8. Seth

    Seth New Member

    yea samuel is right, you don't need that much of keywords lol.. just focus on 3-5

    then write some articles about your site using your selected keywords
  9. samda

    samda Member

    MikeSpike: What does "PM me" mean? Does it mean "contact me in the PM rather than the AM"?
    It is Private Message as said by carterstory. It is used to contact a person privately, if you do not want to reveal information so publicly.

    MikeSpike: I wonder why I didn't get an eMail notice when you responded to my Q??? Maybe I did. That's another story... anyway...

    I think we do not have subscribe to this topic option in WAHF. Vishal, can confirm this.

    BTW, thanks for following me in twitter [​IMG]
  10. MikeSpike

    MikeSpike New Member

    Yep. I think I got blacklisted after I added the large number of keywords. I've since removed them. But who knows how long it will take to get back into the organic listings again. Bummer.
  11. MikeSpike

    MikeSpike New Member

    You guys are all great. Thanks much for the pointers.
  12. carterstory

    carterstory New Member

    Mike, Once your site gets re-crawled you'll get back to organic listings.
    It'll help if your site gets pinged / social bookmarked.
    Just pinged your site for you to help out [​IMG]
  13. carterstory

    carterstory New Member

    Also if you want some ideas for design let me know.. your site is functional but could use a little help.
  14. MikeSpike

    MikeSpike New Member

    Yeah. My site (http://www.fizzgiz.com) looks like some country bumpkin in the shed out back - no... in the shed behind the shed out back did it after browsing the table-of-contents of "How To Write Unimpressive Websites" by I.K. Nothing (aka - I. Know).

    I'm quite impressed with fizzyfruit.com, cheerwine.com and benandjerrys.com. I haven't a clue how to give mine that light, airy, fun look & feel. Don't you think they're totally cool? I don't want my pages to be tooo artsy fartsy & hard to navigate. But I want them to be interesting and fun. Like SodaStreamUSA website, I want it to be family family fun laughing talking smiling mixing fizzies. Do U know those guys do 9-figures globally? Yep. That's right. 20-million bucks annually in sweden alone. They've averaged 67-million bux annually for the last 15-years in Europe (http://www.crunchgear.com/2008/10/16/review-penguin-home-soda-maker/) according to their ceo gerard meyer. Throw the U.S. market, australia, new zealand and a few more countries in there - well, U C 4 yourself. Some major city in Italy - this is no joke - actually gives their citizens a TAX CREDIT for buying a sodastream product 'cuz they feel owning and using one is a green step forward.
  15. jbrydon

    jbrydon New Member

    I check your site on http://www.backlinkwatch.com and it shows you have 51 backlinks. I would work on getting more backlinks. You could do some article marketing and blog commenting to build up your links and that will bump you up in the search engines.
  16. garrygnapp

    garrygnapp New Member

    I read an article that Meta Keywords are not that important already, Your header is one of the most important aspects in SEO, it must contain the best keywords you have,,
  17. Norma

    Norma New Member

    Title carries the utmost importance in website optimisation. Since many people stuff the keyword tag google gives less importance to it over title tag.

    But if the keyword tag is full of same keywords the website will be difnately banned.
  18. MikeSpike

    MikeSpike New Member

    Sounds like you've had direct experience with this. How does one make things right?
  19. enspyrdinc

    enspyrdinc Guest

    I am curious how you site is doing. Can you give us an update on your organic listing position?
  20. MikeSpike

    MikeSpike New Member

    The organic listing came back. I followed several different suggestions from various contributors. I don't recall them all. The site has made it back to Google. It never left some - like DogPile, for instance. SodaStream has so much SPAM in Google on the "soda maker" keyword phrase that I'm way down the list - 17 to 20 pages down if you're listing 10 records per page.

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