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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by sahota7, May 25, 2009.

  1. sahota7

    sahota7 New Member

    Hey everybody. I have been reading about and experimenting with working online for a long time, almost a year I would say.

    Anyway, I am really struggling. The fact that I no all the information is one thing, but I really lack in DOING things. I really think it's because I have no definitive plan. No adviser, or mentor.

    I don't no how to build a website, and I can't really afford to run one (except blogs of course).

    I am in a really tough time at the moment financially, I am officially bankrupt, and in desperate need for cash before I end up homeless.

    I have looked for a job for almost 7 months now and not come across anything, the problem is that places do not want to hire me because I have advanced qualifications.. So I can only really apply for my specified job, but that sector is so competitive and is virtually impossible to get into, ESPECIALLY at this time.

    If somebody can offer some good advice on where to go, what to do online and how I can push further ahead, I would really appreciate it.

    I have never made a single penny online, and even if I can make a pound/dollar, I would be so happy because I can prove that I can make this work for me.

    I have participated in the 30 day challenge, which I think I failed.. well i did. I invested into profit lance and My Online Income System which is where I got a lot of my knowledge..

    Any help is appreciated.

  2. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Dear AJ,
    You can take 30DC 2008 again, and then 2009 again this year.
    You will pick up on more things the second time around.

    Do you have a website up?
    Or your 30DC Wordpress Blog?
    If you do not, you can create easily a free Weebly website.

    I would then write an article daily and link to your website.

  3. jaesun16

    jaesun16 New Member

    Hi, I only can say

    Set your own goals.

    And work consistently hard!

    GOod luck to you

    Happy day~^^[​IMG]
  4. EwanRobb

    EwanRobb New Member

    napolean hill's think and grow rich

    read it over and over and when you have done that. read it again
  5. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Hi AJ,
    Do you have some blogs or sites we can take a peek at - include something in your sig here if that is the only way to do so... without knowing what you have done or are doing, it is really hard to know what to send you to.

    I am one of those people that NEEDS A CLEAR PLAN TO FOLLOW or I get overwhelmed... and do nothing.

    If I get into something that just has a lot of knowledge stuff, that is all good, but all I want , is just for someone to tell me what to do - LOL

    Some may call it laziness... but I honestly believe that is how some of us are wired... we tend to skim over a bunch of reading looking for DIRECTIONS on HOW to do it, not WHY it is done that way...[​IMG]

    I don't know if you can identify with any of this but that may be your problem more than anything.

    Most of us on here simply do not have time to individually mentor folks - lol, if we did we would be at it full time!

    But that is the beauty of tools that are availabe for us to use... they can be our mentor if we follow the plan and you can always use the forum for help, just as you are doing with this question.... as by doing that, we can help any others besides ourselves...

    I would always recommend either OWM or SBI as I know they both have a plan that works, and although neither are fast cash methods... (but then NOTHING out there is fast money anyways!)... I DO know that both of those methods WORK and although I will never guarantee anything as it all depends on each indivual as to HOW they use the tools put into their hands... I have a hard time believing that you wouldn't make money within a few weeks or months if you follow the plan either one has for you.[​IMG]
  6. sahota7

    sahota7 New Member

    I think my real problem is finding niches.. I really can't find any good ones at all. I have failed 5 times on 5 different niches I have tried. I understand that with failure comes rewards but I don't have that kind of time..

    Does anybody have tips and tricks on researching better niches?

    Is it a RULE to not step into big markets?

    I disagree on that sometimes.. I mean, If you have 100 fishermen in a pool of 100000 fish, there's plenty to go around right? Or am I way off?
  7. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Sometimes it is only a matter of digging deeper into the pond... [​IMG]

    For example, if you are into weight loss - and I am using that as there are a number of weight products on Clickbank and because there are so many fish in that pond...[​IMG]

    If you try to build a site around weight loss as a keyword, you will NEVER catch any fish.

    BUT you may have to change your bait to something like:

    flabby belly exercises
    male belly
    exercises for tummy
    exercises to flatten tummy

    Have you used the seobook.com keyword tool? It's a free tool to use and I use it all the time to fish for bait.... sometimes it takes a while to find the right phrase but there are still some out there.

    Then build your blog or Squidoo lens and articles around those phrases.... I don't want to give away all the OWM secrets but that is a start.[​IMG]

    Hope that helps a little....[​IMG]
  8. sahota7

    sahota7 New Member

    thanks a lot you have been a great help! I am going to try do some keyword research then. I do have Market Samurai, which is like a keyword tool/niche tool finder but even that doesn't create a massive improvement..

    but i am going to try find some new phrases. thanks so much for your help.

  9. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    No problem. Happy fishing... [​IMG]
  10. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Just a quick tip on finding niches: start out with something general, and more to a more specific niche that falls under the general category. For example:

    Cars -->

    American Cars -->

    Classic American Cars -->

    Classic American Chevrolet Cars ->

    1957 Chevrolet Belair
  11. sahota7

    sahota7 New Member

    thanks getagrip !
  12. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    sahota7: I think my real problem is finding niches.. I really can't find any good ones at all.
    What exactly is a "good" niche for you and how are you doing your search?

    If you can find a product or service...

    1. that people are buying
    2. that you know a lot about
    3. that has a reasonable profit margin

    ... you can start there.

    You can start with any niche that has products that are in high demand. You don't have to know a lot about them going in, or even have any emotional attachment to them. You can always learn what you need to know as you continue your research.

    At the very least, you can select a niche by simply studying keyword search terms, market size, market demand for existing products and other indicators. Then use that information to craft a formula that helps you to decide viability.

    sahota7: I have failed 5 times on 5 different niches I have tried. I understand that with failure comes rewards but I don't have that kind of time..
    What lessons have you learned from these failures? Failure brings reward only if you are paying attention to the lessons (the clues) it leaves behind.

  13. farquhar47

    farquhar47 New Member

    Boy I;m with you on your situation! Mine is nearly identical. I,m looking for direction as well!
  14. cncbuss

    cncbuss New Member

    Hey AJ. I'm just about in the same boat as you are. I've also considered getting a mentor and seeing if that will help bring my business to a more profitable level.
    The only two that I could recommend are Rich Dad's coaching and Dan Kuschell. Look them up and get a feel for what they have to offer. Dan Kuschell has a minimum earnings guarantee. But I still wonder if I would get sick of their instruction after a while.
    Some will say that hiring a mentor or coach is not worth it. But I tend to disagree. Having a coach would help keep focus and get goals accomplished. Hey, like they say, even Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods had (and still employ the services of) coaches.
    Sure you can work 20 hours per day and get it all done yourself, butnot everybody has that kind of drive. I know I don't.

    Good Luck with it.
  15. LoveAffiliate

    LoveAffiliate New Member

    Here is your best coach,

    it is you AJ

    the bottom line, you got to decide to make it work! you failed 5 times, i never failed once,
    but I have successful found 10,000 ways on internet that does not work! That is why I never failed! Ever action I take is my success.

    you don't have money problem.
    for money is NEVER, NEVER, NEVER the cause of the problem,
    Money is the Effect and Results!

    Let's work on the cause,
    Let's work on the root
    Let's work the starting with your first $1

    Think money like a Voting Game
    I want you to go to a store and look at everything on the shelf
    when you look at each item notice the price tag.

    Each price tag is called Voting tag
    People are voting with their $ for each item
    When you go into potato section, you will see potatoes in a sack for $1, then right next to the potato sack, you will see 4 nice STEAK potato packaged in $5 per pack.... wow

    what happen here?
    just by the packaging, people are voting more with their dollar!

    So let's take this mindset and look at internet marketing!

    The best packaged affiliates always demand the best Votes in Dollars!

    Look at every JV launches, go search arround JV blogs and look how the package their products..

    Most of the JV launches will command easy million dollars, the work really hard on packaging their digital products.
    Now once you can see that,

    Start with you niche, you work on your packaging, they will chose you over many other affiliates. This is where you have to be creative!

    Enjoy creating value to other people's life!
    They will let you know with their votes, in dollars!

  16. colibri

    colibri New Member

    You say you have failed at 5 niches. Did you have a passion for any of them?

    What is it you are really passionate about and know a lot about? Something that you would like to do for a living and can get lost in and work hard at without tiring and want to learn EVERYTHING about?

    Once you have that worked out, PM me and I can show you how to write an e-book around that subject and create and launch a business around it.

    Good luck.

  17. rosardz610

    rosardz610 New Member

    Wow, I've learned a lot here Thanks everyone for the advice (although it wasn't for me [​IMG] I'm a noob also. I'm a month in and I've only made $100 :\ I've been working on my sales page constantly but not much has changed. What am I doing wrong please Help!!!
  18. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi sahota7,

    You're having the same problem for the same reason as before.

    You haven't taken the time to read and understand the fundamentals of marketing well enough. You won't do well until you do this. It takes a good six months of heavy study as the first step.

    I agree with LoveAffiliate - you are your own best mentor. You find out what to study, you study it hard, you experiment, you adjust, you keep learning.

    That's all there is to it, so just do it.

    You won't gain much by chatting and complaining that nothing works. You need to put the time into studying. There is no other way.

    You might benefit from taking the 30 Day Challenge again. We have a thread in our forum here:

    30 Day Challenge - Post Your Experiences Here

    Start there and you'll know what to do. It's still preseason so read our thread and then sign up.

    ~Newbie Shield~

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