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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by DAkippa, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. DAkippa

    DAkippa New Member

    I joined with the mlm XOCAI the healthy chocolate about a month ago. i love the product, and I love that it is health and wellness and really does have amazing health benefits. My problem is that it is a little pricey and I have had no luck finding recruits because I keep getting people say they are either too busy or they think it is a pyramid scheme. Can anyone give me advice in overcomming these objections AND point me in the direction where I might be able to find interested prospects?
  2. moneymagnet23

    moneymagnet23 New Member


    I think your question refers to a lot of people.
    If you keep working the way you are, you will probably join the NFL club, Unfortunately its not the National Football League but the No friends left club..

    Most business tell you to talk to all your friends and family until you run out of people to talk to..

    The problem you are having isn't recruiting people, the problem is that you are not finding qualified leads.. Once you find qualified leads it will be easier to check if your approach is good or not.

    Where are you getting new leads from? Online/offline? What are you doing to stimulate them? Are you using catchy phrases? Are you advertising?

    Let me know and i will see how i can help.
  3. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi DAkippa,

    I agree with MoneyMagnet - don't attempt to recruit anyone you know or you risk alienation.

    I suggest restricting all recruiting efforts to online strangers.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  4. moneymagnet23

    moneymagnet23 New Member

    Online strategies are great, but there are numerous offline ways to recruit people, however i would have them go through a test first.. Either a record message or something like that first so you dont waste to much time.
  5. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    Start writing article about chocolate or related products. Give them the info they want.

    Recuiting your own family or friends won't help you, as they are not your target market.
  6. gridellas

    gridellas New Member

    Also you can do offline by creating flyers and posting them on every bulletiin board you see to get the word out.

    You can join Twitter and find the others that are either in your same group or who are interested in what you are selling. When you find someone in Twitter that is doing the same thing then you can follow them and see how they are finding success and get ideas. The same goes with Facebook.
  7. kesharn2

    kesharn2 New Member

    If you want really qualified leads you'll want to learn how to use Google Adwords. DO NOT DO ADWORDS UNTIL YOU'VE STUDIED HOW TO USE IT! Otherwise it'll be a costly mistake. If you learn Adwords, I mean really learn it, you'll get plenty of qualified leads that way! Also, do you have business cards? Having those ready at all times is great too.

    Kesha Sowell
  8. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    First note that its only been a month. You can't expect magic in a month. Unless you have a list of people that are ready to go into a biz.

    Two, you are in a very unique networking business with that type of product so you will need to tap into that market of chocolate lovers. As some one mention write articles. Find forums or chat groups on chocolate lovers. You don't have to jump into adwords at all to start finding potentially interested prospects.

    Third, if you can't really afford the biz, unless you have referrals then you may want to pursue other options until you can maintain yourself in that business long enough to succeed with it.

    As for someone tell you they think it's a pyramid. You should just move on...because the person one doesn't know what an illegal pyramid is, and two they aren't interested. You don't have time to deal with people that come with a negative attitude at the front 'gate'

    Overall, believe that you can be successful with the business, just understand that building a networking business takes sometime but success can be yours if you working steadily and consistently.
  9. profitgenie

    profitgenie New Member

    Stay away from friends and family in my opinion until you are making an income or you risk alienation.

    Best way to procure leads is to set yourself up as the expert and get your potential prospects to call you.

    You can do this by offering some good free information or products that are of real value to people. Doing this does two things people will think you are the expert and it gains a little measure of trust which is essential for online marketing.

    Once you have that trust you can build up to talking about your business and gaining a new distributor.

  10. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member


    You've given away your values and they are sincere - you've
    also blundered into the harsh realities of marketing
    anything - that your efforts must persuade others that
    it is to their own advantage to buy the product from you.

    You love health stuff. Great. There is a gap between that
    interest and promoting Chocolate products that even you
    admit is overpriced.

    Could it be the real revenue model of the company is to
    get you to buy a lot of samples to give away?

    Don't laugh - MLMs sometimes operate this way. Of course
    the theory is that people will then go on autoship for
    an overpriced product as a way of thanking you - but in
    real life the principle of reciprocity seldom goes so far
    as to get people to pay a price which they perceive as

    Since you yourself admit the product is overpriced you
    have a mindset issue - but you are probably also just plain
    ineteracting with the wrong crowd.

    I had the same problem when I started out in networking
    because all my friends were slackers and musicians -
    they seldom had any money and not many of them had
    much focussed ambition. It was the wrong crowd.

    You have a bumpy road ahead of you to build this business
    Adam - because already you have discovered that the market
    does not want to bear the price and people do not want to
    join the program under you. There could be a lot of reasons
    for these issues, but the result is you are bringing the
    market a product and opportunity which you don't believe

    You don't. Admit it. Either correct the situation and
    get behind the product and opportunity 100% or find
    something else to sell.

    That's what smart marketers do.
  11. colettef

    colettef New Member

    i love the xocai chocolate myself. What is your mindset when you talk to people about it. Does it move towards abundance or lack. Are you trying to enroll people or just share something that you believe in and that had made a difference in your life?

    yo u are welcome to answer these questions and send me a e-mail.I would be glad to support you with the knowledge and experience I have.


    colette Feinberg
  12. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    DAkippa: Can anyone give me advice in overcomming these objections AND point me in the direction
    As far as overcoming objections, have you ever been to danijohnson.com? She is a dynamic leader and well worth the time to listen to.
  13. Franklin

    Franklin New Member


    This may sound wired to you but here I go; The best way to build your MLM business is by simply stop talking and telling people about your business. Wired right? I told you...Sorry for hitting you with the reality but people don't care about your opportunity, they just don't.

    Don't feel bad you are not alone they don't care about mine either and everyone else. People are tired of hearing all this sales pitch everywhere they go "Work From Home Get Rich In A Minute", "Make Money By Doing Nothing" or "This Is Not Sales We Just Share" they are sick of it.

    I will recommend you to look in this forum on how you can brand yourself and get more traffic and quality leads. You must have a target market, when you define your target market you will start finding the leads that are screaming and stumble to come and buy what you offer.

    When you do this the right way you will not longer have to speak to friends, family, strangers at the mall. No more 3 foot rule!

    Keep browsing the forum and find someone that have a duplicable system than can show you and point you to the right direction.

    I hope this and the rest of the post before and after this one help you build your business. Make sure you come back and let us know the outcome! [​IMG]
  14. 7FigureHelper

    7FigureHelper New Member

    Adam you are already defeating yourself by saying the product is a bit over priced.

    How do you expect people to join you in business if you are thinking that way.

    Your mindest will have to change or you will have to change companies if you want to make it in MLM.

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