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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by xrebmax, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. xrebmax

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    I got laid off my job in September because the economy. I worked in a warehouse and I am 20.. Lots of people got laid off. Since then I have been filling out applications everywhere with no results. I admit I would love to work from home. I need money to get a car, but I don't see this happening even if I do have money saved up I need more for car insurence and gas. I was not lucky when I was growing up. I moved too many places and my parents got a divorce.. so I never got help with a car or anything but my brother has when he was younger. I feel like a loser with lots of guilt that I can not find a job. I just want to impress my boyfriend, and my mom.

    My mom has been working for Boeing a huge airplane company. She's been working there for 13 years I believe and finally has the option to work at home making a little over 30 an hour. Yes I am jealous. She's been working at home all this year. My boyfriend is still a temp at a warehouse he has been working for I believe a little more than a YEAR.. and he is STILL A temp!!! They tried to lay him off but realized they needed him. He also has a car.. He's not in a good situation being that he is 22, and only making 10.50, or 10.75.. plus he has like 5-6 years working exp.. which that's all he makes. A dollar more than minimum wage.. But at least he has a job. I tried filling for unemployment but I only worked there for like 5 months so I dodn't know if that will work.. also I was under a temp agency which I am still on but I am "on a big waiting list"

    I can'tt believe it.. Good news my mom just told me the stock market just crashed even more below!

    Things I have tried were

    -Affilate marketing. The thing is when I tried to apply for a bunch of clothing companies they all rejected my site because it either just started, or I don't have enough visitors. Which I tried very hard.. on freewebs. Well how am I supposed to make a site about what I want to do if I can't even get applied?

    -I also tried applying for many work at home jobs. (The ones with NO fees) Never heard anything back. I've even tried ChaCha, or JustAnswer. No, I am sorry I am NOT going to tellemarket. What a rip off they give you on money when it's so stressful. So no receptionist jobs for me. Plus, that kinda job is not even close to being who I am in the first place.

    - I have tried applying for photo editing jobs, since I know my stuff on Photoshop 7.0.

    - I even managed to make custom Myspace layouts in the program. Not the basic myspace layout. I am talking about a DIV layout. after doing that then I would code it. I tried to market off all the layouts I ever made on myspacepros.com market forum. No one wanted to buy my DIV Layouts because their "sites wernt msr ready" I think. Then I make the basic layouts and only one person bought a pack from me and they loved them.. THEN after posting that a day later Myspace decides to make a profile 2.0 which all the css is different. So if users upgrade to that they will be using the new advanced custom layout generater Myspace made. Which means not all but some myspace layout sites have choosed to shut down their sites because they didn't want to learn. Which I don't mind learning, but it seems people love to buy cheap crap over HQ layouts for only 2 bucks more.

    I was going to sign up with WA last year, but I didn't have the money and I can't to that unless if I am currently getting money in to pay some monthly fee..
    I am good at researching or helping others.. I am also able to learn fast. I just need ideas because I think I ran out.
  2. Newbie Shield

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    Sorry you're having so much trouble. The economy is tough right now.

    You might temp for a while and try more freelance work on the net. That's probably the quickest way to make money.

    If you'd like to check out a couple of nice free courses immediately, you can get Bum Marketing and take the 30 Day Challenge. That will give you some of the fundamentals.

    You can spend a few days reading through past threads in this forum.

    When things stabilize, you can consider investing in WA or something else so that you can gain some more proficiency in online marketing.

    With some time and effort, you can improve your situation and have some hope for the future.

    Good luck,

    ~Newbie Shield~
  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    First of all - welcome!

    xrebmax: A dollar more than minimum wage..
    Where are you at? Our min wage is only 6.55 here... [​IMG]

    xrebmax: Which I tried very hard.. on freewebs
    Can't do affiliate marketing very well with freewebs as the search engines don't find your site very well and then it won't rank high enough to get much traffic...

    You might try Squidoo for affiliate marketing ... it's free but Google indexes it quickly and if you get good with keywords - you can do wonders with it.

    Bum Marketing works very nicely with Squidoo [​IMG]
  4. Sonni

    Sonni New Member

    NS is right both of the programs he told you about, the 30 DC and Travis Sago's bum marketing work and they're FREE. You will learn a lot about IM with these programs they are for newbies and veterans can learn from them as well. I've done them both a couple of times over since I'm a slow learner. I also did Wealthy Affiliate for 8 weeks, but I didn't understand much in there it was over my head. Good luck.
  5. alwayshopeful

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    I personally think the problem is that "most" people don't have multiple streams of income. Meaning, working from home is HARD work. I do make money from home, but certainly not from one site, or even 10. I do anything and everything that comes up (mostly word of mouth) that doesn't cost me anything. I know there are "real" jobs out there for people with degrees and a more stable working schedule (I have two small children so sometimes I can work and sometimes I can't). I think the smartest thing to remember is to not limit yourself. Try everything you hear about that doesn't charge a sign up. Most money making thats going on through the internet is small, do as many as you can and it should give you a better income.
  6. xrebmax

    xrebmax New Member

    I am in Seattle, WA so the minimum wage is 8.75 I believe? If you go on a temp service the minimum wage is 9.50. Which is what I was making minus the tax I was making 304 about that a week. (You get paid weekly on Temp services) I wish there was just a place I can get hired on full time. I hate the whole "Let's use a temp and lay them off even if they are the best worker in the area" Since it was in a meeting to come to me since I was a perfectionist and it had lots to do with eye and hand coordination. To ask me any questions.. then lay me off the next week.
  7. xrebmax

    xrebmax New Member

    It's just crazy I find myself thinking.. >You know I need things in life. I want to move out and so does my boyfriend. We want to move in together, we've been dating 2 years. I need a car and a life. I am tired of being in my room waiting and looking for options. I'm talented.. I don't want to be a bum. I'm a very stubborn person which can be a good thing. I look in the mirror and think "What the heck this beautiful young woman doesn't have anything going on" Haha. It's getting to the point where I need to talk to an online counsler or something. I don't get it. Thanks guys for the info I'll check out everything.
  8. Newbie Shield

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    xrebmax: ...You know I need things in life. I want to move out and so does my boyfriend. I need a car and a life. I am tired of being in my room waiting and looking for options. I'm talented.. I don't want to be a bum...

    Hi xrebmax,

    Most of us feel we have our strong suits. Still, we need to develop our knowledge and skills to the point of outshining most so that we are marketable. Then we have to figure out how to show that we're marketable. The details are up to the individual.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  9. jill324

    jill324 New Member

    I have been in MANY MLM's. (Many Losing Money).
    I've built websites for my downline, ran ads for them, did everything. But it seems I'm the only one that can bring in people. I would just like to find 6 people just like me to join me. I would love to tell you what I'm in now, but I don't think we are allowed to do that. It's only $10 a month and the product is your own domain, 10 email accounts, & hosting. You make $1 on every person you bring in and every person they bring in for 6 levels. I thought it was a no-brainer because it's so affordable. I managed to enroll 10 people but those 10 people are having a tough time enrolling others. I don't know if I helped you or not. It's hard to find an mlm that can make you money when you have none to begin with. There are free affiliate programs you can join....

    Then you have to spend money to advertise your free affiliate program....and the problem is....everyone else decides they will just be an affiliate as well since it is free. So what now?

    I recently joined Choice Food. I thought it was a great concept. Order you food and have it sent to you - 2 day priority! We got our order in two days....pork chops, steaks...we cooked it tonight. And it was quite good. But it's expensive! The trick is to find enough people to join you so your food is free. Then soon as your downline grows, you make money. Same ol' thing right? Right?

    I really hope you find something. The economy is so horrible right now. My daughter is a cosmetologist and is looking for work. I would love to find something with a unique skincare line that she would be able to do. Then again....there are hundreds of those....

    Good luck....if you want to know more of what I'm doing....ask.
  10. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Working as a freelancer seems to be the best option
  11. Jeremy_Sandy

    Jeremy_Sandy New Member

    Maintain a positive attitude and never lose sight of your goals. If you have something driving you, then you will find success. Keep pressing forward with the free stuff and develop your skills. There can be a steep learning curve to overcome, and focusing on the free stuff can be easier on your bank account while you learn.

    As you develop yourself and your skills, you will want to find something that you find value in. A good product/service with a good compensation plan may require more investment, so honing your skills and finding your passion before you invest could save you a lot of stress and frustration. But once you find something that resonates with you and has a lot of great people involved with it, you will find your success to come easier.

    xrebmax: I feel like a loser with lots of guilt that I can not find a job

    Keep your head up and maintain a positive attitude. You just need a little bit of guidance and the desire to succeed.
  12. Vinnyo

    Vinnyo New Member

    Hey xrebmax,

    Just keep positive. I know it is hard and we all have be where you are. I think thats common here in the affiliate and work at home forums. Lots of folks feel for you and we are here to help.

    Free free free. If you can make money through the free channels then you will make a killing when you step up to the big leagues. You mentioned Wealthy Affiliate. If you start getting some side cash I would go that path. However the bum marketing way will work and if you start hammering out articles one after another you will make cash. Trust me. Focus your energy here and try to forget the past. Dwelling on the past will hamper your future progress. Do you have a clickbank account yet? There is also Commision Junction and Linkshare. All have products for you to promote.

    Remember that we are all here to make sure you advance in your online venture.


    GARYFOREVER New Member

    i have been jobless for a long time now
    this is why im online now trying my stuff
    it does take a long time and a lot of work to get anything to work online
    i make 1% interest per day
  14. gridellas

    gridellas New Member

    Many people are in the same position. It is hard to find work. There are courses that can teach you all the stuff you need to know for a one-time fee. The courses do work, it just takes some time to invest in the programs to see results. The more you invest the faster you will make money.
  15. aliecia24

    aliecia24 New Member

    I agree with alwayshopeful. You can make money online, but you have to try several different ways to create different income streams. Do alot of research and find free or really cheap online opportunities that pay. You can send me a message if you need help finding different ways to make money online. Good luck
  16. WealthyWAHM

    WealthyWAHM Member

    If you know photoshop well, you could always be a freelance designer. There are freelance "jobdesks" like getafreelancer.com or you could offer your services to forum communities that have design sections.

    I know money-making forums usually have an ads and promos section for designers. Just post some sample banners or pages you did, a price list and maybe offer a couple freebies to get activity in your thread started. [​IMG]
  17. vernandrew

    vernandrew New Member

    MLMs can make you money, especially if you dont have to spend any money to make profit.
  18. delman7777

    delman7777 New Member


    There are lots of great things to do. The best thing you want to think about is do what you love. What is your passion. That is how Mrs Feilds and Famos Amos got started.
  19. briseidalopez

    briseidalopez New Member

    Have you tried increasing your site's traffic by blogging on different sites? That works well for many people. Blogger.com is one of google's blog sites and might help you to get picked up by their search engine.
  20. KarlFabian

    KarlFabian New Member

    XRebmax may or may not still be looking since it has now been 6 months. Hope they are employed by now or at least collecting extended Obamaployment.
    It is going to be a long unemployment ride but eventually new training will find a government controlled job for everyone.
    So pick yourself up and look forward to reaping the rewards of the U.S. Governments Future investments. We are all in the same Boat and soon we will all share the wealth equally. Myself, I will continue my chances online with free enterprise. [​IMG]
    Good Pluck,

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