If you are a beginner in working at home, check this out!

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    If you are a beginner, don't feel overwhelmed. We all have to start somewhere. And finding this forum could really be helpful since there are lots of wonderful people here who are ready to help out.

    One of the constraints newbies encounter when starting out is the lack of money to invest. So the best way to make money online without having to spend a cent is by becoming an affiliate partner.

    There are numerous affiliate networks you can join:
    [Affiliate links removed - Admin]

    Posting on forums related to the product you are promoting will increase your "clicks", so make your presence known by interacting in forums. There are also websites wherein you could include your link after submitting your article. I got a lot of interesting information from Article City, and then there is Ezine Articles as well.

    Blog is considered as the future of website creation. There are the blog sites i have tried:
    1. www.wordpress.com
    2. www.blogger.com
    3. www.xanga.com

    I was disapponted to find out that wordpress does not allow ads on their webpages. Blogger.com on the other hand has an easier sign up feature for Google adsense. Google Adsense if the fast way for website publishers to promote relevant ads on their web pages and earn money as well.

    The problem i encounter with blogger however is its usual server problem. Since there are millions of bloggers using this free account, browsing and posting here could also take time. But imagine as well the opportunity of your ads being clicked on this site. Check out my very first venture in having my own website (i used blogger.com of course coz it's free!)
    [Link removed - Admin]

    Now if you are interested in making a website, check out how "in-demand" the topic is and how many other websites you could be competing with by using Word Tracker. Knowing which topic to choose is very, very important since having an interesting topic with already millions of website publishers could mean less clicks for you.

    For example, you are interested in making a website about "child safety". In their trial version, you would be able to see about 15 keywords related to "child safety" such as:
    >> child safety
    >> safety
    >> children
    >> child safety seats
    >> airbag
    >> car

    By clicking one of the keywords, example on the list is "child safety seats" you would be able to see:
    1. keyword - keyword phrase that has been typed into one or more of WordTracker's partner search engines (for the trial version, you would be able to use MSN)
    2. count - the number of times the term appears in WordTracker's database. For example, if the number is 235, that means the search term was typed in WordTracker's partner search engine 235 times.
    3. predict - an estimate of how often the term is used in all internet search systems, everyday. People search using WordTracker's partner search engines around 6 million times a day. (Note: Predict is only an estimate and actual search frequency may be higher than WordTracker's predict numbers (though it's unlikely lower)

    Example of Child Safety List:
    -Child safety 235 304
    -Child safety product 104 134
    -Child safety sign 78 101
    -Internet Child Safety 62 80
    -Child safety seats 54 70

    Knowing these numbers will help you understand what the public is looking for and what niche you could create. You could find your own goldmine by using this program.

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    Nice post, Aileen! [​IMG] I agree that keyword selection is essential. Not optional - a must do!

    Learned that lesson the hard way, but thats a long story...

    Heres another thing that I do. Once I have those high traffic keywords, I type them into Google with quotes (ex: "fuzzy slippers")

    If there are less than 20,000 competing pages, I consider it to be "low competition". Then, make a post on your blog with the keyword as title (thats important). If all is well, a week later your post is on the top of Google for that keyword. If you choose a good one (with nice traffic), you should soon see traffic on your blog [​IMG]

    Rinse and repeat as needed.

    This has been working about 90% of the time. Fairly reliable. BUT - you do need to only use keywords with alot of traffic, and less than 20k competing pages. Thats important.

    Good luck, hope that helps.
  3. cherie27

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    i am only able to understand that keyword research is important after 3 years.

    But it is not too late yet. I will try to catch up
  4. Marktech

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    Anyone try the allintitle trick? From Google help files:

    allintitle: If you start a query with [allintitle:], Google will restrict the results to those with all of the query words in the title. For instance, [allintitle: google search] will return only documents that have both "google" and "search" in the title.


    It eliminates pages that have the phrase somewhere in the body of the page but NOT in the title - I think its useful sometimes.

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