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    It is the busy season for us and most home based businesses because the kids are back in school and Mom is looking for something to do and people are realizing that they don't have enough time to do everything they want to with their kids.

    THEY WANT FREEDOM and WE can give it to them. If you were saving some money to join a business then now is the time to do it. Become one of the Coastal Vacations family and see why we have been around so long.
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    Every day I speak with people who are unemployed, retired, disabled, unhappy with their job, and people having trouble making ends meet.

    I used to be there as well. I'm psychologically unemployable. I've never been the kind of guy who liked working for a boss and thanks to Coastal...I don't do that anymore.

    Coastal Vacations has allowed my family to live like no one else. We pay cash for cars, we travel when we want to ( Our next vacation will be to Walt Disney World in about a week), we live life full out.

    Today, I'm going on a field trip with my 9 year old daughter who's in the 4th grade. I didn't have to ask for a day off...I just took the day off. Took me less than a second to decide to go. No Boss, No vacation time, and no politics.

    When I was young my mom had a job she left for work at 6:16 AM and got home at 6PM. My dad had several jobs, and at 11 he owned a pizza franchise. They worked hard to provide for my brother and I. That's how life works these days. In most cased both parents work for a living to make ends meet.

    I was no stranger to this. I've owned several businesses and had a few jobs. I worked to make ends meet, sometimes better than others. I remember at one point in my life I was young and struggling to keep the bills paid. I knew it was time to pay the satelite bill because they'd cut it off.

    Today, that's all changed. I do 5-13 personal membership sales each week with Coastal Vacations, so I don't have to even think about ends meeting. They ALWAYS meet and I don't have to work my tail off to do it.

    If your looking at Coastal Vacations and wondering if it can be right for you. Ask yourself how many transactions per month will it take to allow me to pay all my bills. For most people it's 3 or less a month. When I talk with people each day, I find that 1 sale a month would make a HUGE difference in their lives.

    Get your questions answered and I look forward to meeting you in person at an Official Costal Vacations Seminar.

    Jay NaPier
    Platinum Director
    Coastal Vacations
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    The previous posters are correct this is the time to get started in your Coastal business. This business will give you an incredible lifestyle if you work at it. Remember that as you hear all of the great testimonials from all of the great leaders on here their success is their success. None of us no matter how successful we have been can assure your success. I have done extremely well and have been part of the leadership of one of the Coastal groups. But guess what I have many teammates that have had no success at all. Now of course they have a great travel package for the rest of their lives but they didnt make any money. Why you ask? It's because they didnt do what was needed to succeed. Many thought just by joining my team by osmosis they would be as successful as me. The point they missed is that I worked at it. I called people, I advertised, I learned my product, and I got trained. In a nutshell I did the work.

    If you have the desire to succeed and can learn what needs to be learned you will be a success in Coastal. This is the best business in the best industry. So learn about Coastal and get back to the person who showed you the opportunity. If you found this on you own I implore you before you just pick a director learn a bit about Coastal on your own. Then ask questions to your possible director. Get real answers. We all have great testimonies but as I like to say dig deep before you leap.

    I am always open for a free consultation with anyone that want to learn about Coastal. You can contact me or any of the other directors by clicking under their name to get their contact info. Many of us have our contact info in our signature lines as well.

    Coastal is the best business so jump in as the water is fine.

    Adam Frederick
    302 476 2753
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    Follow up to my previous post. Mary (My 9 year old) and I went on a field trip today to the Tennessee State Capitol Building. What a beautiful building with years and years of history.

    Governor Phil Bredesen was walking through the hallway and stopped to say hello to the kids.

    In addition, we went to the Tennessee Museum and the Tennessee War Museum.

    You know, we are in the Coastal Vacations Business...BUT....Really, we make memories for our members and our families.

    Jay NaPier
  5. ateamfuntimer

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    Looking to get into Coastal? Well you are in the right place. This is an amazing forum with great open conversation about an amazing business. Travel makes everyone happy. Couple that with the fact we do it at a discount this business is a winner. Did I mention we make $1000 - $9705 per sale. We even have automated systems to assist you in building you business. How about true leaders that run conference calls to get your prospect to so they can get their questions answers. I dont bet but this is about as close to a sure thing as you can get.

    Get back to the person who showed you Coastal and have them GUIDE you through the info. Get your questions answered. If you dont have a director then give me a call for my thoughts on Coastal. I have made an incredible lifestyle with Coastal and would love to share with you. Good luck in your travel journey.

    Adam Frederick
    302 476 2753
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    Hi Adam,

    I read somewhere in one of your posts about an autoresponder system that you use to send 40,000 emails - I can't find the post anymore ......do you still use that and would you mind sharing what system it is??

  7. ateamfuntimer

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    If you are tired of waking up too early and making that long commute to work then you should look at Coastal Vacations. There are many opportunities out there but this is the winner. The best commissions on the market as well as being in the best industry. That industry is travel. Who doesnt like travel and who doesnt like saving money. You put those two together and the sky is the limit.

    If you want to know more about Coastal then get back to the person that invited you to the opportunity and get started. If you dont have some showing you the opportunity the give me a call or an email so I can guide you through the simple information and get you started.

    Tomorrow morning when you are making that commute and your boss is working you too hard remember ill be in my pajamas working from home making $1000 - $9705 on every transaction.

    Adam Frederick
    302 476 2753

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