IF Your Were To Start Out Again Working From Home What Would You Do Different?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Newoak, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. Newoak

    Newoak Member

    I am curious and would like to learn more from the member of this work from home Forum.

    So if you could turn back time, would you do things differently? If so what would that be.

    For me I would of done far more research, and not done MLM like SFI, It wasnt for me and I wasted a lot of time on it, and was encouraged by my not so truthful mentor on SFI on tall tales of massive wealth etc.

    Also I would of started writing blogs so much earlier for SEO reasons.

    All Comments Welcome.
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  2. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I tried a number of different things too, including the free money making niche, and I've been with that niche ever since. If I could do it over again, I would have started with the free money making opportunities. Trying different things was a good learning experience though. :)
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  3. TniComRec

    TniComRec Member

    I have been doing this for a very long time. I think I would have hit the call center work first instead of the contract, folding tshirts/socks/pantyhose stuff.
  4. Newoak

    Newoak Member

    Right, I worked in a call center before for about a week and I hated it, But it make me release I want to work fro myself and not for a company, that was my last time working for a company, but when your doing it for yourself it would be different.
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  5. drknlvly6781

    drknlvly6781 Active Member

    I would have studied Project Payday a lot more, then found a good mentor to be my sponsor. For those who are familiar, I got stuck in phase one doing offers and never got too good at phase two, getting referrals. I feel my success, which has come in spurts over the last 9 years, would have been a lot smoother in growth and not have taken as long to understand and execute
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    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Other than before choosing a sponsor, verify where they live, what car they drive, what quality of clothes they wear, how long they have been with company, as in, trust no one, verify everything. If you follow this strategy you will avoid the waste of time you will spend following a loser, or worse, a liar which is what most are in MLMland.

    Success to all,
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  7. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    I would create my own products and websites, and start list building sooner.

    Interestingly enough, the first money I ever earned online was an affiliate commission check from SFI. It took me 4 months, but the experience was solid proof that it was possible to make money online working from home.

    Of greater value to me than the SFI check, was their knowledge base. It was loaded with tons of useful material which I simply devoured.

  8. Newoak

    Newoak Member

    Yep follow is the Leader is the key to Internet marketing.
  9. Newoak

    Newoak Member

    Yes I got a good email list from SFI and their system is easy to use, buy the most money i make from them was selling on there store TripleClicks
  10. Max Jensen

    Max Jensen New Member

    What I have experienced, is that when I started it was all about education. I saw soooo many videos on how to improve my marketing skills, how to place ads, how to build a list and so on.
    Off cause it is important to learn, but I never took action.

    So if I was to start all over again I would do 20% learning and 80% taking action.
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  11. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Taking action is essential and is often the scariest point. Do what research you can and learn, but ultimately you need to jump in. :)
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  12. Haris Z

    Haris Z New Member

    I made the mistake of not sticking with SEO, although in hindsight, the company I was with weren't very good. Getting someone trustworthy isn't easy, being referred through friend or family is best in my opinion.
  13. Shounenbat

    Shounenbat New Member

    That would make it very hard for a newcomer to get their first sign-up!

    I think hindsight is always 20/20. We can all look back at the time and money we wasted and think, "If only I knew then what I knew now!" Unfortunately, we don't do that. We just plow along until we find what works for us.

    I probably wouldn't have spent so much time trying to generate leads through my blog when I first started network marketing. I didn't have the money back then to do any PPC or other paid methods of driving traffic, so I should have done it the old-fashioned way. When I finally started just talking to people, building relationships, and (gasp!) even cold-calling, success came my way.

    Now, I can blog and get sign-ups now, but it's still not my primary way of building a business. I'm getting better at it, but when you first start out and you're desperate, it's a really terrible way to get your feet wet.
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  14. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    Look into paid traffic from the start. SEO does work but it takes time and time is something you can't get back..
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  15. NariMom

    NariMom New Member

    I would have skipped MLM companies and went straight to starting my own. Dealing with those companies showed me that I was selling myself short, as I often knew more about best practice for starting and maintaining a business than my upline "leaders." It's a good starting point or training ground for individuals that don't want to lose a lot of money while learning the ins and outs of being a CEO but it doesn't beat surrounding yourself with good mentors that have already accomplished what you've set out to do. Surrounding myself with successful, like minded people, that know more than me, and investing in my own personal development has served me well over the years. It's been easier to build my own company than it was to persuade people to love a company that I didn't build.
  16. Explosive Mktr

    Explosive Mktr New Member

    Hmm, interesting question... I think if I was to start over today without all of the knowledge I have now, I would seek out a mentor or even a group of mentors before doing anything else. Then I would be sure to do mindset exercises daily like I do now to prevent discouragement. I would choose an MLM company that has a product that I USE and not just promote. If I don't buy the products, it's really hard to ask someone else to!
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  17. homebusinessman

    homebusinessman New Member

    I would have started my website sooner because I could build on the site over time adding content, links, blog posts etc., so that it would be a very content rich and very looked at website where I could build a list and get a good following.
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  18. Melissa DIaz

    Melissa DIaz New Member

    I would have worked on my personal development since having a mindset is one of the key ingredients to being successful in your business. I also would have started blogging and doing videos a lot earlier. I remember starting out Free and being afraid to invest money and the truth is that the moment that I invested in my knowledge things really changed for me.
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  19. Newoak

    Newoak Member

    Yes this is true as they say "SEO is slow" having a 3-year-old website is a great benefit.
  20. elvisobryant

    elvisobryant New Member

    I would have put more time into it from the beginning and started doing seo stuff a lot sooner. I wasn't totally in so it took forever, plus dabbling in so many things at once, that was a big mistake.
    I would have done my goal lists first and went from there. I think I would have gotten better results sooner.
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