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    Hola from Puerta Vallarta!

    I like to read. I like to eat.

    After reading Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, and a few others, I've noticed a running theme throughout all of them that distinguish the financially successful from the unsuccessful - it is to "Think Big" and "Play to Win".

    Think Big

    Very Successful People Think Big. Not so successful people think small.

    I believe in the law of attraction. If you are an optimist, you tend to see events and circumstances in a positive light. You atract others who are also optimistic. If you are a pessimist, even winning the lottery is not all that great because you have to pay taxes on it! You also tend to attract others who are pessimistic - and have a Pity Party!

    When talking about goals and projects in life, if you "Think Big", chances are that you will notice opportunities and events around you that will give you a push toward your goal. It will propel you closer to your objective than if you were to "think small."

    I know it all sounds like some Tony Robbins Motivational Talk, but let me put it in more practical terms for us all:

    The Level of your success can only reach the goals you've set for yourself. You Cap your own potential success by "thinking small". Think small, only "small results" will come about. "Think Big" - bigger potential results will abound. We limit our own success with the goals we set for ourselves.

    When you Think Big - you tend to focus on Opportunities. When you Think Small - you tend to focus on Obstacles.

    In your daily life, do you "Think Big" about your goals, ambitions, and plans for your personal success?

    There is a old saying I've grasped onto: "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you'll be among the stars."

    Offensive or Defensive?

    When it comes to the money game, there are 2 types of mindset I see - those who Play the money game to Win, and those who Play the money game to not lose.

    Playing to win Thoughts: "How can I expand my earnings drastically, how can I leverage my money, how can I commit to improving my financial IQ"

    Playing to NOT lose Thoughts: "Where can I keep my money safe, how can I protect my principal risk free and not venture out to any other "risky" investments, i.e. put my money in the Bank's Saving Account and let it sit forever."

    Playing to Not Lose is like a Basketball team always playing on the Defense. And if you're always playing defense - chances of winning is very slim.

    Let's Re-Cap our Running Theme:

    We all have "Brain Files" we've accummulated through life...these "Brain Files" are the results of our past experiences with Money, Poverty, Success, Failure, Love, etc,etc...

    Those with "Wealth Brain Files" Focus on Opportunities. See Potential Growth. Focus on Rewards. Think Big.

    Those with "Poor Brain Files" Focus on Obstacles. See Potential Loss. Focus on the risks. Think Small.

    It is not about "positive thinking". It is about a habitual view of the world that keeps people in "The Financial Pit".

    Our Thoughts lead to Feelings which leads to Behavior which leads to Results....

    Check the brain files listed there...see which files you tend to lean toward...and see if the results you get reflect your brain files...

    Let me Quote from a "Wealth Principle" from the Millionaire Mind book by Harv Eker (I'm in the middle of his book from where many of these principles come from):

    "If your goal is to be comfortable, chances are you'll never get rich. But if your goal is to be rich, chances are you'll end up mighty comfortable."

    But in order to get there - You'll have to Think Big, and Play to Win.

    A Final Thought:

    The point of these thoughts is simply to point out what each of us may or may not have in our Brain Files, and to hopefully Upload or Delete files that will lead us toward improving our personal financial state.

    Does your Past Experiences, Success, Failure...Your Brain Files...influence how you feel about ASD?
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    Good advice Iggy...I think in todays world it is more important to think as big as possible, because there are so many conflicts in today's world, and you must be able to think outside the box and look beyond these things or else you will get sucked into a world of chaos. Kind of like the new batman movie.
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    Haven't seen the new Batman movie yet, but on a bus on the way to the Jungle right now...

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