Iggy's Thoughts on Why ASD Bashers vs ASD Supporters Fight

Discussion in 'ASD - Ad Surf Daily' started by iggyigette, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    Today my focus turns to the topic of Values.

    The Conflict between ASD Supporters and ASD Bashers comes down to not Who is the Good Guy vs Bad Guy, but in a set of different Values between the two group.

    What are Values? Values are standards and principles that have a major influence on our thinking, feeling, and behavior.

    We can see the behavior, feelings, and thoughts of a person, but rarely do we know the Values of that person that drives their behavior...

    Values can be either Abstract or Concrete...some examples of Abstract Values are "Inner peace", Respect, Joy... some examples of Concrete Values are Efficiency, Accomplishment, Success...

    Let me give you a few examples of Values:

    Integrity, Respect, Accomplishment, Trust, Fulfillment, Security, Hard Work, etc, etc, etc...

    There is a Difference though between Value and Belief.

    Values are Neutral...they are no such thing as a Good or Bad Value...It's the BELIEF on how you need to behave to get the values you want that is good or bad...

    Values drive our goals and directions...values identify what is or isn't worthwhile for us.

    Beliefs is our perception of how the world is...it influences how we think and behave to get our values satisfied...

    Take for example the Question of Why Bad kids Behave Badly...

    Both Good kids and Bad kids may have the same Values of Happiness and Fun...But it is the bad kids' BELIEF that they can achieve their values (Fun, etc) by behaving in naughty behavior that is Bad...

    Another point you should know about Values is that we all categorize some Values as more important as other values for any specific person.
    It's called the Values Hierarchy

    The level of importance of our Values can be just as important as the values themselves...

    For Example:

    Person A has this Set of Values in Descending Hierarchy of Importance:

    1. Security / Risk Adverse
    2. Hard Work
    3. Success

    Person B has this Set of Values in Descending Hierarchy of Importance:

    1. Sucess
    2. Trust
    3. Security


    Which person is more likely to say: "It's too risky". "It sounds too easy". "It's too good to be true" - Probably the Person who has a Values Hierarchy that list as a priority: Security and Hard Work? The ASD Bashers?

    It's also important to note that though folks may have the same Values on their List, the Order of importance of these values determine their thoughts and behavior...

    By simply understanding that others have different values (and values hierarchy) than me, I recognize that disagreements and conflicts between ASD Supporters and ASD Bashers are simply due to a difference in values of the parties who disagree (and their Values Hierarchy). When people argue over a topic, it is a reflection of their different values hierarchy...

    We categorize people as good or bad or mean or nice based on whether their value system conform to ours, but if we truely understand that people behave simply to satisfy a value system that is different from ours, we would understand each other's action/reaction in a more positive way...

    That's it folks...I have a Pirate Ship Ride tommorrow, snorkeling, and a few other fun events lined up before the Hurricaine Comes by this area...
  2. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    Iggy, I could care less about bashers or lovers of ASD

    Just SHOW ME THE MONEYyyyyyyy!!

    And they are, till that stops I am a defender all the way to the bank [​IMG]

    $$$$$ = rebates


    PS be careful of that hurricane!!! Dolly
  3. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    Terri, your Value Hierarchy is:

    1. Show me the money.
    2. Show me the money.
    3. Show me the money.
  4. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    iggyigette: Terri, your Value Hierarchy is:

    1. Show me the money.
    2. Show me the money.
    3. Show me the money.



    Isn't that the name of the game?

    Isn't that why we join Cash generators?

    Isn't that why you are selling steak?


  5. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member




    Don't You have friends and family who says:

    1. Show me 100% Security and Safety with ASD

    2. Show me that I will Not Lose any Money I put in

    3. Then.....Show me the money...

    Different Values Hierarchy? Not necessarily Right or Wrong Values...but different than ours?
  6. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    Not really because my family and friends are seeing that its been safe, that I received my seed money in a short time, and seeing the money, they want in.

    It's more like
    Show me the money
    Than show them the money
    Show US the money

    Unfortunately we cant show anyone ....the money in terms of numbers because of ASD TOS.

    It's obvious its safe otherwise we wouldn't be here discussing it.

    I can tell you this, I once joined an MLM (ponzi scam I later found out) and this travel MLM did not pay me commissions for 3 sales I made. Do you really think I would promote them ever again?
    Did they show me the money or take my money?
    Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on ME!

  7. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    Well I just say that there is nowhere on the internet or even off the internet (apart from a bank) where you will received a 100% cast iron guarantee.

    BUT... Online - AdSurfDaily's ASD Cash Generator Programme is as good as it gets!!
  8. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member



    Let me be the Devil's Advocate...and ask the hard questions:

    I would say that:

    In Most Ponzi Schemes...the early bird gets the worm...the late comers left hanging with an empty bag...

    So someone who has the Values Hierarchy of:

    1. Security
    2. Safety
    3. Show me the money

    Would say:

    You got your money back cause you're the "Early Bird who got the worm"?
  9. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    Well if that was the case, then the guy that joined a couple of weeks ago shouldnt be doing better than some of the people who joined last year, should he?

    That is a MLM hierachy in action - Not ASD.

    But because of the two tier affilate structure a new comer can end up earning more than an old timer!! And many do. this programme is incredibly fair!
  10. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member


    good answer...

    isn't it better that the hard questions are being asked by a friend?

    OK...so it's not an MLM because the lower guy on the totem pole can do better than the guy higher on the totem pole...


    I'll think of more hard questions...like any sceptic would...

    and you guys can provide your answers...

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