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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by ZriiProsper, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. ZriiProsper

    ZriiProsper New Member

    I'm on a tear right now and for good reason. Right now there is a stay at home mom who joined this website. Bills are tight and she probably thinks she has limited job skills and that one of these "business opportunities" is going to be the thing she needs to get ahead, to make her own way or to help her family.

    So, given her limited funds she decides to get suckered into nearly any one of these non-product business opportunities. Whether it's cash gifting or creating an affiliate website, she is lured by these flashy websites promising untold thousands just from signing up.

    She has no web training, no marketing experience, and she's been recruited by a drone that was just like her a few weeks before. She doesn't really have any direction from anyone else besides being told to go recruit more people in her same situation. It's just $10, right?

    Two things are going on here. One, someone is getting suckered. If it's not you, it's the person that you sign up. But most likely in the end it will be you. If you succeed and filling your matrix or whatever you must do to move to the next aspect of the pyramid scheme, you've just suckered some other people to duplicate your scam.

    Two, just perhaps you're one of the best scammers (because this is what you'll be as you move up in your pyramid scheme), you're going to get a check. Yay! You just profited off the backs of a bunch of single moms and unemployed dads trying to get ahead. They can do it because you did, right? It just takes duplication, of course.

    Well, when the authorities finally get enough heart-broken single moms and out of work dads complaining about how they were scammed by this, the law will exert its muscle and heads will roll. They won't just shut it down either. They will come for the money. Pretend all you want that you were just an innocent pawn in someone else's grand plan to scam people, but the district attorney doesn't care. They will be out for blood and it will be on your hands.

    Nothing in life is free. Cash gifting is just moving money around. I don't care what kind of "computer programs" you get in place of your money... those are not products and everyone knows that it's just a charade to make it seem legal. Those who perpetuate this kind of behavior and prey on people, I don't know how you sleep at night.

    Yes, I have a network marketing business. I take people, give them real, quality products that make them healthier. I show them how to sell them and provide them with leadership training, website development training. I show them how to become profitable home business owners. Yes it costs money to start your business. It costs $50 for promotional materials and $120 for your first product order which you can sell any way you want for whatever price you want. These are tangible goods that improve people's lives. Not some pyramid selling a false-hope of untold thousands of dollars.

    Wake up people. Don't fall for these scams. Either start a real home business with products (It doesn't have to be Zrii. There are a thousand other companies and probably a hundred that are of high quality with training and leadership and ethical reputations.) or just save your money.

    You don't want to be on either side of these get-rich quick gifting or affiliate programs as ultimately everyone loses in the end. Even the guy with the off-shore bank account that is taking money from people who are about to have their lights cut off and seeking a way out.

    Prosper Well,

  2. westfam11

    westfam11 Member


    Great post. I learned the hard way
    what you are talking about. I was
    completely clueless and desperate.
    Those two do not go well together.

    But I survived, I learned, and now
    I know how to evaluate what
    a real business consists of.

    Hopefully, your post will save someone
    from having to go through this
    learning curve.

  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Same here... but the ones that are truly persistent will eventually get it all sifted out.

    On that same line, I am really curious how many folks are on the forum here that did NOT lose some money , be it little or much, on one venture or another.[​IMG]

    Only the persistent will succeed through the learning curve, regardless whether it is network marketing, affiliate marketing , internet marketing, social networking, call it what you will... it ALL comes with a learning curve attached.

    Cheers to all who persevere until the brain has it's tentacles wrapped around it all enough to get a grasp....yeah, you may get a headache, but what won't kill us can only make us stonger...[​IMG]
  4. timbonderud

    timbonderud New Member

    Finding the right business from home is a daunting task, but once found and its something that you enjoy and are passionate about, thats the difference between failing and success.
  5. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    This sounds familiar to me because this is how I got started online back in 2002.

    But the good thing, after I personally lost thousands of dollars, I did learn the ins and outs of how this whole internet business works.

    It is all about trial and error and I do understand that when your funds are low and you have to support your kids, you can not afford to lose money. I get that.

    But you will have to spend money and you will lose money when you get started. You just have to keep going and figure things out or just drop out for ever.

    Even if you lose money, you can not quit and throw everything over-board. There are people who start very poorly online, lose hundreds and thousands of dollars. They have a very bad start but those who keep going and never give up, succeed.

    This should be your mentality:
    You are failing your way to the top.

  6. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    I didn't get scammed but i joined a few programs that were legitimate.. but what I was really looking for was a step by step plan.. Step 1 do this... Step 2 Do this ect..I have found it... it has been working well for me..
  7. fredraley

    fredraley New Member

    There are scammers everywhere... not just here online. Everyone needs to be wary and do some good study before sending money to an unknown entity.

    My Seven "No Compromise" selection criteria help you eliminate the unknowns and get a better picture of what you are jumping into.
  8. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    I am one of those who DIDN'T lose any money starting out online, thank the Lord.

    Yes, there was a ton of confusion involved. I think that goes with the territory. I tried a few things before I found what I learned was the right fit for me.

    I, too, feel for people who come to this and other forums in a state of desperation. That makes them much more gullible and willing to suspend their own common sense. When you desperately want to believe that you can make a bunch of money with little or no work, you are a perfect candidate for those promoting the get rich quick type programs.

    I was not desperate when I begin my online investigations, but it was still tempting to fall for the hype. Thankfully I'm such a penny pincher that I wouldn't spend any money that didn't have a money back guarantee. [​IMG]

    I encourage those searching to do some research - look before you leap. Instead of looking for something quick and easy, look for something slow ans steady with long term prospects.

    If you're told that it's not much work - run! If you're told that you're going to have to put in a LOT of effort, that's the time to start believing it.

    There ARE wonderful ways to earn an extra income online. Don't give up in despair, just keep looking and asking until you find the right path for you.

  9. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    Just know that products alone, don't make for a legit business.

    What makes an MLM a pyramid a scam, even though they are selling products, is where the money (profit) comes from.
    Does it come from product sales, or recruitment?

    What percentage?

    Are you selling your products to an END USER, like an automobile maker, or are you selling your products to someone who has to turn around and sell those products to someone else?

    And that's only one of the questions!


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