I'm looking for a way of making money AT HOME (:

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by daniegamble, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. daniegamble

    daniegamble New Member

    I go to college, I don't get EMA, so I have barely any money coming in!! What sort of little business could I start up to bring in some money? I was thinking an ironing business because I love ironing!! But I have no idea how to start up the business... so if you know how then can you please tell me... Also any other ideas of businesses would really help! I started baby sitting for a family down the road, but that's only once a month! Please help me! Thank you so much... x
  2. Danielle,
    before you start making any money from your own business, I suggest you start taking paid survey.

    You don't need any special skills to take them, no registration fees, no mastering your own site.

    This way you can generate some income untill you can start your own on-line business.

  3. garygoh

    garygoh New Member

    If you are seriously consider taking online surveys, I would suggest that you consider participating in surveys companies that offer referral program. That will maximize the potential of your income.

    Besides, don't forget to download free form filing software such as roboform. It will reduce your time in filling up standard forms.
  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Welcome Danielle - ironing would be a great way to make money from home, especially if you like it. Most if us HATE it and so do all the business guys that have to do it.

    Here is what I would do.... go to Vistaprint.com where you can get free business cards and design a nice looking business card then leave them at businesses and drs offices....anywhere that you know people are needing ironing done. [​IMG]

    Also, if you happen to KNOW people in places like that let them know... it can take some time to get it built up but you should be able to make some decent money with it once you get it built up.

    Happy ironing!
  5. kasandrakline

    kasandrakline New Member

    Hi Danielle,

    If ironing is what you love to do... then go girl... Vista print is a wonderful way to get a lot of free stuff. Another free item, besides the business cards, you might consider a car magnet... FREE advertising everywhere you go. I have one on my car, great way to advertise 24/7 and did I mention it's free? [​IMG]

    It is always important to love what you do AND believe it what you are offering. Good Luck!

  6. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Start by asking that family you baby sit for if they'd like to help you with your ironing business by paying you to do their ironing.

    If it goes well, then they can be a referral for others, and may also send you some referrals.
  7. happygal

    happygal Member

    I like what you are saying about searching for something you can do that you LIKE. That is critical. If you don't have an excitement about what you do, it will be hard to stick with it when you go through slow or frustrating spells.

    For me, I do surveys and some affiliate marketing. But they aren't my career. My career is something I like to do, which is what keeps me with it, but my surveys and affiliate work I also enjoy and the extra money is a bonus.
  8. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Hello Danielle,
    One way to get the word out locally is to make a free website to promote your ironing business.

    You would probably benefit most by adding your town & state to the title.
    Denver Colorado Ironing Services.

    A little research would show how much competition you would have.
    Weebly.com is a great place to build a free website & blog.

    You could Google weebly tutorial for a video on how to build a site..it is a fairly simple process.

    If you need help, PM me anytime.
  9. gowriter

    gowriter Member

    If you really like ironing, why not put an ad online on craigslist for free describing what you do for your local area.

    State that you're a college student working to make some extra money and you're offering an ironing service. You do 12 articles of clothing for $15 (I'm just making this up). Pants/Suit might cost more.

    Be specific what you'll do: You can steam, press, make military creases on all long sleeves. Starch is $0.50 extra (just throwing ideas out there). Can deliver all goods within 24 hours.

    Specify if you're using your own equipment, or you will have to use theirs. Cancellations must be no later than 12 hours prior. Stuff like that.
  10. Esteban

    Esteban New Member

    I would stick with the ironing for the moment - most people don't like doing it and you do!! - Ideal situation for a small business. You want your customers to be very local so - just get some flyers and push them through doors in your local area. You need to make some decisions -- what sort of 'turnaround' are you going to offer - you don't want to be up at 3 am to meet a deadline. How much are you going to charge? Do you deliver or do they pick up? etc

    Good luck
  11. Sharewealth

    Sharewealth New Member

    Hi Danielle.
    Like other posts here, home surveys could get you a bit of extra income.
    As you go to college you might have some spare time to do them[​IMG]
    There are many free ones out there but check what their minimum payout is. If it is a fairly low amount(say $20) then give them a go and if they don't send you enough surveys(or worse don't pay) just unsubscribe from them and try another.
    This might seem hit and miss but you lose nothing trying them.

    Good luck,
  12. heretohelp

    heretohelp New Member

    Hi Danielle.
    You appear to be a very enterprising and ambitious person. These qualities will serve you well not only while in school but Life in general. Good advice offered so far about your options ie. ( paid surveys, Ironing) but if you are serious about making money while in school just get started doing something. You see a lot of people online have all these great ideas in their heads but they never materialize because they spend way too much time waiting for the perfect opportunity to come along for them to take action. You can then sort out the ones you are comfortable doing and figure out which ones are a waste of your valuable time. Good Luck. By the way what are you studying to be?
  13. metalfrog

    metalfrog New Member

    Ironing? Sounds like a dry cleaning business might be good for you then!
  14. happy50

    happy50 New Member

    Hello Danielle

    I think you have some great advice in this thread.

    I'd like to share something about starting your own online business. Although you would need a small investment (any real business needs money to start [​IMG]).

    Starting your own Site Build It! will not only bring in money to you in the short term, but you will be able to build it into a long term venture. It can actually be turned into a full time business venture.

    You will need to put in the initial work, but with the latest release of SBI! 2.0, you can actually get to a point where your visitors create your content for you, free. And that's original, unique content.

    Hope that helps.

  15. elle14

    elle14 New Member

    Today, more and more people are realizing the potential of a home based opportunities as a means of earning money. The most basic way to make money online is to create a site or blog and monetize it by having advertising networks serve ads to the site. Also, a Freelancer Online jobs is taken up as a part time jobs not only by professionals belonging
  16. hearthopes

    hearthopes New Member

    I agree! If it is something that you enjoy, again most of us dont!...
  17. ImportEyedea

    ImportEyedea New Member

    Your post is so refreshing! I like that you're thinking innovatively and also keeping your personal passions in mind!

    You should also look into hotels, musical/performance groups and/or local theater organizations! While in college I worked behind the scenes for the Drama club as a costume organizer! Much of the work was done with Iron and/or Steam cleaner(which you can purchase for around $150 or so). Marching bands and some performance groups may have uniforms they need cared for on a regular basis and the exposure to community level organizations and schools could prove helpful to building your business.

    Best of luck- please keep us posted!
  18. dhardware

    dhardware New Member

    Great idea that you have to start your own business, but I agree, start with paid surveys to make some sort of cash to get started.
  19. shaun

    shaun New Member

    Of course daniegamble wants a workathome business...Im sure everyone here is aware there is a global shift towards online business. Just as an example I saw a LandRover parts business near my home (I am A Land Rover Owner/Lover) go online.....this just cemented in my mind the question...Why would you want all the hassles of a physical/brick and mortar business? Its just so expensive !

    To all thos here....you truly are pioneers of a global shift towards online business & marketing.

    Your Friend on the "Inside"
  20. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Hi Danielle,

    I would encourage you to get into network marketing online or even offline.

    This is a great business opportunity for you to get started in.


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