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Discussion in 'ASD - Ad Surf Daily' started by easyasdcash, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. easyasdcash

    easyasdcash Guest

    I just recently found out about the ASD opportunity from a close friend, I will be purchasing my first ad pack of $500 this coming Wednesday. I can't wait to get started and get traffic to my websites while earning great money at the same time. If anyone has any suggestions or tips they want to share with me please feel free to do so.


  2. asdabq

    asdabq New Member


    The biggest tip I can offer is to stay positive.

    ASD has experienced tremendous growth over the last 30 day or so and admittedly, surfing has not been easy or even possible for the last week or two.

    This WILL get fixed, ASD claims to be back up to full speed midweek (~23 Jul 08). Then, hopefully, it will run as good as or better than it used to.

    ASD cannot function as a business without a 100% website that will accommodate everyone.

    While you will find both positive and negative comments here, I do think most people here are invested to some degree.

    *This comment is ONLY an opinion, please view it as such.*

  3. easyasdcash

    easyasdcash Guest

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the reply, I have been a member of ASD for about two weeks now, and like you said during that time the site has been up and down. I have 3 friends that are already involved in ASD which is why I joined, they have been in ASD for about 4 - 6 months and they are doing really well with it. I will be purchasing my first ad pack of $500 this coming Wednesday, so I am really looking forward to getting started.


  4. Ringer

    Ringer New Member

    Hey Trevor,
    Tom's advice is great, and I would like to add another trait that is needed, and that is patience.

    You get all excited about this opportunity and then it can in some instances take a while for the ad purchase to show up. Plus this is not a get rich quick business. The reality is that it takes months to get your 25% rebate, after you get the 100% Patience!

    The website issues have been non-stop up and down since I have been a member. Try forking money to advertise to try to get new members only to have the website down, ouch!!

    The auto surf concept is not new, but what appears new at least to me is that here is a man in Andy B. that is finally making this concept sustainable, legal, and profitable for the long haul.

    Things also change, and the changes at ASD have been dynamic and always for the good of the members.

    The growth that has been seen as a drag, and certainly interferes, is huge, and helps ASD in so many ways, the benefits will come to the membership....patience!

    The naysayers are annoying, but I understand as so many have been burned by crooks. I also see a man in Andy who genuinely wants to help people, there are people like that in the world!!

    I want to thank those of you who regularly post positive, helpful, informative info about ASD. Again Patience and tolerance for the folks who can't see ASD as we do.

    Sorry to have rambled, but just be patient, you are in the right place at the right time. This is exciting, and I look forward to the future with ASD.
  5. tinamariec

    tinamariec New Member

    I've only been in for a few weeks myself and the site has been more down than up, but I will remain positive. Hopefully when they are through upgrading it will be better than ever.
  6. asd is rolling

    asd is rolling New Member

    Great advice!

    We just got paid rebates for surfing this past week and we didn't even have to surf since the site was down, that is awesome! If you have a job and they give you an extra day off, do they pay you? NO! That is why this is so cool?

    I have been in since June 3rd, 2008 and put big bucks at the Tampa Convention. Loved that 100% match! It is going great. Have any of you considered putting money in the chinese site? They are offering a 100% match on your first purchase only and they are guaranteeing a 3% rebated for weekdays for one month! What do you guy think?

  7. TheMarketer

    TheMarketer New Member

    I'm new in the forum, and reading up on ASD...went to the site...way too much to read....my eyes were bleeding. Can anyone give it to me in simple terms? Short version? I would greatly appreciate your time.
    Thank you
  8. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    I have been in since May and yes there are a few strategies that can be implemented,
    I had my seed money returned to me in just 45 days.

    The main tip I can give is to use a 80/20 rule
    take out 20% buy more ad packages with 80% of rebates BUT
    watch carefully what bonuses are being offered and than
    buy when there is a matching bonus at the minimum required.

    There are many different strategies depending on your goal!

  9. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    TheMarketer: Can anyone give it to me in simple terms? Short version? I would greatly appreciate your time.
    Thank you

    Kimberly, short version :

    With ASD you buy ad packages,
    starting at just $10,
    bonuses require a minimum $500 ad package
    you than view others sites for minutes per day
    you get daily rebates at about 1% per day for viewing others sites
    you generate traffic to your other businesses from credits you get
    by viewing others sites
    you start with 50 free credits!
    you can keep buying more ad packages with rebates earned or you
    can cash out and take the rebates

    That is the short version [​IMG]

  10. ptaylor

    ptaylor New Member

    Hi, easyasdcash...

    I know they are taking Alertpay through the end of the month, but DO NOT use AlertPay. It took at least 2 1/2 weeks to get it processed, and they charge a processing fee as well.

    Kimberley - why don't you go to the Webinar room and click on the "What If" presentation. You might have to listen a couple of times, but it will make it very clear. [​IMG]

    Have a great day,
  11. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    TheMarketer: I'm new in the forum, and reading up on ASD...went to the site...way too much to read....my eyes were bleeding. Can anyone give it to me in simple terms? Short version? I would greatly appreciate your time.
    Thank you

    Hi Kimberly

    Relax - it is easy when you know how! LOL

    It is an advertising company that pays you rebates of 125% of your advertising purchase on a daily cash back basis. They pay this at appromately 1% a day (ie. nearly 30% a month).

    When you have earnt 125% the ad package finishes.

    You can take out this money and make a 25% profit or you can buy more advertising packages with your cash as soon as you have enough cash in your rebate aacount - 10$ and buy more and earn your approx 1% a day on a higher figure. Then you can take out a percentage and buy more with the rest after a time. Each purchase has a new start and end date.

    The recommended way to maintain a continuous increase on your cash rebate earnings is to wait 135 days and then start to take out 20% and buy more with 80%. this way you get the maximum benefit of earning from the rebate system.

    The payments are made from a combination of 50% of the money that comes in from customers and also from revenue from their other businesess, such as the retail site they have joined up with and the various promotional services and advertising systems packages they market, web hosting etc etc.

    Your sponsor should be giving you some basic training too to help you get started.

    AND dont forget you can join FREE and just check it out for a while, if you havent already joined.


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