Importance of Alexa Rank for monetizing your blog

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by moonheart, Aug 28, 2009.

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    For monetizing your blog alexa ranking is very important. Alexa rank a website according to the number of visitors visit that site with alexa toolbar installed. If you want to increase earning from your blog then you have to increase alexa ranking. Advertising network like Text link ads, pay per post, sponsored review etc judge blog quality according to the alexa rank. There are some techniques by using which you can increase alexa rank. Download and installing alexa toolbar is basic for increasing alexa ranking.
  2. Actually, I completely disagree. Alexa Ranking is pretty useless and most people ignore it completely. It can be manipulated too easily to be an accurate measure.

  3. Newbie Shield

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    Hi moonheart,

    You're right, under certain circumstances Alexa Rank does in fact make a difference. You've listed several circumstances and some advertising networks do require a certain minimal traffic rank or higher for acceptance.

    Technorati and some of the other blog directories can also be important in getting accepted into certain circles.

    moneymaker: Though not every organization will check your Alexa Rank for admittance, some do. You're right when you say that Alexa Rank can be manipulated.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  4. coscos

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    Alexa can only control 5% of the total internet traffic. It's useless.
  5. Newbie Shield

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    coscos: Alexa can only control 5% of the total internet traffic
    . It's useless.
    Hi coscos,

    Alexa measures a sample size.

    Samples can be scaled up to represent a larger population with a reasonable amount of accuracy.

    As an aside, Alexa doesn't "control" anything - including internet traffic. Alexa measures traffic.

    It's not "useless".

    ~Newbie Shield~
  6. elle14

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    I would like to share this that big companies ignore Alexa. They are more convinced with Nielsen Netratings and other paid (expensive) data tracking service. Plus the process of winning big advertisers -- where you often have to submit your bid proposal first -- is different from small advertisers.

    The types of advertisers who look at Alexa are the small advertisers (e.g. business opportunity types of advertisers).

    Is Alexa important by Google ranking? No. Google doesn't look at Alexa
  7. Newbie Shield: Alexa measures a sample size.

    Samples can be scaled up to represent a larger population with a reasonable amount of accuracy
    I have to disagree on this point. It's not a representative sample so it's really not that accurate. The majority of people who use the Alexa toolbar are involved in some form of internet marketing or promotion. That's a relatively small percentage of the general population. Plus, a lot of them use it sort of fraudulently by visiting their own sites.

    I feel like Alexa use to be much more valuable than it is now.

  8. Newbie Shield

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    moneymaker1008: I have to disagree on this point.
    No one's forcing you to pay any attention to Alexa. Ignore it if it makes you feel better.

    It's been my own experience that it does in fact make a difference in some situations but you needn't be concerned about it if you'd rather not.

    It's your mind and your life so manage them how you see fit.

    Do you feel the same about QuantCast and similar services?

    ~Newbie Shield~
  9. I wasn't saying that it can't be beneficial to have a good Alexa ranking. I agree in that some situations it can be. Some affiliate and advertising programs do use it, but not most. I think for most people, time would better be spent working on increasing PR and SERP.

    But basically, I was just saying that it's not accurate.

    As for Quantcast, I don't know much about it really.

  10. Newbie Shield

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    BST01: Do you really think if it doesn't have it would still be up?
    Good point BST01.

    As far as accuracy goes, I just took another peak at the top 500 sites listed on Alexa.

    Among the first 20 are Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, YouTube, Wikipedia, MySpace, WordPress, Blogger, and similar.

    Sounds like a solid representation to me. Would anyone disagree with their assessment?

    ~Newbie Shield~
  11. BuddyPilgrim

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    Sorry pal, I do. Alexa is useless for my monetization efforts. I have blogs with 6 posts on the first page. Neither Google nor Yahoo make money as sites, they make it as ad networks.
  12. Dgitalnomad

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    I totally agree on this. Alexa is only important for research in my mind. It is a great place to spy on niche sites for free.

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