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  1. zaphire97

    zaphire97 New Member

    Anyone in InetGlobal Adpacs? Maybe we could open our discussion about this company.
  2. zaphire97

    zaphire97 New Member

    As I'm writing right now the company just announced yesterday that they paid $2 million since its inception of ADPACS in a little over 3 months ago according to Steve Renner "CEO of InetGlobal".

    Search Engine Marketing is a $50 billion industry. Businesses are switching to online marketing instead of advertising in newspapers and other magazines and a lot of these companies are slashing jobs coz the business has dried up.

    The company is announcing the much awaited search engine to be launch this month of November. This search engine is called "ACESSE" pretty much like Google.
  3. cupbucket

    cupbucket New Member

    Never heard of it!
  4. zaphire97

    zaphire97 New Member

    I know it's seems like yesterday but InetGlobal has come along and growing by leaps and bounds. This is something for the long term that can benefit all of us especially Internet Marketers just like you.
  5. sanktumlt

    sanktumlt New Member

    hi all, I have recently just signed up and participating in INetGlobal's program. They have a pretty indepth system for payouts and rewards, I can definitely give you guys more information.
  6. Elina

    Elina New Member

    Hello everyone, I am working with Inetglobal and to tell you the Truth This is the first company who works with you and pays you, there is not MLM matrix!!! I would deff recomend everyone to join inetglobal I know for the fact no one will be disapointed!!
    if you are interested I would be happy to invite you to join our team,if you have questions just ask away[​IMG] but Inetglobal is THE BEST!!

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