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    As one who was promoting one of first affiliate programs involving online gambling, I made a small fortune back in the early 90's. Sadly, because the industry was booming, and government could not get a piece of the action, they decided to shut it down by threatening banks who processed credit card deposits. It worked, and there went my six figure income at the time.

    Long story short, times they are a changing, and with New Jersey just approving online gambling casinos in the U.S., and Las Vegas close behind with approvals, this international multi-billion dollar industry is once again about to explode worldwide. Offshore casinos have been doing billions, but U.S. market was taken away, but now it is back, and now is the time to get positioned when all the doors open up in U.S.

    Infinity2Global is an exciting company looking to create a unique impression on the world of person-to-person business building. I2G is utilizing the tried and true affiliate referral concept and rewarding the individual for their efforts, providing a unique platform for an individual to build their own income, create their own future and to help their teams do the same along the way.

    Anyone here remember the first online affiliate casino industry and how it exploded back in early 90's, if so, then you will see what I have seen, this is going to be big in U.S. now that market is opening back up after bank blockade for past two decades. Sure caught my attention, not only because it is now legal in New Jersey and soon Las Vegas, so as I see it, this will spread like wildfire worldwide.

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    Customers cannot bet in the US. Sure a couple states might offer it but besides marketing this overseas how does one make money. By just referring affiliates? What does one even get for the money they pay besides some social media software. Appears to be a pay to play opportunity where you are just paying to get a bigger piece of the compensation plan. Why would one spend 5000 to become an emperor? Just to get higher in the comp plan? Doesnt seems like anyone joining is actually gambling just paying money to make money. I agree with you the mid 90's were great money making opportunities being an affiliate for online sports bookies. Grand central sports, wsex, etc.

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    It is not yet open in all states, but given the lead direction of NJ and NV, the two biggest gambling states in U.S., and with the financial crisis in many states, no doubt this will open up to all states in the near future. Even NY just approved gambling casinos since they are desperate for funding their huge deficits like most large states, so it is just a matter of time.

    As to income, as an affiliate, you are limited in U.S. at the moment, but the rest of the world is wide open, so any deposits made by your referral clients earn you a residual income. I guess we can use the pay to play scenario since this is obviously where you make your money at start, you refer a affiliate, you earn commissions, you refer an affiliate who refers other clients, you earn as well, so the real money is in future gambling deposits, not just recruiting other affiliates which similar to the way it worked back in 90's when U.S. players were the focus, but now the whole world will be open as soon as next year, so the sooner the better.

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