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  1. geno

    geno New Member

    Hi All!

    This is a new program now in pre-pre-launch and it has the makings of a fast cash generator. I was invited to join by my sponsor and i am quite impressed by this program so far. Looks like it's set to spit out multiple $540 payments per week.

    Anybody else here in this program? Care to share your experience?

  2. HomeBasedDad

    HomeBasedDad New Member

    Hi Geno,

    I'm in this thing too! I like this program a lot because it is so simple and inexpensive. A "no brainer" if there ever was one!

    All it takes is just cultivating a culture of finding two high integrity people that we'd like to assist with this program, and then assist them in each finding two as well, it keeps things nice and simple. "Two who get two". Easy! [​IMG]

    Who doesn't know at least two people who would be willing to spend $260 one time to make a recurring $560? Especially in this economy!

    To our success!

  3. bigmoneyPRO

    bigmoneyPRO Guest

    I just joined this program too under marty edger our team is making like 5K a month or more.We are launching a Monstor campaign for our team a killer co-op and Massive Rotator to keep the action firing, hot ,fast and furious!!
  4. Franco

    Franco New Member

    Yeah this program is a "Little Program" to get in...

    But I'll tell ya, it's designed to pay LARGER with more leverage than most "high end" programs...

    Loving this thing!

  5. sp005

    sp005 Guest

    i have heard about mardy eger for months? who has dealt with him? what are your experiences?
  6. Franco

    Franco New Member

    If you really want to get to know Marty, the most
    honorable thing would be to find him, call him and
    build a relationship...

    Asking strangers about someone on a forum is
    not the best way to get factual information on anyone.

    Hope this helps,

  7. sp005

    sp005 Guest

    has anyone cycled yet?
  8. RQMatias

    RQMatias New Member

    Yes I have! Less than 2 days... my sponsor has cycled 3 times and some have cycled 5 or even 10 times... this doesn't even officially launch until Jan!

    Jason Pearson doesn't fool around... this program has the chance to change online programs for good!

    Talk soon,

  9. sp005

    sp005 Guest

    i hear the back office doesnt show if people have this fixed
  10. Franco

    Franco New Member

    Yes, I'm really happy with this program so far.
    It's ONLY at a "Builder's Pre-Prelaunch" right now.

    We asked them to rip this open early since we had
    so many people waiting to get in...

    We've cycled 17 times (maybe 18 by now)
    So it does move fast... Since it's so simple.

    It's only one time $260
    No monthlies so many people are seeing they
    can access it...

    Then it pays like a BIG program. $540 each cycle
    in a simple 2x2 so it's I think what the market
    has been looking for...


    IF you're serious about learning more about
    this little big earner... I'd suggest contact and
    establish a relationship by teammates on
    this thread... get access to a couple calls
    and the info...

    Not too much to overanalyze here...

  11. RQMatias

    RQMatias New Member

    Hey sp005,

    There were a few kinks that have been ironed out with the placements in the matrix... it's all good...

    Also I see all my sign ups come in and they appear instantly...

    This thing is ROCKING!

    I have a team build system where I help everyone cycle and then we co-op and continue to cycle everyone to infinity [​IMG]


  12. Franco

    Franco New Member


    Everything humming along. People had to remember it IS
    a "builder's pre-launch" where glitches are expected.
    Call it a "beta"...

    Some people always want to be in on the beginning... but
    then freak out with any little issue. But it's needed. You can
    test until the cows come home, but in these programs you
    have to release to the real world sales field and adjust during
    beta or "Business Builder's" launches...

    For those that have some experience with these things,
    we just continued to market all the way through knowing
    the servers catch anything with our affiliate link and we reaped
    while some whined... as always, lol...

    18 cycles. Sweet.

    Just caution some builders who immediately see a need
    to make this one of those "join me and I'll do everything for
    you" type of programs...

    It's NOT. And doing something like that will only:

    1. Slow your own cycling.
    2. Attract the "sit on their butts" mindset who don't work...
    3. Waste time and momentum for the whole team.

    Gang, it's ONLY a ONE TIME $260 packed with a powerful
    punch... $540 per cycle and only a 2x2!!!

    Geez, if you need "help" marketing this, you're in the WRONG
    ARENA... there is NOTHING easier to promote out there
    and everyone has to pull their own weight.

    You ONLY need two!

    Then you set in motion a powerfully leveraged chain
    reaction. Just spread the word!

    No need for charity...

    Rotators are great.
    Coops are awesome...

    But in my experience (8 years full time)
    marketing the "join me and I'll make sure
    you get rich" plan ALWAYS attracts the undesirable

    Lead by example and train like there's no tomorrow!

  13. RQMatias

    RQMatias New Member

    Just cycle again this morning [​IMG] Another $540... 2 of team members are 1 away from cycling as well and they've only been in 5 days...

    Not sure if you know... but My Infinity 800 Success Team gets your first 2 and their first 2 and their first 2 etc etc... to make you and everyone cycle and earn $540 for only a one-time $260... then when you cycle you send us $40 for our team marketing co-op and you keep $500 and the process continues to infinity!

    We are still in a Business Pre-Launch! We launch Jan 2009... already at 1,500 members and over $130,000 in commissions paid!

    Our team also has a share in the Corporate Ad Co-op going out to 700,000 Network Marketing Subscriber as a Full-Page Colored Ad in Feb 2009 to leading publications such as Home Business Connection...

    The TIME is NOW!

    Well back to promoting for my team [​IMG]

    Happy Holidays!

    Robert Q. Matias, MBA
  14. RQMatias

    RQMatias New Member

    One of my team members, Al just cycled! Only took a week!

    Who has a one-time $260 for on-going Internet Marketing Educational products (new products every time you cycle) to earn $540+ every week to infinity!

    All you do is join and then when you cycle you send us $40 for our team co-op and keep $500 to keep all of us cycling to infinity!

    It's working like clockwork! Who's next?

    Happy Holidays!

  15. paulk

    paulk New Member


    I am actually signed up under you.

    I am very excited to be part of this.
    I have been in many programs over
    the years but I have never seen
    anything like this one. All of the momentum
    in the home business industry seems to
    be with this program and for good reason.
  16. mrslalas7

    mrslalas7 New Member

    Is there any one getting people to join for $250?? I need that type of money myself. On the other hand it does seem like an interesting program to join. [​IMG]
  17. paulk

    paulk New Member

    Actually they just launched and already
    over 1500 people have joined.

    The reason people are so excited is that
    it is a one time cost of $260 to join. There
    are no monthly requirements like you find
    in most other home businesses.
    And every time you cycle you will receive $540.
  18. Seth

    Seth New Member

    The reason people are so excited is that
    it is a one time cost of $260 to join

    $260 is quite a lot for me ... [​IMG]
  19. RQMatias

    RQMatias New Member

    Hey Seth... I hear ya times are tough... how if I can turn that one-time $260 into a weekly income within 2 weeks for ya? It's happening for our team...

    Merry Christmas!

  20. sp005

    sp005 Guest

    yes, i hear matias team is cycling weekly on autopilot...this should be huge.

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