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    A few weeks ago I ask If any of you knew something about the Instant INcome Plan program. I was told the program shows you how to make a squeeze page. Do you need a web site to have a squeeze page? Would like to have more info about this program. Like, Does this program really works?, Does it work for newbies?, Do you need a website for it? Or Is it all another scam?

    I've been making some research and until now all the reviews and articles I find have been very good.

    Thank you for any advised you can give me on this.
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    You dont need a website but if you are going to have an online business then I recommend that you get one. If you are confused as to how to build a website, go to Weebly. They make it easy for the non-technical of us. Plus you can choose to have a free website.

    Its better to have a paid one but not essential
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    I have listened to Instant Incomes teleconferences and work with some of the individuals involved in this business with other products.
    They are caring people and they will not steer you in the wrong direction. In regards to the webpage which is a squeeze page I thought this was all set up for you when you joined the instant income plan. They teach you how to drive traffic to your squeeze page so you get leads and sales. Have you signed up for any of the teleconferences? I would recommend you sign up and listen to what they are offering it sounds pretty good. They are there to help I have called them personally. The want to pay it forward and help others if it is the same program I was interested in. [​IMG]

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