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  1. JulieP24

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    Anyone tried this or know exactly what is entailed?
  2. getagrip

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  3. GetGoin

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    Hi Julie .. i would suggest dont fall for such stuff .. firstlyits too expensive .. secondly you dnt exactly know wht is there inside the program .. it can be anything .. from links to free website which you can get from google free of charge .. or it can be casinos link where you can bet and win .. m telling you bcuz initilly when i was new to internet business i had tried such a program.. it was a waste of money .. and the most prominent USP or unique selling positon of such brands are MAKE $$$$$ in a few hours or days !!

    so if i were you i wouldnt have gone for this program..i will now put up this program post in my blog too .. in my list of not happening programs !!

    anyways this was of some help ..cheers ..
  4. opendomain

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    ...very open ended. Looks to me like more of a lead page/mailing list generator.

    I mean seriously 500-1200 in a day is pretty much blowing smoke

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