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    How do you all handle healthcare insurance? Does someone else carry it through their job or do you have to purchase it on your own? Just curious how others handle it.
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    If you don't have it through your job, you can get fairly reasonanly priced health insurance plans through
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    Hi HappyGal,

    You might consider a compromise.

    I have a friend who works half time - 20 hours a week - and gets medical, dental, and life insurance.

    He has plenty of free time for his family and his hobbies yet his family is covered and he gets a paycheck every two weeks.

    He also owns a few properties and does landscaping. So, he has multiple income sources.

    Food for thought,

    ~Newbie Shield~
  4. Singapoor

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    Newbie Shield: I have a friend who works half time - 20 hours a week - and gets medical, dental, and life insurance
    Smart move... on your friend's part NS.

    And happygal, being an expat my answer may not help you. But, for the sake of Americans living abroad I thought I'd chime in with my experience.

    I'm covered for health insurance sold to residents of the country I live in. It even covers me when I travel. If you have the proper immigration permission to live somewhere, you will likely qualify for a plan sold to residents of that country and it may be significantly cheaper overall to handle it that way. Yeah, you may have to arrange for medical records to be sent over but that's a small thing really, in the grand scheme of things.

    It's an option I didn't consider at first, but I needed to make decisions when my old plan expired. Since it was a force of habit of mine to look at what the options were from American providers and factor in what the limitations were, maybe it's not such an obvious choice for others as well when they're either first leaving or find themselves abroad trying to figure out how to get coverage.
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    There are actually healthcare benefits programs out there that are really affordable and offer great discounts on dental, vision, prescription, healthcare and other non-medical service too. You should really check them out. They can save you a ton of money. Getting health insurance on your own is so expensive and many people can simply not afford it...


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