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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by Shady Acres, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Shady Acres

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    I've been solicited by Inter-Data Management, Inc. for data entry at home. There's the "training fee" ($20) to be paid up front that I'm leery of, but I'm curious. Anyone hear of them? Know anything? Work for them? I'd be interested in hearing anything. [​IMG]
  2. dargen_5378

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    Never heard of them, but I heard that the supposed "Data Entry" jobs advertised are nothing more than them teaching you how to post ads like the one you saw or emails like the one you were sent...they basically teach you how to reel in the suckers to paying them so you can do the same thing.
    There is one website...I think I got the addy from this forum, or where you actually give them a resume for your secretarial skills and they hire you part time out of your home to do various secretarial duties...I wish I could remember the site..I just checked my history and it seems I cannot remember the name...good luck though.
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  4. LuLu2U

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    Hello Shady Acres

    just got taken in for 10 dollars... for data entering, by an individual with a Yahoo address, it seemed ok.. after i payed for the so called training material ,no news, did a search and found out that she was using interdata management for awhile, and had a site from this co. i contacted them, they said they never heard of her, and offered me work for 25$, they have a Better Business sticker on their site, so i checked with the BB bureau, they are not a member and numerous complaints have been done against them,and their address is bunk, so... be carefull this is definitely not a good thing .. good luck
  5. net4pay

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    They make these scams seem so legit and I am tired of seeing them pop up day after day...They shut one website down and then they put up another one under a different name...I hope no one is falling for this.....
  6. princessjen20

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    I read that it was a complete and utter scam. I was getting ready to try it but first I checked it out on the BBB and oh big surprise they weren't registered. Then I went to and typed in INTERDATA MANAGEMENT and saw lots of SCAM related articles and what not. Now, I'll admit usually I wouldn't take the word(s) of complete stranger but after having participated in a diet study where I was suppose to get paid I figured researching stuff would be a little better. After I got ripped off for over $300.00 with the diet study I researched the diet and found out that if I'd done it before hand I wouldn't have participated in the study because it was a complete scam. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. If they want you to work for you but they want YOU to give THEM money first and they're not a college your going to get scamed. Just a general rule of thumb. I know its kinda cynical but at the very least check it all out thoroughly before giving anything away. Just my opinion but I'd stay clear of it. A scam is a scam is a scam.
  7. pcwork

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    Never pay any training fee!

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