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  1. ThreeD

    ThreeD New Member

    I had received an e-mail about a job working for International Fund "Here and Now". So, thinking it was 'too good to be true', I e-mailed the guy and asked if there were any start up fees or investments, and just received this e-mail back from him:

    No, you don't need to invest your money. I'll call you today

    Here's some additional information for you about the position of
    Finance Manager:

    The aim of Finance Manager is to perform bookkeeping, records about
    amount of sponsor's donations, receive money donations from our
    sponsors and forward them to local charity organizations. Separately
    you'll be paid fee of 10 for each transaction of sponsor's donation
    (300-500$ per transaction). For this position bank account is
    required. You shouldn't pay anything, our organization undertakes all the payments.

    For Financial Manager job you'll need to have free 3-4 hours a day to perform task.
    The donations are made frequently and regularly, so it can be guaranteed high and stable
    income near 1500$ per month. Plus bonuses for excellent work.

    Charity Fund Here and Now

    International Charity Fund "Here and Now" is organizing humanitarian support to children,
    orphans and children shelters. Our sponsors regularly send the goods and money resources
    to children and orphans in order to provide them better conditions for education and
    happy life. We need people who will be involved in the humanitarian support delivery
    Our head-office is located in North Dacota, Dickinson. And our representatives live in
    different states throughout USA. We found this structure more effective, because it helps
    to improve the process of receiving and sending donations and assistance to those people
    who want to become volunteers.

    Why we do this?
    First of all, we think that children are our future and we must do our best to make
    happier future. We will be proud to understand that we made our little contribution in
    happiness of the whole world.
    Secondly, the economical situation of many countries has made worse and this is the
    reason why it's more important to help poor.
    As for the main activities:
    In addition to delivering sponsor's help to children and shelters, we organize special
    events for children, f.e. visiting children shelters, celebrating birthdays, organizing
    different sightseeing tours and trips. It's very important for us to draw public
    attention to the problems of poor children.
    About searching candidates - Actually we have no strict criteria. Our politics is that
    we are glad to take everyone who is responsible and honest and wants to help people.

    Please read this attentively and don't hesitate to ask questions!If you're
    interested,I'll be waiting for some recommendations from
    your previous places of work.
    Have a great day!
    Kind regards,
    Anthony Hoffman
    HR Manager
    International Fund "Here and Now"

    Has anyone heard about this? I am pretty sure it's a scam, because it just sounds to good to be true. Anyone have any information on this? Thanks!
  2. ThreeD

    ThreeD New Member

    Anyone ever heard of this? Thanks! [​IMG]
  3. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Try Googling his name and phone number and see what you come up with - sometimes, you will find more information about a company that way.
  4. ThreeD

    ThreeD New Member

  5. love2laugh

    love2laugh New Member

    I received the same email and was not sure if this was legit either because there were spelling errors and I couldn't trace back how this guy was related to the organization. I looked up his phone number and found that he's located in Fargo, ND. I'm really not sure what to think of this...possibly a scam though.
  6. ThreeD

    ThreeD New Member

    love2laugh: I received the same email and was not sure if this was legit either because there were spelling errors and I couldn't trace back how this guy was related to the organization. I looked up his phone number and found that he's located in Fargo, ND. I'm really not sure what to think of this...possibly a scam though.
    Yea, I know what you mean. It looks very legit, but it sounds too good to be true. However, I couldn't find any information whether it is a scam or not.
  7. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Looks to me like a scam. I think that you should delete his email and move on. This does not seem legit to me at all.

  8. wealth10k

    wealth10k New Member

    This so called busines is probly long gone, dead and shut down by now, but definatly lookes like a scam. An business that asks for your bank details, in this day and age has got to be a scam.

    I agree with Talfighel, delete it and move on.
  9. love2laugh

    love2laugh New Member

    I got the details from the organization and called the BBB, this is definately a scam because what they want you to do would be considered money laundering, which is illegal.
  10. dcurlz

    dcurlz New Member

    Hello Danielle!I'm HR manager in this company. There's no surprise that my name is not on a paperwork. My job is to look for new candidates.After I receive the information,I'll forward it to your local representative Helene Berman. I guarantee that this is not a scam, it's your choice to trust me or not. We need your DL just to prove your identity.Please write back shortly.Thanks!

    Kind regards,

    Anthony Hoffman

    HR department


    International fund here and noe
  11. foolmeonce

    foolmeonce New Member

    I google scam charity organization in Dickinson North Dakota because of an email I received. Before doing that, I suspected it to be bogus because I was recently scammed out of $1500 by a mystery shopping approach. They even went so far as to threaten to go to the FBI because I did not complete an assignment. Postal money orders were sent UPS and I was to western union them to China. They looked real to me but when the second batch arrived, I went to the postmaster, and they immediately said they were fake. They also approach on Ebay if you have a high dollar item for sale, such as a vehicle. My friend was scammed $4000 by this method, but I did not know of her loss till after I had mine. Same method of operation. When there's no legit website or phone number, it's a scam. All the red flags were there, but I figured if a bank would cash a money order that it was good. The postmaster was very shocked that the bank even cashed a fake. This all happened within the last month and getting this new email is not a coincidence. They are so bold, they know they can't be caught. I've filed a complaint with the USPS and FTC, but if you go to the USPS website and the FTC, they educate you about the scams out there. I'm still working out a way to get even.
  12. berry

    berry New Member

    But why you are thinking that this work is 'too good to be true'? attention - no cosmic paycheck! Usually it's about 900$. And to receive such salary as stated in e-mail you need to work hard ...but it's ok. Anyway work from home is good, especially in my situation. I've been working as Parcel operator since December for this fund . Nothing bad happened, I haven't lost money from my pocket. I receive paychecks every month. Don't know about Finance Manager though....
  13. shl580

    shl580 New Member

    There is actually a company and website named International help fund "Here and Now" but it's based in Russia and nothing listed for North Dakota.

    It was founded in Russia and here's where they operate:
    Ukraine (children's homes, shelters)
    Russia (children's homes, shelters, schools for poor)
    Beslan (children's homes, shelters)
    The North Ossetia (schools)

    And the site says they're looking for sponsor's in following countries:

    The United States of America
    The Great Britain

    Here's the contact info:
    Phone: 1-(888) 642-7444 Fax : 1-(888) 642-7444

    The problem I have with the whole thing (I too got the email) is they want your bank account info to supposedly deposit your checks into your account. So even if I called or emailed this company and they said they're legit, I would still be leary because it's out the country and they're asking for banking information. I think if they were really legit they would send a check in the mail.

    I'm not going to repond or take the bait. I don't want a unknown foreign company with the routing information.

    The web address for International Fund Here and Now is:

    Here is the domain information. They owner lives in Russia:

    Name Server:
    Name Server:
    Creation Date: 2009.09.15
    Expiration Date: 2010.09.15

    Status: DELEGATED

    Registrant ID: 4XSMOCM-RU
    Registrant Name: Ernst A Muldashev
    Registrant Organization: Ernst A Muldashev
    Registrant Street1: shosse Entuziastov 93-31
    Registrant City: Moskva
    Registrant State: Moskva
    Registrant Postal Code: 105118
    Registrant Country: RU

    Administrative, Technical Contact
    Contact ID: 4XSMOCM-RU
    Contact Name: Ernst A Muldashev
    Contact Organization: Ernst A Muldashev
    Contact Street1: shosse Entuziastov 93-31
    Contact City: Moskva
    Contact State: Moskva
    Contact Postal Code: 105118
    Contact Country: RU
    Contact Phone: +7 495 307 4589
    Contact E-mail:

    Registrar: Regional Network Information Center, JSC dba RU-CENTER
  14. Im_just_aj

    Im_just_aj New Member

    Ok this is a complete scam. I started this a few months ago. u do get the money they tell u but its by western union. In the last week and a half ive learned alot. i have received credit card statements to my address but named to people i have received packages from. ive done a bit of research and found that these people are victims of identity theft. I have made contact with the FBI about this. I have also been in contact with US POSTAL INSPECTOR and some of the shipping labels are forged. I have since turned all emails shipping labels, etc over to authorities for their investigation. The Fund here and now foundation is a scam run by thieves in russia. I googled the name Anthony Hoffman to find that he is a man that went missing out of phoenix az in 1989. the other name Helene Berman is a fasion designer in Europe. Stay away from this thing. I wish I did.
  15. fstruck

    fstruck New Member

    I have worked for this fund for about 8 mos, due to being unemployed for over a year. I was not a Finance Mgr but a Shipping Agent. I have not had any problems (and yes the payments were by WU), until last week 8/2/2010, when info about a direct deposit was requested and payment was made to a spare account that I had and was received but charged a TRANSFER FEE.

    I also received 2 calls, at the same time, from the merchandisers of the items that I had just received, demanding that they be returned because they were purchased with stolen CC's which was done, immediately.

    The merchandisers had contacted my local sheriff and I was interrogated as a person of receiving property by fraud.

    I have also been receiving billing statements addressed to the same people that the items had been purchased by, which was dis-concerning, along with the fact that high powered laptops were being sent to the same persons in Russia and the Czech Republic ( children in orphanages ???).

    My spare account was seized and frozen.

    Helene Berman, also dropped from my contact very suddenly on the first of June and Anthony took over.

    I can only say, after reading the previous posts that, and my current situation is "YOU NEED TO SAY NO THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. dslavinski

    dslavinski New Member

    See you can tell its a scam because they are trying to get your bank account information """""for processing transactions"""" lol they just want your info so they can take your money. Don't get fooled, stay sharp and on the look out for those crazy scamers. Id say that was a clever way to get your info though lol
  17. ThreeD

    ThreeD New Member

    Thanks guys for all the replies. I was expecting it to be a scam and now it seems it really is. Thanks again!
  18. Believer

    Believer New Member

    I see that you are not having any problems with this fund. I had Paypal to call me and state that this was a scam. I've been working for a few months then all of a sudden, they had no work. Stating that they were having problems with some forms with FedEx and UPS. Then they stated that the were changing the way they paid and going through Paypal. Two or three day later is when paypal contacted me by phone an stated that it was a scam and that I needed to contact the police. I really need this job, but don't need to go to jail for trying to get honest work. Scared to death, that the police will come and hall me off to jail and my elderly mother I'm taking care of will be placed in a nursing home. It's like damned if I do, damed if I don't.
  19. Believer

    Believer New Member

    [​IMG] Can someone tell me if there is any legitimate work @ home jobs out there. If so how do I found them, because a policeman I talked to about Here & Now said that all these internet work @ home jobs were scams. If that being the case how come they can't stop them from taking people?

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