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    In an effort to help those who might be confused about Internet or Affiliate Marketing... I have decided to post (here for everyone's benefit) a formula that will help you get started.

    The first thing that you've got to remember is that marketing on the internet entails that exact same marketing techniques/strategies you would find in the offline world. The only difference is that the model or system of delivery has changed from an offline one to an online one.

    Now, before I present the formula to success... I want to make sure that you understand the golden rule of marketing. The golden rule is that ALL successful marketing is done on an emotional level.

    For example; whenever you get into a new industry or niche, it is extremely important that you connect with your "perfect customer" on an emotional level. This is done by doing market or more specific "customer research". You do this by asking questions like; why is this person interested in _____, why would they buy ______, who is my "perfect customer" _______ (put yourself in his or her shoes), What is my "perfect customers" passions, desires, pains, fears, motivators, ambitions, loves, etc? Asking and answering questions like these by doing the proper research will help you to produce a "marketing plan of action" that will help you connect emotionally with your target market or niche.

    A wonderful example of emotional marketing are the T.V. cell phone commercials for AT&T. They have a couple of these commercials, but for time's sake, I'm just going to talk about one.

    In this commercial (you've probably seen this one) there is a young girl who is a major fan of Michael Phelps... the commercial starts out with her in the kitchen of her apartment making some coffee, and as she walks into her living room (full of Michal Phelps memorabilia ??“ "another form of marketing here") you hear a beep and her (playing the role of her phone) starts talking saying how she missed Michael Phelps signing autographs because she doesn't have any reception in this "podunk little town" she just moved to.

    Beside some of the other emotional marketing tactics that were used in this AT&T commercial, the biggest and most powerful one they used was... the "fear of loss" this commercial transmits to the viewer who thinks "man, what if I don't have good reception... I could miss out on something... maybe I need to get AT&T".

    (Note: I am not teaching you these techniques so that they can be used in the wrong way. As ethical, honest marketers it is your job to provide helpful unique value to everyone you market to.)

    Ok, so now for the actual formula... oh and sorry this post is SOOOO long...

    Here are the steps -->

    1. Find Your Positive Addicts ??“ Everyone of us is positively or healthy addicted to something, for some people its train cars, for others its jewelry, and yet for someone else it might be hunting or fishing. Your job is to find these groups of positively-addicted hungry people!

    (Before I go on, I want you to know that I'm not talking about bad addictions, I'm talking about people who are addicted to positive/good things. This is not the business of taking advantage of people!)

    2. Find-Out What Makes Them Tick ??“ We've already talked about this remember? You need to perform the proper research which will help you to connect emotionally with your "perfect customer" by answering questions like; why are they addicted to this, how much money do they spend on their addiction, are they emotionally addicted, what are their loves, hates, desires, and pains, what products/services are they hungry for, etc. Answering questions like these will help you to determine what makes them tick.

    3. Feed Their Positive Addiction ??“ This is the part where you take all the information you've been gathering, study it, find out what their most responsive too, and then give them what they want. There are two ways you can do this... 1 - you can develop your own product or 2 ??“ you can sell other peoples products/services by becoming an affiliate and earning a commission for all the products/services you sell.

    Now of course there are other techniques and skills that you will need to learn, but this basic simple formula is one that has made billions for those who implement it.

    Good luck with you endeavors and remember to always stay positive and focused...

    To your success,


    P.S. ??“ If you plan on generating a huge amount of income online then you need to learn how to leverage your time, money, and skills. This can be done by forming Joint Ventures, applying the power of Integration and Viral Marketing, and starting you own Email Opt-In List.
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    Great post James, it is vital to think like the consumer in order to market a product the right way and Its important not to rush in and promote a mediocre product that wont ever see a sale.
  3. pcwork

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    netbiz: The golden rule is that ALL successful marketing is done on an emotional level.

    It depends , I have many years of experience in purchasing industrial products, emotions don't matter, price and specifications do.
  4. netbiz

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    Ah... but you see they do. Price is a very emotional thing... why do you think people complain about gas prices so much?
  5. Phil Stones

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    Yes great post - very useful - thanks
  6. A8ch

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    James, you've clearly identified the essential components
    of the Internet Marketing formula. It's too bad that so many
    people are put off by its simplicity. Very useful information!

  7. Graham scass

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    Awesome post James, this will certainly help a lot of newbies out there
    i just wish i would of thought like this when i first started out it would of saved me a lot of time and hard work.

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