internet scams/ bots/ work at home scams

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by weebitty, Mar 26, 2010.

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    With tough economy scammers are more and more around.i personally sell on ebay. their business model is very easy and they are nearly scam free.[​IMG]
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    Its fairly common for "official" looking advertisements to actually be scams, especially some of the "as seen on tv" advertisements for "miracle products", particularely in the weight loss and fitness industry. Don't think Facebook is any different - a great article for those who may not be aware of the various kinds of scams that are out there.
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    Just because you see an ad doesn't mean that it's legit. Google / MSFT / Yahoo / do NOT try everyone's product that advertises, even TV doesn't.. (cash4Gold, bigspot I'm looking @ you) It's buyer beware. If you aren't sure if it's a scam there are a few things you can do.
    1. PAYPAL. a lot of places offer paypal payment option, this protects the buyer and seller.
    2. Do research on the company( I knwo this is harder to do on MLM with all the targeted ads etc)
    3. If its out of country (after a Whois search) then be more "beware".

    4. Don't give out too much information,
    You aren't required to give your SSN, if you have an issue registering for something email the support team and tell them you aren't comfortable giving that away, do NOT give away bank details, they shouldn't need this till they are ready yo pay you, and I'd wait till it's time to get paid.. or see if they can do a paypal password.
    5. Don't Use the same password...
    This is huge for ANYTHING.. for forums etc its not so big.. but keep your banking passwords separate from your other ones.. this makes it easy for people to hack into your bank acct using your pwd, if I set up a scam site that only asksed for username / pwd, even if 1% of the people that registered for the site used the same pwd as they did for their bank.. I'd hit paydirt.
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    While there are scams online, many programs are very good. I see too many people sign up to good and solid opportunities and once it doesn't work out for them, they quit and then bash the program saying that it is a scam.

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    If you want work at home, you need to start an online business. The best way to start an online business is first to educate yourself using all the free information available online.

    Internet marketers have a found gold in videos and they are using it to entice you to enroll in expensive coaching programs. If you are falling for income proof, expensive cars, and beach front home in internet marketer's videos, they have go you by the neck.

    Videos are good for learning how to do something, for example setting up a WordPress blog.

    If it's used for sales pitch and sell expensive coaching programs, then you know the marketer has learned to tap into your emotional desires and video is an effective tool for that.

    There are lots of free stuff online and you must acquire skills to find those and implement techniques discussed in those free stuff.

    I still find people have trouble formating an article for submitting to article directories, poor author's signature box, no clue about niche and keyword research.

    You don't need to enroll in expensive coaching programs to learn the basics.

    My philosophy is if you're earning money for an expensive coaching program, go ahead and enroll in it and buy software tools to make your life easier.
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    You just have to be cautious. You should always review the program you are interested in. Look at what people say about it. If it's more positive than negative then it's probably not worth a shot. If you really want the scoop, give the name to the BBB. See what they say. This requires a little work but it's worth finding an honest and reputable program.

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