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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by newbie, Sep 18, 2005.

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  1. newbie

    newbie New Member

    anyone happen to know ANYTHING about this sell-on-the-internet type opportunity? scam or waste-of-time? any reply greatly appreciated. thank you.
  2. allisonm

    allisonm New Member

    Do you mean this site? It's a system to setup your online store or to sell on ebay. You can use it to sell any product of your own or select from some drop ship suppliers that are linked. You will have a better profit margin if you source your own products. The tools and systems are good but in the end to make it worthwhile, you have to put effort in the business you create with it. It does not happen overnight.
  3. Mommasluv

    Mommasluv New Member

    What are the costs involved with this one ? Enrollment/ Monthly Hosting/ Set up etc????
    Do you have to registar and become part of the site to view the details on the drop ship suppliers?
  4. Haileysdad

    Haileysdad New Member

    I would reccomend against using this. I have experienced multiple problems with both the technical service side and the customer service side of this site. As a result, I am now 11 weeks into a supposedly 6week refund process. I find that their customer service agents lack training in conflict resolution, proper documentation procedures, and problem research. Overall, I would call this company a waste of time, but there is a possibility that it could work for some people. As far as the investment goes, you would be looking at about $700 to $1000 to do it properly. Of course, if you know anything about website design, you could probably create a site which would be far more user friendly.
  5. Jan

    Jan New Member

    Internet Speedway is a fraud, plain and simple. They advertised for a "FREE" cd on the radio so I called them. After arguing with the phone operation PERSON about what free meant, I agreed to 9.99 for shipping only. Then they started billing my credit card with $65+ a month until I got it refunded by the credit card company. They would not refund this fraudulent charge to me. After staying on hold with them TWICE for over an hour they could not produce any proof that I had signed up with their program! Because I DID NOT sign up with them or agree to any thing further than the shipping cost of the "free" cd. Now the are calling me every day to say I am delinquent with my account that I NEVER set up or agreed to!! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!
  6. swyncoop

    swyncoop New Member

    I have been hearing these guys advise a free information package on the radio so I called them. They proceeded into a very high pressure campaign to sell me a "free" package for $9.99 shjipping that would be followed by $350 in total installments over the next 5 months. When I insisted on the free information, they advised it was very limited and would take 6-8 weeks to get via bulk mail.

    I have plenty of money to spend to start a business but am looking for a legitimate opportunity. The tactics employed by the telephone answering group for this company smack of a bait and switch scam.

    Does anyone have real life experience with these guys?
  7. Big Earl

    Big Earl New Member

    Let me have a few words on this subject. First of all, I am one of those people that try to make a few easy bucks on the side. Let's face it, we could all use it right? Well I heard about this system on the radio as much of you did. After months of hearing this commercial, I decided that since there is a 100% money back guarantee that what can it hurt. Yesterday I received the great and all mighty package. After ten days of anticipation it arrived. To my surprise, this medium sized box contained nothing but a few documents, a certificate (BS), and a CD. Now the CD caught my eye because I was so anxious to see what this company had to offer so I popped it right into my computer and hit play. After about 8 mins of so called success stories it lead me to the activation screen on the internet. So, I activated. Before going any further with setting up the storefront that they offer, I went straight to the products list. This was the main reason I was interested since you sell their products and all you do is collect the cash. They do the shipping and stock the items. Sounds great! No overhead. SO what did I see when I got to the Items, the same exact list that is offered on and it doesn't cost you $350.00. In fact, costs money month to month but as little as $11.95. No contract. So what are you really getting for your money? A storefront software that you can download for free from Yahoo!. Yahoo Sitebuilder can help you with this. So now what are you getting for your money? Jack $**T. Take this for what its worth. I have done my share of investigating wholesale companies and online business opportunities and Internet Speedway are a bunch of crooks. I call them this morning to cancel. I got right through. Told them about and they cancelled me just like that. I have to put return to sender on the package and send it back for a refund on my shipping but that's only $10. Please feel free to ask any questions as I would be glad to save you the troubles I have gone through with these scams. And when I find that perfect opportunity, I will be back to share if with everyone as there is plenty of money on the net to go around to my friends here.
  8. Brian

    Brian New Member

    Im tired of reading about people talking bad about this company.. i have been a HAPPY customer for over a year I make about an extra 5,000 a year. people who dont know how to use the system get frustrated and do not follow their cancelation instructions properly.. If you have any computer knowledge you CAN make money with this but you need to know how to use your computer first. Any company in this country is going to treat you the same way. (example) If you rent a movie from blockbuster video and you have it for more than 5 days you pay rental fees, now if you didnt have time to watch the movie you still have to pay for the movie and late fees. it is simple buisness im sorr if there are some people out there who dont have the brains to read ALL the info that is sent to them... i was very leary when i started this but now that i know how to work it i make money, good money. so for those of you out there who are talking negative, you have no right to complain if you are the stupid person who doesnt know how to work a computer
  9. Princeton

    Princeton New Member

    It's amazing to see people who try to blame their own ignorance on legitimate companies. A lot of people around the country use Internet Speedway to run their enitre business on and manage their eBay business. The system has been around for many years and nothing else holds a candle to it. The system itself does not make you money while you do nothing - it's not magic. It provides anyone the opportunity and framework to use to make money and become successful. So instead of complaining wrongfully about your petty problems, learn how others make it work for them.
  10. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Its probably legit...but probably much more difficult to implement than they make things out to be, particularely if they are talking about ebay. I gave ebay a shot, vut to suceed in ebay, for all practical purposes, it helps to have a lot of money up front to purchase wholesale merchandise up front and resell it at a profit. This doesn't mean you can't suceed at ebay without a lot of money, but you are a lot less likely to if you have very little money. I'd suggest article writing or blogging for money instead...
  11. Researcher

    Researcher New Member

    For ANY "business opportunity" or *anything* that you hear advertised on radio (especially AM radio) or on an infomercial, be skeptical. My own experience tells me that nutritional supplements don't regrow hair and that relaxation tapes don't cure anxiety (you need medical intervention, not salesmen). I've found that the "Ripoff Report" and "bad business bureau" web sites are one of the best scam and fraud reporting lists on the internet. There are others.

    I think it was the Internet Speedway ad that just said I better grab the opportunity before it's gone forever. I wonder if they said that in 2002 when the earliest report I found about them was posted.

    OK, some disagree about what a "scam" is. Do an experiment. Go into a Real Estate Broker one day and ask about a career in real estate. Legit business, right? They will most certainly tell you "you can make a lot of money in this business". I never believed it so I wasn't disappointed when I only made what I consider to be a supplement, and I worked my tail off. Since it's a sales job, they can always get away with saying it's your own fault if you don't get rich, but most agents never do get rich, so the industry sales pitch and the claim of impending wealth are a lie unless you believe that nearly everyone who becomes an agent has an innate failure character flaw or is simply lazy.

    OK, so maybe there's someone who made a lot of $$$ with Internet Speedway or some other system. Some real estate agents have become fabulously wealthy too. So is it a scam if most people never do well? I guess it depends who you ask. But I've noticed that many ads say things like "you may never need to work again" or "your results may vary"... yeah, you MAY not need to work but you probably will (just to pay fraudulent credit card bills), and the vitamin may not grow your hair so your results "varied" but it was still a lie because vitamins don't do such a thing. I could have made more money in real estate, I guess, but maybe I had to work more than 24x7 hours a week to do it.
  12. NotsoSpeedyJV

    NotsoSpeedyJV New Member

    How about this one.....I bought Inter-idiot Speedway while I was temporarily unemployed for 6wks. Soon thereafter, i got a full-time - demanding job....AND didn't have the time to even open the box. I attempted to return this product on the 31st day after ordering.....They were closed on the 30th day - it was a Saturday.....The NON-SERVICE-committee decided, "oh, I am so so sorry- you can't get a refund." Okay, I say - than I don't wish to execute my website whatsoever. "Okay, mam, that is fine - however you'll still be charged the monthly $69.99 fees; why don't you try it out?" Do you understand that I've started a new job which doesnt allow me time to even open that freaking box?
    "Well, mam, that is not our fault that you don't have time. Make time and maybe you can quit your job"
    Ok, let me know how to just cancel this all together...Because I never realized that i'd be charged $69.99 a month!!!
    That is not fair!
    Please just let me return it and you can sell it to someone else. i'll even pay the shipping...."No, mam....we cannot do that"

    So basically what you're telling me is that YOUR OPERATION IS CHEESY - if you're selling so many and so many people are making so much money off of it, than why can't you act like a reputable, ethical, honest profitable company and refund my money?

    I'm closing my checking account to stop the payments from continuing. i'll have to fight with Equifax, because I know that Internet-Idiot speedway will probably try to put something on my credit over this!!!

    DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT.....if you want mine - you can have it for nothing...that is what it is worth.
  13. whatnow

    whatnow New Member

    Just heard it on the radio--I called--FREE IS FREE--I'm not giving out a debit or credit card number!! FREE IS FREE and this isn't. I'll never know if it works or not, if postage is the problem I would pay it when it gets here. I'm not giving them the chance to charge me 350 bucks for something that is suppose to FREE!!
  14. robertcody44

    robertcody44 New Member

    I read with interest the person who was unemployed and ordered the package... never opened the box. And others who spent $9.95 and are extremely resentful that their bank accounts didn't grow tremendously in hours or days. Internet Speedway is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme (as most people posting here apparently hoped was true) nor is there such a thing on this planet. This is a legitimate business opportunity requiring a reasonsable investment of time and money, as are most legitimate business opportunities. The angry people here seem to consistently be those who did not get rich on a ten dollar investment. America need employees as well as entrepreneurs. These people are clearly the former and not the latter. So many people WANT instant, cheap success to be possible, and it is understandable that they are disappointed... and always will be as long as they seek what does not exist.
  15. SuckerForScams

    SuckerForScams New Member

    A legit company should refund your money and never charge a monthly fee. It's a scam.
  16. aussie06

    aussie06 New Member

    hey everyone i'm surprised to find this forum because i am a current i speedway user and the results are nothing short of phenomenal. it seems to me like you'll gave up to quick, it takes time to build this business and i'm fact that it is legit. If your looking to pursue this opportunity i definitley encourage you to do just that. any questions, just post them here and i'll be happy to provide some more information. Thanks. Keep your head up!
  17. sharperslc

    sharperslc New Member

    Aussie I am considering trying Internet Speedway. What are the best and worst aspects of your business? How long did it take you to start earning? If I may be so bold, how much money are you making per hour of work? Have you had much help from ISpeedway? Thanks for the help!
  18. eve

    eve New Member

    I just signed up with internet speedway gold package and am getting a little nervous with some of the comments I am reading here. would like to hear how long you have had the business and any tips you can give. So far I have had no problem reaching customer service and received immediate assistance building my website even before my package arrived. still any encouraging words would help. After all these comments a little reassurance that i haven't lost my substantial investment would be great!
  19. rick

    rick New Member

    how is internetspeed way working for u.
  20. aussie06

    aussie06 New Member

    sharperslc, you seem very interested in the opportunity and i would like to inform you the best that i can, but i cannot guarantee any success. They told me that it depends on the individual and they are right, i had a friend try the program that wasn't too successful but he didn't commit to it and therefore no rewards. The only thing to keep in mind is; it does take some work in order to see results so be ready. if you do take it seriously then you could make money within your first couple of months. I purchased the platinum superstore which did require an investment, so its not free; but it takes omney to make money you all know that. If this sounds like something you want to pursue then let me know and i could possibly connect you to someone i know that can assist. Thanks everyone-If you have any other questions let me know

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