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    Well the name is Johnathan, but you all can call me Greazy or call me Greazster when you notice me being a bit spaztic (is spaztic even a word?)

    Ok so I got a "wild hair" up my "woohoo" One late December night and bought an E Book and site membership to one of these "make millions from home" sites. And I met some really interesting and helpful people.

    It has been ..what.. three months now, so I decided to go out and see who els is out there trying to tackle the "million dollar bug" (wiggly lil bugger). Was also very curious as to what aproaches others were taking.

    Hopefully I will be ale to contribute a bit to others that are new to this. I am new as well but have spent the last three months researching to find my angle of aproach , niche, and basicly what kind of site I want to deploy. In in my search I have ran into a number of decent resources. So I should be able to answer some basic questions to extreme newbs.

    As far as my own business, I havent launched anything yet, but have been getting re-connected with people that I use to wheel and deal with on the internet as to out source some work.

    Being that this is my first post i hope it wasnt too long..i could talk about myself all day long if you let me haha ok j/k.

    Well I am glad to be here and hope I can help any real extreme newbs with simple questions and hope I will find answers to my questions here as well.

    Oh one more thing...I am a bit of a spaz at times and like to cut-up and sometimes it spills onto my keyboard and ends up on the screen, If you cant have a good time doing something then why do it at all?

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