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    Internet Marketing and being Self-Employed.

    First, I have to apologize for using so many of's in the title. My taglines is another thing that I am working on improving. Instead of using a swipe file, I want to attempt to be original. And now on to the rest of this post:

    An example of what I am going to posting in this series is:
    eX. Noise: (and others such as: Fun, momentum, integration, consulting, freedom, model, and so on) in the context of "and here I will place either Internet Marketing or Being Self-Employed". And there might be other contexts that I might place there, depending on how this excercise goes.

    The responses do not have to be long, just insightful, motivating, inspirational, etc.

    The reason for this post, is it will keep me motivated and active in this forum. And finally, it will give me the opportunity to have this type of dialogue that I am unable to have outside of here. *That is of course to those who can relate with having to be around toxic people on a daily basis.

    I have a lot of ideas and concepts that I would like to try out here, because I think and feel that this community has a group of folks who I can get some constructive critiques from. That way I can know what methods and thoughts I can disregard and what thoughts I should sharpen.

    To me, I now see this forum as a form of self-education. And all of you are my teachers. Now of course, some here will be better at teaching than others, but that is okay. My only worry is that the moderator: Mr. Vishal will expel me from this school for screwing up a post. (I do my best to edit my content without censoring myself too much.) I need to learn this stuff somewhere and I figured out that this place is ideal for positive reinforcement.

    Disclaimer: If my topic is a bit off base, then by all means let me know. But, all I ask is that the criticism be constructive. Again there is an old saying: "If one does not have something nice to say, don't say anything at all." Myself included.

    *Note to forum members: Although this topic and|or question has probably been asked before or can be googled, the reason for my upcoming posts are for two reasons - practice and the need for insight (mindset).
    Any participates will be helping greatly to build my skills, confidence and know-how. And it does not take much of an investment, but for your knowledge and wisdom. Thank you!!

    I honestly look forward to breathing in the sweet aroma of positivity in my future here. As always, to a Successful 2010 to all.

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