Investigating a programs owner - practical or not. Explain.

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by greenion, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. greenion

    greenion New Member

    As I look into many options as far as making a living online, I notice that a lot newbies (who are eager to join anything that seems good on the surface.) jump emotionally into an opportunity without logically seeing how the math adds up first.

    Then the unfortunate thing happens, they get burned and some never bother to keep pursuing other 'more' legitimate opportunities, because now they have there SCAM meter bar going off the charts.

    As far as I'm concerned, it is impractical for me to invest my time and money into a program (or 'online' business) without the income opportunity meeting these three criteria:

    1. Knowing who the program owner is. Because I often wonder why would someone join an opportunity without knowing who and what they are dealing with. It is a risky move.

    2. The compensation plan has to be sound. (And in my case, ideally pay through Alertpay.) Nothing outrageous, like 'you fill-in-the-blank'.


    3. There has to be some level of marketing and morale support for the members of the program/business. It could primarily be in the form of training, but it does not have to limited to just that.

    So, I looking forward to see what anyone else here has to state on this topic. To a Successful 2010.
  2. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Many people who do get involved in a program online think that someone else will do the work for them. When they figure out that it takes time and effort, they quit and then bash the program.

    I have seen this over and over again with so many people.

    They buy a program and think that money will jump out of their computer screens. Yes, this happens a lot.

  3. Jim Gillum

    Jim Gillum New Member

    It is wise, before getting wrapped up in any program to do a little research......
    After all this is the internet and there is a lot of information available...

    Most programs that have a history can be located on the net.....due diligence can pay off big time....
  4. OnlineIncome

    OnlineIncome New Member

    When joining a program, if the owner has a good background in different programs they will usually disclose that as a selling point to join the program they are currently promoting. If they don't disclose their background then perhaps the past wasn't that good for them!
  5. gowriter

    gowriter Member

    I agree with you on this.

    The landing page does its job by drawing in people emotionally. Copywriters are specifically trained to do this.

    But as far as the actual program itself, I'm a firm believer that the teacher of the program must be good.

    A lot of the times the program is one concentrated strategy like mastering twitter or article marketing. These are great skills, but they don't provide you a foundation.

    I'm a firm believer that beginners need to know basic skills first.
  6. 1life1fire

    1life1fire New Member

    I enjoy seeing what's in the members area before I would ever pay to join a program.

    Alot of programs now allow you to join for free first... then you can get into their members area and see what kind of marketing, promotion material and support there is.

    If it's a good company there will be a Ton of marketing, promotional and training material inside.

    Optionally... they allow you to become a free member and be able to promote their service/product without being a paid member.

    For example... I may join for free if their sales page is good... then after joining for free... check out their members area... and if I don't feel like paying for it... I sure as heck can stick it up on my site and promote it anyways.

    Just a thought,

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