Is a CEO Income Possible with Network Marketing?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by luvinarizona, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. luvinarizona

    luvinarizona Member

    I have been in Network Marketing since early 2007 and haven't meet anyone making a true "CEO Income". Is it really possible to earn a CEO Income in Network Marketing without feeling like you have a regular JOB?

    I've met several people in Network Marketing who give the facade they are doing well, when in reality there are not really making any money with their opportunity.
  2. westfam11

    westfam11 Member

    I often wondered also. But now I am involved in a business where that is definitely a possibility. It may not be a CEO salary yet but I am planning on quiting my J-O-B in 3-4 months because of this business and then in a year I may be up to a CEO's salary.

  3. wahguy

    wahguy New Member

    It's definitely possible!

    My brother who earns 6-figures works among many in the same company earning CEO-level income.

    The thing ironic thing is I was the one who recruited him into the company a few years ago.

    It was kinda scary at first because my brother was working 60-80hrs/wk managing an Airborne Express (shipping carrier now DHL) station in San Antonio. He drove over 8hrs to sit in a presentation meeting. He joined and a few weeks later gave up his management salary and quit his job. It was scary because he hadn't even earn his first $1 with this company yet. He couldn't because their were licensing requirements and background checks before you could start selling.

    I'm not a bit surprised of my brother's achievements because of his persistence and work ethics.
  4. djkiraly

    djkiraly New Member

    It is absolutely possible. I'm not there yet, but I know at least a dozen people just in my home town that are well into six figures, and I personally know at least 4 that have surpassed the 7 figure mark.

    The key is finding the right product. Do your research. The product I'm involved with has been said to have a "cult" following. That is because the product sells itself. Then you combine that with a compensation plan that rewards it's leaders like no other.

    This sounds like a line, and to me when I first started, it sounded like it was too good to be true, but I assure you if you put the effort forth, you can make as much as you want.
  5. BillChechel

    BillChechel New Member

    luvinarizona: Is it really possible to earn a CEO Income in Network Marketing without feeling like you have a regular JOB?

    Yes absolutely.

    And if you take the money you earn with network marketing and strategically place it in other invesments, you will find that money compounding very quickly.

    But dont expect to learn the skills overnight. Becoming a successful network marketer takes time and alot of learning. It doesnt matter which program you choose.
  6. cricfan

    cricfan New Member

    I agree with what Bill said...

    bottom line is, if you want to be super successful with network marketing, you must be willing to listen, learn, & implement!!!

    and the best part about this industry, your income is virtually unlimited...the more you put into it, the more you'll earn & you could retire but continue to earn for life!!!

    I am someone who was introduced to a MLM Biz namely, Amway aka Quixtar at the age of 16!!! yes 16!!! a family friend of ours recruited me...

    but I was just a teenager, didn't know what I got into, and honestly speaking at that time I didn't like it at I quit, but little did I know 4 yrs later Network Marketing would turn out to be my career path!!

    so now I am taking my time to learn business building principles!!!
  7. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Yes, it is definitely possible to earn a lot of money through network marketing
  8. RayvinAndRob

    RayvinAndRob New Member

    Before getting involved with Network Marketing and risking capital, why not learn the ropes first.

    A proper education will save you years of failure and frustration. And you can learn for free without getting pitched somebody's deal.
  9. lavendersluv

    lavendersluv New Member

    Yes, for sure keep in mind this does not happen overnight it does take hard work, time and promoting your business all the time. 2-5 years minimum many of us don't have the patience to work this amount of time nor the discinpline. good luck

  10. lightnin2

    lightnin2 New Member


    What I can tell you about myself is, I have been able to support my wife & 5 kids on just my online busineses.

    I am not a millionaire, but we do very well at what I have been blessed with in the online arena.

    You want to be with a business that will give LIVE team SUPPORT.
    I do not think I would have done so well if it were not for the team support I get.

    I am now ( because of the team & their help ) one of our team leaders & I never ever thought that would have happened.

    I have only been network marketing for 14 months.

    I Hope that helps
  11. BillChechel

    BillChechel New Member

    lavendersluv: this does not happen overnight

    I agree 100%.

    No one ever acheived a CEO type income overnight. In fact, most CEO's spent 30-40 yrs of their life working day and night to get there.

    So even if it takes all of 2-3 years to acheive this type of income it is worth it. With the right system and right mindset you will see it happen.
  12. RayvinAndRob

    RayvinAndRob New Member

    Good discussion going on here.

    Let's imagine something for a moment.

    Imagine you found just one good monthly user of just one of your products.

    Say your customer bought two boxes per month and that fulfilled your qualifying criteria to earn a commission.

    Let's say it earned you a whole $20 bucks per month.

    That's $240 per year with just one customer.

    What could you do with an extra $20 a month?

    Any ideas? What would YOU do?

    Here's what I would do:

    I'd put it in a savings account where it would safely grow and grow.

    If you saved $20 a month over a decade, then you would have $2400 extra dollars PLUS the compounded interest.

    Let's say you plan to retire in 10 years from now.

    And you want to go on a trip someplace.

    Well, there's some of the money you'll need for it just sitting in your savings account waiting to help take you on that trip.

    And that's just from one good user of one of your products.

    Do you think you could find two good users of just one of your products?

    Sure, why not?

    But the question is "How are you going to find and retain that one customer in the first place?"

    What exactly do you say and do once you find a new prospect?

    Isn't that the tricky part for most MLMers, eh?
  13. luvinarizona

    luvinarizona Member

    Thank all of you for your responses. I agree, it's not something that happens overnight. I understand it takes commitment, dedication, and hard work. These forums have been very beneficial toward helping me become a better leader of my team. I'm confident I will be sharing my success story very soon.

    Thanks again!
  14. ibuzzmentor

    ibuzzmentor Member

    What do you consider a CEO income. I think the 200k plateau is very achievable. But remember most of the people who make huge money in network marketing make it from various cash flow streams.

    Your big ticket items
    Your affiliate lead programs
    Your affiliate system programs
    Pass up sales

    Dont be narrow minded, you need to develop a team and show leadership to make a ceo income. So many people dont take the time to become a ceo. You dont become a ceo over nite do you? Unless you have a rich daddy!

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