Is Anybody In The Allxclub MLM

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by kay35592, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. kay35592

    kay35592 Guest

    If so, are you making money with it? I am thinking of joining.
  2. tmorrison

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  3. BobFirestone

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    No I am not it it myself. I have seen a few other people marketing it but have not seen a single big name networker attach their name to it.

    The big objection I have seen is people are not comfortable discussing adult entertainment business with their friends and family. You can't sell if you can't talk about the business or opportunity.
  4. LawrenceTam

    LawrenceTam New Member

    I also haven't seen a big name push the product.

    Even with an upfront marketing system your ability to market it to a segment will be harder. You will not be able to market in many areas and of course the whole uncomfortable subject comes in.

    of course you can make money but will you sponsor help you or even know HOW to market the business online?

    Tough decision.
  5. jeffathome

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    This is very true. If most networkers start with people they know but are afraid to talk about porn then how large do you think your team will grow?



    I research nothing but recession proof businesses, and this one made my list, and although it may not be for everyone, I look at it one way only, it is a money maker, and if people were honest about subject, most would admit they are more than a little familiar with industry. lol

    Seriously, this is one of the best recession proof businesses I have researched and the industry and it is indeed a growing business. I beta test all the businesses I research and with the same free classifieds I start with to test response, I found a very strong response, and in just the past few months since starting, I have 42 in my downline and more than breaking even with very little effort.

    Given it is only $39.95 to start, it is one of the least costly of all businesses to start, and given the success of the naughty home party success, no doubt the market it huge. In addition, the owner is a millionaire ten times over, so he is pumping it up with even more products and services, so this is one you have to pay attention to, and since most are anonymous operators, I look at it as just another recession proof business in my portfolio.

    What I found most interesting is how many gals are in my downline, I didn't expect that. Then again, it is always the ladies who are doing the scany panty and sex toy parties, so I guess it makes sense. lol Our group is the largest and actually have radio ads and billboards running in our cooperative, so this is a serious business with serious potential if you can past the XXX-MLM stigma.

    Success to all,
  7. kay35592

    kay35592 Guest

    I joined Allxclub 2 weeks ago, and already have 8 personally enrolled members. This is going to be big folks! If you are looking for a good home business opp to join, this one is it!
  8. kay35592

    kay35592 Guest

    As we all know, the people that join at the top of an MLM program make the most money. Well, I know the founder and I joined under a founding member. No one that can sponsor you is higher up the matrix than me.
    You are at the top of your matrix. You can enroll 3 members under you. These will be people that you enroll, or they could be people that over-flow from team members above you like myself. That is level #1.
    When you team up with me, you will get what's called over-flow traffic. Since members are only allowed 3 members below them, anyone else that they sign up flows down to the members that they enrolled.
    Each of your members on level 1 can have three members below them. These will be members that they sign up or can come from the over-flow from members above them. That is level #2.
    As you can see, level #3 is again 3 more below each member. It goes on 9 levels deep.
    This is how working as a team, we can fill up your 9 levels and that will make you over $90K per month.
    So by joining high-up, you will not only get my over-flow but also my team's over-flow. You won't get this type of over-flow by joining someone that is way down in the matrix or doesn't have a strong support team above them.
    If any one is interested in joining, send me a message.
  9. mellin

    mellin Member

    Can't send you a message because you listed yourself as anonymous. Must not be too proud to promote this opportunity.


    mellin: Can't send you a message because you listed yourself as anonymous. Must not be too proud to promote this opportunity.

    I was thinking same thing, on one hand you are saying join under me, and the other is I don't want anyone to know who I am. lol

    Oh well, it takes all types, and this is a sensitive subject for some, but it is a real money maker no matter where you join, it is still that new. Our group is the largest and is also under founders, and yes, you will see some trickle down spillover, but you cannot enter any business with the hopes of spillover and not doing your fair share.

    I have seen them all, and if you don't work your business with at least some free classifieds, you want be assured success. No doubt you can get lucky, but I like making my own luck. We have a cooperative advertising system with billboards, radio and soon, TV ads, so for those who need assistance, this is the way to go.

    Success to all,
  11. dula14

    dula14 New Member

    I've come across AllXClub on several occassions online. Despite the stigma, adult entertainment still reigns supreme on the Internet. It's just that the market is so saturated and of course the whole uncomfortableness of it.


    No doubt as more promote it, it is moving up in search engines. My site is indexed now and business is growing nicely, even though this recession is killing most businesses, sex continues to sell. lol

    Success to all,

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