Is anyone doing Utility Choice?

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  1. dbmoney306

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    I have recently been introduced to utility choice and I am quite impressed with this business model and income opportunity.

    It is only available in 4 states right now (OH, KY, MI, PA) but it is expanding rapidly. This company is only 5 months old and it's growing strong.

    Distributors for utility choice take advantage of energy deregulation and help consumers lower their energy costs. This is an extremely soft sell, no lotions or potions, and no cost to the consumer.

    An easy product to sell, a generous compensation package and a strong leadership team.

    Is anyone familiar with this opportunity? Anyone having success?

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  2. dbmoney306

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    Well I'm 1 day in this business and have already gotten commitments from 5 customers. It's really easy convincing people to switch their service after they see our rate sheet.

    Our gas rates are competitve and people are excited. There are over 2000 reps and 15,000 consumers getting their gas from UCI.

    Am I the only one on this forum using UCI?

    I would like to discuss this program further as I am getting ready to bring in distributors and I would like to discuss options and technoques for keeping a downline motivated, assisting my enrolled distributors, and building my customer base.

    Is anyone out there in this program? Is it just me?
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  4. dbmoney306

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    Well...I am now one week in to the UCI opporunity and the goings have been slower than I might have hoped. I am making great strides at obtaining natural gas customers, but the process of getting them signed up typically takes a little chasing because I have to do their rate comparison and then obtain their signature to switch them to our service. It's not a hard sell, just tsometimes takes a few days to get the paperwork completed and faxed in due to time constraints, scheduling conflicts etc. I have 4 completed signups and many more commitments.

    More importantly I have at least five people interested in joining my team (downline). I am hosting my first PBR (in home business presentation) next week and already have a commitment from the #1 earner in the program to pitch my prospective reps.

    I am still excited and moving forward...hopefully I will be able to achieve the fast start bonus by getting 3 reps and 20 customers in 30 days...that will earn me double my investment.

    Any other UCI Reps here?
  5. wealthbuilders

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    Sounds like you are starting to build some momentum...keep it up and think positive!

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