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  1. create

    create New Member

    I have a question about SOHO Jobs. I went to, go to "work at home jobs" in blue, then click on the blue "Telecommuting Employers", go the the brown "Click here for work at home job openings". Then your at there web-site that is suppose to offer real work at home jobs "SOHO Jobs" Is anyone familiar this. Is it legit? It says you can sigh up to get additional jobs e-mailed to you (OF course for a small fee). I can't find any info on them - Does anyone have any experience with them?
  2. Marktech

    Marktech Member

    Hi create,

    There are a lot of these "find a work at home jobs for a fee" programs. I joined one that charged a fee but never got a job. Your luck may be different.

    This site has a free service for finding a work at home job. (not an aff. link)

    You might check around on this forum for some ideas too.

    You can also set-up free job agents on sites like Career Builder that
    look for work-at-home jobs.
  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Quite often the at home 'jobs' work like this:
    You send in the small fee for instructions to then place ads online for others to send YOU a small fee so that you can send them the instructions to do the same.... I tried a few and they are basically all the same..

    Some go by the name of data entry... typing at home job... responding to ads job.... and offline they are called stuffing envelopes...[​IMG]

    I did a number of them - that is how I found out - but you know what, it's only a few bucks... if you want to find out on your own - send the 'small amount' and find out![​IMG]

  4. discrat

    discrat Member

    Yeah I wouldnt suggest the stuffing envelopes scheme. Its not worth it just for a few bucks.
    You have to not just stuff a simple envelope. But they are big and involve putting many slips of ads, newsletters, etc..... in a specified manner in the envelope. At least the ones I am familair with.

    Just not worth the work/time for the money.
  5. opendomain

    opendomain New Member

    Oh, oh,
    My favorite has always been the "at home assembly" worker.

    Hey Discrat, i'm sending you a PM let me know what you think.
  6. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    yeah - I tried making doll clothes, once. They were the cutest little sailor outfits and they had a money back guarantee if you sent them the materials and everything back - so once I had the materials. I think I paid, like $39 for the materials...I thought, ok - if I make the dress I will not get my money back because I have no materials to send back...[​IMG]

    The materials were all easy to get in fabric stores, so I bought my own fabric and matched everything up colorwise - made the dress - sent it in and it got rejected. So I thought, ok - I'll make another one ...was very meticulous, or so I thought and sent another one in... Rejected..

    So then I sent the original materials back and they gave me my money back - so this company may have been legit - you just have to jump thru the right hoops with them....unless they just reject everything and most people use up their kits...

    My daughter had some beautiful little doll dresses for her doll - lol!
  7. opendomain

    opendomain New Member

    LOL that's great. I wouldn't have thought of getting my own fabrics and such.

    As a general rule of thumb i try not to pay for my jobs. If it's business opp, then sure, but if it's a "job" I will never pay for it.

    Like in our news paper I always see "postal jobs" and "government jobs", but if you ever call the number it's to a company selling the listings for these jobs, which can usually be found online.
  8. anniek

    anniek New Member

    So does anyone on here acutally have an at home job? Where and what? I've been looking forever and never find anything legit or that fits me. I do not want to sell anything. I would be very good at data entry type of work. I have 2 kids of my own 5 and 8 and our nephew who is 15 has now moved in with us. I just really need to find something to do at home to make ends meet. Thank you in advance for any information.
  9. Rising

    Rising New Member

    Do you have a website about the at home assembly worker?

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