Is Beating Adwords the Best?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by ken, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. ken

    ken New Member

    I am new to this forum. i would like to know the adwords ebook to start off with in my internet business.

    I have heard so much about Beating Adwords. Is it the best work out there?. it seems to be everywhere. Are the claims true?
    is Beating adwords actually the best?

    I don't want to get burnt.
  2. dkohlmeier

    dkohlmeier New Member

    If you want an ebook that teaches you how to successfully use Google Adwords on a beginner/intermediate level, then I would say, yes, IMO, Beating Adwords is the best ebook I have seen for this.

    What I have learned even more from, however, is the membership site run by the authors of Beating Adwords. Kyle and Carson have the best Affiliate Marketing Training Site on the internet. It is called Wealthy Affiliate. If you join for just 1 month it will cost you $30 (LESS than their ebook). And for that $30 you will find much more information than any ebook can give. You also will get support from the members forum and even 1 on 1 coaching from kyle or Carson if you want it. I learned a lot from Beating Adwords, but I am so pleased with Wealthy Affiliate, I plan on remaining a member there for a long time.

  3. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    If someone spends a lot of money on advertising , it does not mean that it is the best product
  4. dkohlmeier

    dkohlmeier New Member

    Quoting: pcworkIf someone spends a lot of money on advertising , it does not mean that it is the best product

    That is true. Wealthy Affiliate also teaches free methods of marketing such as article submission, using usfreeads and similar sites, forum marketing, etc. In fact they recommend you start with free advertising before paying for it.

    Travis Sago is a member of Wealthy Affiliate and he is THE expert on BUM Marketing (or advertising for free). He makes $3000/ month just on his free advertising methods and this is only a small portion of his total income. His posts on the forum are pure gold.

    The original question on this topic was about Beating Adwords, and that teaches mainly PPC (pay per click) advertising methods which is advertising you pay for. And I repeat that of all the ebooks of this type, I think Beating Adwords is the best.

    Hope that helps!

  5. sallyrue

    sallyrue New Member

    Beating adwords is great, it really cuts the learning curve down 10 fold !

  6. jmerrick

    jmerrick New Member

    Either Travis Sago is The Easy Chair Millionaire, or The Easy Chair Millionaire stole Travis' Clickbank check stubs. Now to get back on target, Beating Adwords is an excellent course that I recommend. I would say it's the best, or close to it.
  7. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Quoting: jmerrickEither Travis Sago is The Easy Chair Millionaire, or The Easy Chair Millionaire stole Travis' Clickbank check stubs.

    Travis is the real deal...and his posts in the Wealthy Affiliate forum are amazing. He has stated that he has seen other people steal his Clickbank screen shots.

    Beating Adwords is great for newbies who want to learn Google Adwords, and its not bad for experienced Adwords users either. Is it the best?

    Its really hard to say if it is the best - its a toss up between Beating Adwords and Perry Marshall's "The Definitive Guide To Google Adwords". Perry Marshall's is the more detailed of the two ebooks, but it is a lot harder to follow, particularely if you are a newbie.

    Beating Adwords is a very good choice because it stays on top of Google's constant changes. For example, Google Cash (way over rated) has been out for about three or four years...and has only been updated twice. Beating Adwords has been out for just over a year, and has already been updated 3 times to account for Google's changed - Carson and Kyle really stay on the ball.

    I do agree with dkohlmeier, though, that Wealthy Affiliate is very comprehensive - and that you are likely to learn more over the long haul with Wealthy Affiliate. One thing to keep in mind is that Wealthy Affiliate does teach many of the techniques you will learn in Beating Adwords since Kyle and Carson run it - and two months membership at Wealthy Affiliate is going to cost about $7 less than Beating Adwords.

    Either way you can't go wrong! [​IMG]
  8. Chaz T

    Chaz T New Member

    I haven't used Beating Adwords personally but I only hear good things about it.

    In learning the Adwords game I've learned alot and gained a solid foundation from Perry Marshalls "Definitive Guide To Google Adwords." And I was a complete newbie when I bought the guide.

    His site is at
  9. netjunkie

    netjunkie Guest

    My vote is for Beating Adwords.

    The guys who create adwords are on top of their game and update
    Beating Adwords as necessary. [​IMG]
  10. Global

    Global New Member

    Good day,

    If you want something to read then buy Beating Adwords from guys who know what they are typing about.

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