Is It Best To Outsource SEO or Do It Myself?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by Class4Real, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. Class4Real

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    I have always thought of SEO as something I do myself but just recently, someone said that I don't need to and that I would be better off hiring an SEO consultant as this would give me more time to focus on other areas of my business, but I'm still not quite convinced?

    What really is the better option in your opinion? All valid answers welcome
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  2. A8ch

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    That depends. If you are an SEO expert you may choose to do it yourself. But if you are an SEO novice, it makes sense to let someone else who knows what they are doing handle that for you. This way you can attend to other things in your business that match your skill set.

    Doing everything yourself (working hard) does not necessarily equate to working smart. Working smart improves efficiency, and having a team where each member works on what they are really good at, is a great recipie for efficiency and profits.

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  3. payment proof

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    Hermas makes great points. Even if you have someone else do some SEO work for you, I'd recommend that you spend some time learning about SEO yourself. You can never know too much about marketing yourself online. :)

    Good luck Class4Real :)
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  4. Expert

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    As far as I know SEO is a very complex thing. You cannot learn SEO in days. It requires time. I advice you to that you do what you can do. For example submit your site to web directories, comment on blogs, on youtube and on Facebook. And to get high page rank backlinks like edu and gov hire some one who can do this.
    This is my advice to you and to everyone. If you or anyone needs further help about SEO feel free to contact me I will help you.
    Thanks !
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  5. Class4Real

    Class4Real New Member

    Really great to hear your all your thoughts! You all make some very good points......

    You definitely, got me thinking that maybe I will take a bit more time to advance further and master SEO myself. Outsourcing this would be quite an important, large part of anyone's business and losing that control of it especially the content side is a bit deterring, not to mention I see most firms charge a fortune per month.

    I know many of these companies try to justify their prices with things like SEO Audits and social media packages but I agree it may well be better to do it myself or as much of it as possible at least!

    Thank you all! Inspiration is key!
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  6. KB24

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    You don't need to hire someone. If you are going to do it yourself do realize that its going to take some time. What I have found is that SEO comes down to these things:

    Good keyword research
    Good quality content

    If your content is good then it will get shared through social mediums thus giving you traffic and hopefully ranking you in the search engines plus comments on your site..

    If you are going this route I would invest in a keyword tool. It will cut down on time.

    hope this helps..

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