Is it just me??? (a bit of a rant on phone cross promotion...)

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by WealthyWAHM, May 14, 2009.

  1. WealthyWAHM

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    First off, I should preface this by saying yes, I do have my business phone number publicly posted on my websites so I understand this is partially my own fault, but I still don't like the manner in which this particular scenario went down!

    Yesterday, someone left me a message on my phone stating that they had some questions for me about my work from home business and requested that I call them back. Here I am thinking, great! Someone out there that has read my guide, my blog, or something else out there on the web that I have written about my opportunity and they just have a few quick questions I can answer!

    Anyway... I pick up the phone, dial the number and what do I get? A recorded message trying to sell me leads!

    I'm sorry, but I am of the belief that if you call someone with an intent to introduce them to something, you state your purpose up front... If you are selling leads, make a good case for why they should consider your leads in your message. Maybe I am just too honest a person, but I feel claiming that the reason you are calling is because you have interest in their business is just plain rude!

    Additionally, directing me to a recording??? Come on! If you want to be taken seriously is that really the way to go?? What happened to the "personal approach"? If you contacted ME claiming you had interest in MY business but had the intent to sell YOUR product, shouldn't I at least get the courtesy of talking to an actual person?? Granted, I might not have been so nice considering you trapped me into calling you by appealing to me through my business, but I still think it's a courtesy I deserve...

    Do tactics like this bug anyone else??
  2. Chrisskoyles

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    Can't say I've ever had anything like that happen to me, but I'd be pretty cross if it did!

    How rude!

    And I wouldn't say that's anything even remotely your fault, yo put your business number out there in good faith, not to have some dodgy sales guy con you into listening to recorded messages.
  3. mountainmom5

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    I have had that happen to me several times! It happens when you are out there on the net with your stuff... it's not nice but it is part of the game.

    When I was in a travel biz I got several calls from other travel companies trying to cross promote and sell me THEIR business as it was supposed to work so much better...[​IMG]
  4. westfam11

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    I have had the same thing happen to me, the last about two weeks ago. The guy calls up asking questions about my business and after I had explained a few things then he started hawking his business.

    I would never promote that way and I would never join anyone else who promotes that way, no matter how great their program is.

    I just hate the feeling of taking my time to explain something to someone and then they start in about their program and I realize they were not calling to find out about my business at all. It would be better if they just started out with their program and then I could say "no thank you" right off the bat.

  5. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    westfam11: The guy calls up asking questions about my business and after I had explained a few things then he started hawking his business.

    There's someone from GRN that does it a lot. I don't know if they train that way or what![​IMG]
  6. ateamfuntimer

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    This is a hot thread. I can feel the pain of you all as you type your responses. Let me chime in on thoughts on this excellent subject.

    I advertise everywhere. My number is posted on dozens of advertisements. So I know going in there will be those that prospect me. To be honest I do get offers for products that help me in my business from time to time so Im not at all upset. I can relate to the really bad tactics that alot of marketers have. But from time to time I get a good one on the phone. So what do I do. I turn the tables. I respectfully decline their offer if it doesnt just fit me but ask them if they keep their options open.

    Now this might not be a good tactic in some peoples opinion and I might be making the problem bigger but to be honest I see this in all types of businesses. On and offline. So why not be an agent of change.

    Just my thoughts and opinions. Good luck to you all.

    On a funnier note hey I'm always looking for other business owners to partner up with. The idea is to use a product in my business to help you promote yours. Love to talk soon.
  7. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member


    That type of marketing is tacky and shows poor taste. It ranks up there with the customer who buys your product and then immediately requests a refund. There's not much you can do but accept it as part of the territory. I consider such people to be bottom feeders with meager resources and limited imagination.

    Look on the bright side! Such scum do serve a purpose. They remind us of our own elevated marketing values and reinforce the underhand tactics we should avoid.


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